Lowongan Consultant and Implementor of Donor Satisfaction Survey

Save the Children Indonesia seeks Consultant and Implementor of Donor Satisfaction Survey

1. Background

Donor mostly like fresh blood for Save the Children. Their presence is very important to our organization life. Currently we have around 20.000 active individual donors. And will be increase each month around 2.000 donors.

So, it is very critical to know whether they are satisfied or not with their donations and Save the Children programs.

The only way to measure donor satisfaction is by conducting a survey. At present, Save the Children in Indonesia never conducted any donor satisfaction survey. Therefore, it would be more appropriate and effective if the survey conducted by vendor who experienced in satisfaction survey.

Our goals also to generate insight about donor perspective, expectations and satisfaction. So, donor relation and donor service team can prepare communication material and treatment that meet to donor expectations.

The survey will be conducted online using hundreds of samples taken from total active and non-active donors.

We will use active donor source as samples to measure donor satisfaction. And we will use non-active donor source to find out about donor disappointment or dissatisfaction during donations to Save the Children.

2. Objectives of the consultancy

1. Mapping the actual situations and get deeper insight about being Save the Children individual donors.

2. Can measure donor satisfaction and dissatisfaction from our treatment, donor journey and communications material.

3. Can improve quality of donor journey and treatment.

4. Can figure out donor perspective and expectations.

5. Identifies donor purposes and motivations in giving donations to Save the Children.

3. Task and Responsibility

1)  The consultant or agency will conduct survey in two steps: online and phone call survey. Minimum 10% from total active donor and 10% from total inactive donor.

2)  The consultant or agency will deliver survey result as insight to Save the Children Donor Relations Unit.

3)  The consultant must be creative in attracting donor to ensure them spending their time in this survey.

4)  The consultant or agency must document all survey processes and setting up survey report.

5)  The consultant or agency must uphold the confidentiality of data. Be assured that that all the answer from respondents/samples and all data provided by Save the Children will be kept in the strictest confidentiality.

6)  The consultant or agency only presented the result of this survey to Save the Children not other parties.

4.  Timeline of consultancy



19 - 26 August 2019

Procurement Request

26 August - 9 September 2019

Procurement Process

16 – 30 September 2019

Survey Preparation

30 September – 14 October 2019


21 – 28 October 2019

Survey report

4 – 8 November 2019

Survey report presentation

5.   Expected Deliverables and Submission Date

1. Create survey or research design that fit to the goals.

2.  Conduct online survey with participation rate:

Minimum 10% from our total active donor and 10% from our total inactive donor.

3.  Create questionnaires, datasheets, and high quality, clear and understandable report.

4.  Delivering fast and reliable data processing and analysis.

5.  Briefing and role play with interviewers/supervisors before recruitment of respondents.

6.  Performance per interviewer and monitoring interviewers.

7.  Doing several quality controls to ensure the survey will be delivered and answered by respondents/samples.

8.  KPI’s of survey consultant agency:

·  Make sure the participation of online survey no less than 10% from our total active donor and 10% from total inactive donor.  

·  Make sure the participation of phone call survey rate no less than 10% from total active donor and 10% from total inactive donor.

Proposal should be submitted electronically by Friday, 16 August 2019, 5 pm Jakarta time at the latest to 


with Donor Satisfaction Survey as the subject of the email.

6. Qualification & Experiences

· Have experience in conducting online and phone call survey for minimum 5 years.

· Have experience in delivering report in qualitative or quantitative.

· Can provide services in Jakarta

  7.  Organization, Roles and Responsibilities:

The consultant will be contracted by and report to Save the Children. Save the Children technical advisors/ staff will act as the advisory group for the research.

8. Payment:

The consultancy fee will be paid in three instalments: 20% upon signing the contract, 40% when the inception report is approved and 40% when the final report is approved. The consultant shall be responsible for covering insurance and all taxes arising from fees paid under the Agreement (according to consultants(s) home country laws). 

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