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Title:    Request for Proposals (RFP) for The Provision of Training Services on Human Rights, Analysis and Report Writing for Provincial Offices of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights – under The eMpowering Access to Justice (MAJU) Project

Closing Date :    August 12, 2019


The Asia Foundation (TAF) is a non-profit international development organization working to improve lives, expand opportunities, and help societies flourish across a dynamic and developing Asia.  Working through our offices in 18 countries, we partner with innovative leaders and communities to build effective institutions and advance path-breaking reforms. Drawing on over 60 years of experience in Asia, the Foundation collaborates with private and public partners to support leadership and institutional development, exchanges, and policy research.

The eMpowering Access to Justice (MAJu) is a United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funded project implemented by TAF to improve access to justice and human rights protection for vulnerable and marginalized groups. The MAJu project has three inter-related outcomes: 1) Increased access to justice for poor and marginalized citizens; 2) Strengthened ability of the Government of Indonesia and State-Auxiliary Bodies to protect citizen rights via evidence-based decision making; 3) An improved enabling environment for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to effectively promote protection of citizen rights.

The Law and Human Rights Research Agency (Balitbangkumham), a unit of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, currently operates a Law and Human Rights Research Information System (SIPKUMHAM), that manages a database of Law and Human Rights Issues (Datamaskumham) used by all Regional Offices of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in 34 provinces..

SIPKUMHAM is now being further developed to improve the quality of the information it can provide on law and human rights issues throughout Indonesia, with a view to developing and supporting the process of establishing evidence-based policy making. Consequently, an important part of the SIPKUMHAM development project is to ensure that the sourcing, processing and analysis of data are carried out appropriately based on uniform standards.

As part of the program, methodology and other components will be developed that require a sufficient knowledge of human rights issues. Such knowledge is needed to ensure that the processing and analysis of data from SIPKUMHAM are conducted in accordance with the standards for documenting law and human rights issues. In addition, it is essential that all involved are able to correctly use the upgraded SIPKUMHAM so as to ensure that the work processes and procedures that will be developed are complied with.


To ensure that MAJU partner in the project, Balitbangkumham and staff of the Regional Offices of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, share common understanding and capacity as regards to human rights principles and standards, as well as the use of SIPKUMHAM, MAJU intends to provide:

1..      training on human rights for staffs of the Provincial Offices of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights,

2..      training on analysis and report writing for law and human rights issues using SIPKUMHAM.

Through a public-procurement process, TAF will select one vendor to assist with the preparation and implementation of the activities described below:

development of a human rights training modules for staffs of Balitbang KumHAM and the Provincial Offices of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights;
provision of Basic Human rights trainings to staffs of Balitbang KumHAM and the Provincial Offices of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. This training will be delivered in 4 regions: Medan (Sumatra region), Solo (Java region), Surabaya (Kalimantan, Bali, NTB and NTT regions) and Makassar (Eastern Indonesia region), with each Regional Office to be represented by two staff members consist of operators of SIPKUMHAM and researcher or line manager who has role and function in decision making process to maintain and sustain the use of SIPKUMHAM for local decision making process;
development of modules on Basic Knowledge and Skills in Writing Human Rights Reports and the use of SIPKUMHAM for staffs of Balitbang KumHAM and the Provincial Offices of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights; and
provision of training on analysis and report writing using SIPKUMHAM data. This training will be attended by the same participants as the first training (referred to paragraph 2 above).


Proposal Submission - Proposals should be submitted to via e-mail with subject line “Proposal: Human Rights Training” by 5:00 pm Jakarta time on 12 August 2019. Attachments above 15 Megabytes (MB) should be uploaded to a single cloud folder with sharing link enabled (without access request). The submitted proposals are suggested to include each of the following sections:
1.       General Description

Demonstrate your firm’s overall products/services and capabilities to meet the terms of this Solicitation, your address and telephone numbers, your Bank and your payment address (if different than mailing address). --- (maximum 2 pages)

2.       Unique capabilities

Provide details if your firm has any particular or unique skills, methodologies, or technical approach you typically employ for carrying the work as described in Statement of Work. --- (maximum 2 pages)

3.       Respond to the Requirement (Technical Proposal)

Provide a comprehensive respond to ALL of the requirements detailed in Statement of Work section, including the proposed solution. --- (maximum 10 pages)

4.       Past Performance

Provide at least two (2) examples of work your firm has performed in the last 5 years which is similar to that detailed in Statement of Work. Please provide the name of your client, approximate value of contract, period of performance, nature of the services provided, and a contact name (phone and email). --- (maximum 2 pages)

5.       CVs and Staffing Information

Provide details of staff composition and CVs of key who will be involved.

6.       Cost Proposal

The cost proposal needs to show actual expenses as well as the management fee that will be charged to TAF. The budget shall show costs for a mock 2.5-day event for tender purposes. See the notes under the budget template in Annex A for more details.  Moreover, the applicant needs to submit fixed maximum schedule of rates for the various items that may frequently occur during event implementation (see Annex B).

7.       Terms of Payment/Schedule

Payment terms and schedule of payments for the resulting Contract shall be detailed in the issued Work Orders.

Q & A - Any questions should be submitted to via e-mail before 5:00 p.m. Jakarta time on 5 August 2019. Questions received after this date/time may not be considered. Answers to any questions/clarifications will be disseminated to all applicants on 7 August 2019..
For information on eligibility, timeframe, guideline to write proposals, and selection criteria, please refer to full RFP document available at: or full link:

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