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Consultant Communications 

I.           PURPOSE:

This ToR outlines the task of the consultant is documenting activities carried out by ChildFund in Central Sulawesi Emergency Response Project. This documentation can be photo,stories or videos taken from beneficiaries either directly or indirectly from this project.


About ChildFund Indonesia

ChildFund has been operating in Indonesia since 1973. It has its Country Office in South Jakarta and  a zonal office in Kupang, Eastern Indonesia. ChildFund’s programs span 8 provinces, 32 districts and 173 villages in Indonesia, reaching approximately 700,000 beneficiaries. The program value is approximately $5 m per year comprising a mix of private funds and grants. ChildFund Indonesia delivers its program in partnership with local organizations and with other strategic stakeholders, engaging communities, local and national Government in the variety of sectors including Child Protection, Education, Health, Emergency Response, Disaster Risk Reduction, Food Security, Livelihoods Gender. , throughout Indonesia to suppport children and youth who are Deprived, Excluded and Vulnerable (DEV) so that they can realise their potential and become young adults, parents and leaders who will bring lasting and positive change in their communities. More specifically, ChildFund Indonesia supports these children in their different life stages towards becoming:

·       Healthy and Secure Infants and Young Children  – Lifestage 1 (LS 1)

·       Educated and Confident Children – Lifestage 2 (LS 2)

·       Skilled and Involved Youth – Lifestage 3 (LS 3)

ChildFund Indonesia also works to promote societies whose individuals and institutions participate in valuing, protecting, and advancing the worth and rights of children

Sulawesi Earthquake & Tsunami

On Friday 28 September, 2018 at 17.02 WIB (10:02UTC) an earthquake with a strength of 7.4 RS and an epicenter of 10 km struck northeast of Donggala, Central Sulawesi on Sulawesi island. This was followed by a tsunami that struck the west coast of Sulawesi, Talise beach in Palu City and the beach in Donggala. The tsunami and earthquake caused significant casualties with over 2000 confirmed deaths, 4210 seriously injured, 222,986 displaced, 46,000 children in need of assistance.            

Although ChildFund Indonesia has no operational program or staff presence in Sulawesi, we are committed to supporting and strengthening the response where impacts are this significant and particularly ensuring due focus on the impacts on and needs of children.

Regarding with education in emergency, ChildFund plans to provide training to teachers whose schools have been affected by earthquake.

ChildFund will recruit consultants who will responsible for the training and monitoring. 


Job Purpose:

Develop stories from beneficiaries (children, teachers, parents) and stakeholders such government officers

·       2 women testimonies from the livelihood program
·       2 teacher testimonies from the transitional education program
·       2 testimonies from government officers
·       2 testimonies from parents (1 father and 1 mother)

Take photos or videos

Make compilation of work result (in files that are ready to print)

Key Relationships

·       Beneficiaries, Program Officer, Education specialist.


Objecttive                          August                                                                                               Remark
Coordination Meeting       week I                                                                        Coord with PM and PO
Process                              week I - week IV                                                      Coord with PM and PO
Reporting                         week IV                                                                    Coord with PM and PO  


Familiar with photograpy techniques

Familiar in using MS Office particularly : photoshop, coral draw

Familiar in conducting interview, especially in emergency situation

Understand local culture


The consultancy will be based in Central Sulawesi.

VI. Duration of Consultant engagement

The consultant will provide service in the duration of 1 months. Duration of the service is August 2019. 

This position is opened for Indonesian national only. Please submit proposal and CV to: apane@childfund.org not later than 13 August 2019 with subject email : Consultant Communications

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