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Responsible and Sustainable Palm Oil Plantation in Indonesia (RESBOUND) is a three years project funded by European Union, implemented by consortium lead by ICCO Cooperation. The project targeting village communities in and around palm oil plantation, in 10 villages of North Sumatera and 10 villages of West Kalimantan.

Aim of this project is to strengthen available multi-stakeholders partnership dialogues to contribute in realizing decent rural living of small-holder farmers and workers on large palm oil plantation and its chain through the formulation of Community and Corporate Social Responsibility (CCSR) as means to better use the government village funds for development and Companies’ CSR.. Further CCSR would also serve as means to better use UNGPs in the Palm Oil sector at grassroot level. In the same time, the project seek to obtain support from Palm Oil Consumers to contribute in realizing decent rural living by creating demands for sustainable and responsible palm oil production.
Purpose of Consumers Index Development
The purpose of developing consumers perceptions index is to understand the perceptions behind decisions made by consumers in purchasing palm oil products. The index also expected to provides information about consumers perception of responsible and sustainable palm oil production. The index would be use as a basis to define contents of awareness campaign of the project.
The research survey would be using action research approach, whereby the researchers able to inform respondents about sustainable and responsible palm oil production and its impacts during the process of research.
Scope of Consumers Perception Index Development

The research would be targeted in three project location of North Sumatera, namely; Deli Serdang, Serdang Bedagai, and Langkat. Also in one district of Kapuas Hulu..

This research would complement the research conducted by Daemeter and RSPO concerning “Seeing Palm Oil Through Indonesian Consumers Eyes: The Good and Bad”. The Daemeter research was targeting primary adults in urban Centre; middle to high income class; and cities close and far to palm oil plantation. Whereas in this research, we would like to depict the perception of consumers of palm oil products in and around plantation areas where the project located.

The consumers perception index would capture, at least but not limited to:

a.       To what extent the consumers prioritizing responsible and sustainable palm oil products as values that influence the decision in purchasing goods/products.
b.      The main factors that influence decisions to purchase goods/products.
c.       The perception/understanding of consumers about impacts of palm oil production.
d.      In understanding the impacts of palm oil production, what type of activities consumers would like to be involved.
e.      Frequency of shopping for purchasing products contains palm oil (in average). Eg; shampoo, toothpaste, fast food, etc.
f.        Location or store where consumers accessing/buying those products.
g.       Consumers tools preference in accessing information (e.g social media:twitter, facebook, Instagram) of palm oil production to be specific in knowing where their products come from.

Perception preferably  distinguish by age (youngster and adults tendencies), social economic level and gender.
·         Proven experience in conducting research using quantitative and qualitative methods;

·         Proven experience in developing report in interactive format;

·         Experience conducting research on consumers perception is preferable;

·         Ability to work in close coordination with others;

·         Excellent organizational and planning capacity to deliver work in a timely fashion.

Interested applicants are required to submit the following documents via email to (Ms) Esti Nuringdyah (e.nuringdyah@icco.nl) and (Ms) Nural Aeni (n.aeni@icco.nl). The deadline for application is 15 August 2019. Any applications received after this date will not be considered.

·         Letter of interest stating why you are qualified for the assignment;

·         CV highlighting past experience;

·         Portfolio of past work.

Deliverables and Timeline
An index of consumers perception on palm oil products expected to be finalized on October 30th, 2019. It is expected that the report would  be submitted in the form of interactive format.


ABOUT ICCO COOPERATION – Regional Office South East Asia

ICCO Cooperation is an international organization, whose mission is to end poverty and injustice in the global south, in partnership with enterprising people. Our headquarters is based in the Netherlands with 5 regional and multiple country offices in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and an office in the USA. ICCO has a track record of more than 50 years at local, national and international levels. ICCO Cooperation has been working in South East Asia since the 1970s, with the vision to end poverty, injustice and exclusion.

The regional office in South East Asia works in 5 countries: Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines and Vietnam. We focus on 4 programmatic areas: economic empowerment, food security and sustainable consumption, responsible business and emergency aid.. We believe that long-term success can be achieved through programs and investments carried out by enterprising people and organizations. We have put our non-profit and commercial entities under one umbrella and bring stakeholders together, benefiting from the strengths of each. In public-private partnerships ICCO can take up the role of co-financer, co-entrepreneur, co-implementer, and lobbyist. For more information, please visit www.icco-cooperation.org.


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