Lowongan Consultant for Identifying Co-funding Opportunities for the Alliance for Integrity in Asia

GIZ Indonesia is seeks the consultant for Identifying Co-funding Opportunities for the Alliance for Integrity in Asia

Consultant for Identifying Co-funding Opportunities for the Alliance for Integrity in Asia

Alliance for Integrity is looking for opportunities in Asia to submit proposals for co-financing from the Donor Agencies/ Development Organizations and other such funding agencies. For identifying such opportunities, the initiative seeks the support of an experienced consultant.

The Alliance for Integrity is a business-driven, multi-stakeholder initiative seeking to promote transparency and integrity in the economic system. To achieve this goal, it fosters collective action of all relevant actors from the private sector, the public sector, and civil society.

The Alliance for Integrity is a platform that offers practical solutions to strengthen the compliance capacities of companies and their supply chains.. In addition, the Alliance for Integrity contributes to the improvement of framework conditions by fostering the dialogue between public and private sectors. For this reason, the Alliance for Integrity is a significant global contact point for businesses countering corruption collectively.

The Alliance for Integrity believes that growing and flourishing a culture of integrity is the sustainable solution against corruption. By sharing praxis-proven solutions and enable stakeholders to react against corruption, the initiative widens its impact. Only by joining forces with likeminded institutions, it is possible to strengthen integrity and transparency in the economic system permanently. Currently, the project funded by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development is identifying strategic partners to be able to spread its reach and impact. This process is part of the global Vision 2025 of the Alliance for Integrity, which aims to gather sustainable funding options.

 For this task, the consultant shall :

1.       Pre-analyse and identify a minimum of 10 opportunities of co-financing from Donor Agency/ Development Agency (both global and regional) for an amount of 500,000 Euros or more for anti-corruption and business integrity measures implemented in the region of Asia.

2.        Prepare a summary of the 3 proposed opportunities selected highlighting the synergy of the funding agency and the Alliance for Integrity, elaborating which category/criteria of funding is most suitable and which measures of common interest could be proposed by the Alliance for Integrity and pointing out any risks or limitations of the funding. The summary should not extend 2 pages per opportunity.

3.       Prepare requirements for the identified opportunities to submit a proposal

Interested candidate should submit a letter of interest in response to the TOR, which should include the following:

·         Cover letter stating how the candidate meets the selection criteria in the TOR and interested to submit the bid

·         Current CV/ Resume

·         Legal information (Tax number/NPWP)

To be considered for this assignment, kindly submit your Letter of Interest by 17 September 2019 at the latest with legal/administrative information, indicating that you meet with requirements. Submit application package to swesty.haryanty@giz.de  and cc to joko.wibowo@giz.de 

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