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About NLR
NLR is an international Non-Governmental Organization that has been one of the major change-makers in the fight against leprosy in the past 50 years. NLR International is headquartered in the Netherlands and is working globally through various NLR Alliance members with governments, non-governmental organizations, research institutions, and Disabled People’s Organizations promoting access and quality of services through training, expert advice, research, and innovation.
NLR is a global forerunner in the fight for a leprosy-free world, promotes and supports the prevention and treatment of leprosy, prevention of disabilities, social inclusion and stigma reduction of people affected by leprosy. NLR conducts ground-breaking scientific research and pilots innovations. NLR advocates and partners with others to take innovations to scale. And NLR supports health systems with advice and capacity strengthening. In the fight against leprosy, NLR has initiated four priority programmes to direct their work which are towards stopping transmission of Leprosy, combined approaches to prevention and management of disability, disability-inclusive development, and reduction of stigma and discrimination. These are in line with the Global Leprosy Strategy of the World Health Organization and the Triple Zero campaign of the International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Associations. They also contribute towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.
NLR alliance, an association of six foundations sharing a common vision of zero leprosy worldwide has priority programmes, research projects and pilots across five countries and is based in Indonesia, the Netherlands, India, Nepal, Brazil and Mozambique.
Since NLR believes that leprosy can be eradicated, it has added a new tagline under its logo: until No Leprosy Remains. That’s our ultimate goal!

You can learn more about leprosy and its impact here https://nlrinternational.org/what-is-leprosy/

The Role
The local independent organization is continuing and building forth on the track record of the Indonesia Country Office NLR. In the coming years the focus will be on the transition of management including programme management and human resources. At the same time the organisation has a unique opportunity to innovate. The Executive Director has the primary responsibility to lead and drive NLR Indonesia through this period of transition and innovation and develop the organisation both internally as well as externally.
Whilst setting up the organisation, the Executive Director will build a network of partners in order to make NLR’s programs effective. The Executive Director will have overall responsibility for leadership, people management, program innovation and growth, as well as the overall management of the organization’s activities.
The Executive Director will work closely with the Board of the NLR Indonesia and during the transition phase the Director will be seconded for a given amount of time per week to the Yayasan NLR.
Where in the following text ‘the organizations’ is mentioned, this refers to both the NLR International Office in Indonesia and Yayasan NLR.

Key Responsibilities
Provides strategic vision and direction to enable the development of NLR and the achievement of agreed targets
Is responsible for NLR staff, resources, programmes and relationships
Develops new ideas, guide innovations and scale-up
Officially represents the organizations in contacts with authorities as well as in contacts with other ILEP and NLR-Alliance members and national and international bodies on technical, programmatic as well as organizational issues;
Participates in technical, programmatic as well as organizational meetings that are of relevance to the work of the organizations;
Ensures effective collaboration and coordination with stakeholders, partners and government-departments at all levels ranging from
international, to national.
Promote impact- and result-based approaches
Ensure that a project planning, monitoring and evaluation framework is in place as well as a proper project management system
Verify and screen reports from all projects
Actively participates in the Round Table of NLR and ensures that his/her input in the RT meetings is based on the input of the NLR Indonesia Board;
Ensures that the organization actively participates in NLR Alliance programs and activities;
Will ensure that qualified and motivated staff is employed and retained.
Be inspiring and motivating towards all staff
Be responsible for maintenance of a proper and transparent administrative and financial system, in compliance with national and
international standards and donor requirements;
Ensure a timely flow of funds to the projects;
Studies the market and context for fundraising for NLR in Indonesia
Considers the various avenues open for fundraising
Sees to it that the organizations have fundraising strategies and actively implement them;
Supports fundraising by actively engaging at high-level with national and international partners and (potential) funders;
Makes sure the brand of NLR Indonesia is strongly positioned with CSOs and the general public in Indonesia- develop a niche space for NLR in Leprosy in Indonesia
Person Specification
Having Indonesian nationality
Extensive management experience at a senior management level in an NGO setting
Experience in organizational development, including financial management, human resources management, institutional fundraising, donor-management, communications management
Experience in program development and management, capacity development, lobby and
A minimum of 7 years’ experience in public health, leprosy or disability related field, community development or other relevant themes
Experienced in leading teams by coaching, guiding, motivating team members
Knowledge of the context and roles of NGOs in Indonesia
Masters degree in Medicine, Public Health, Social Development or another relevant field
Fluency in English, both verbally and in writing
Interested in this role? Download the appointment brief at: https://oxfordhr.co.uk/jobs/executive-director-indonesia/

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