Lowongan External Auditor

Yayasan Institut Sumber Daya Dunia (WRI Indonesia) is looking for an external auditor to conduct general financial audit for fiscal year 2018.

WRI Indonesia was established in late 2014 as a legal entity (“yayasan”) to ensure the continuation of work that WRI has been doing for the last decade in Indonesia and to deepen the partnership with key stakeholders—including key government agencies, major companies, and leading research institutions. The establishment of WRI Indonesia is instrumental to help Indonesia and the region move to a more sustainable and equitable economic pathway.

Requirement for the Auditor:

The Auditor who performs this financial audit is governed by:
Indonesian Financial Accounting Standards Board (DSAK-IAI)
The Auditor and/or the firm is a member of a national accounting or auditing body or institution which in turn is member of the Indonesian Financial Accounting Standards Board (DSAK-IAI)
The Auditor and/or the firm is registered as a statutory auditor in Indonesia
The Auditor will provide WRI Indonesia with the CV/resume of the partner or other person in the audit firm who is responsible for the audit and for signing the report, as well as the audit team members.
The Auditor will provide a list of similar non-profit organizations served by the Auditor’s firm
List of references (atleast 3)
Propose timing of the audit:



Field Work: August 19 – 30, 2019

Draft Audit Report: September 03, 2019

Final Audit Report: September 06, 2019

Proposal submission and requirement by August 12, 2019 (COB) at the latest. For the detail for Term Of Reference (TOR) please send email to : procurement-indonesia@wri.org

Thank you


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