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Facilitator for Women and Girls Peace Leadership Camp

Position Summary-

Consultancy: Facilitator for Women and Girls Peace Leadership Camp

Search for Common Ground (SFCG) Indonesia invites applications from individual consultants, firms, and organizations to provide services to adapt and facilitate a Women and Girls Peace Leadership Camp, which is a Training of Trainers (ToT) event that aims to build the capacity of girls and young women to become positive influencers for change in their communities.

The Leadership Camp curriculum will be based on an existing module for the “Influencer #ForChange Academy” that will be adapted to fit the objectives of the camp.

Search Indonesia

Search for Common Ground (Search) is an international peacebuilding organization that promotes the peaceful transformation of violent conflicts. Search has a mission to transform how individuals, organizations, and governments deal with conflict - away from adversarial approaches and toward cooperative solutions. Search seeks to help conflicting parties understand their differences and act on their commonalities. Search implements projects from 56 offices in 35 countries, including in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and the United States.

Search has been working in Indonesia since 2002 and is implementing programs in conflict transformation, peacebuilding, prison reform, conflict-sensitive journalism, electoral participation, and initiatives with youth, media, government agencies, informal religious leaders and women’s groups across the country.


Youth in Indonesia are exposed to violent messaging and violent extremist material via online platforms and social media as part of recruitment efforts to draw them to join violent extremist organizations. There has been a struggle to find effective strategies to counter this messaging and prevent vulnerable groups from engaging in violent extremist activity. Efforts are needed to strengthen the utilization of social media campaigns to reduce youth susceptibility to violent extremist ideologies and to support communities in efforts to build resilience to these ideologies at the grassroots level.

To respond to this challenge, Search for Common Ground Indonesia, in collaboration Management Systems International (MSI) and Love Frankie, has been implementing Harmoni, which seeks to increase the resilience of Indonesian society to intolerance and violent extremism (VE) by supporting communities, migrants and key institutions to increase their awareness of related risks and to develop more effective tools and systems to bolster tolerance and counter the appeal of VE organizations (VEOs), reintegrate former VEO members and supporters, and support migrants.. As a part of the collaboration, Search seeks to implement CVE activities which emphasize on promoting peaceful messages through youth empowerment and resiliency building toward CVE, journalism training and use of media, training for DGC officers, and CSO network building for CVE efforts.

As a part of those efforts, and as a response to growing intolerance and unchallenged hate speech online in recent years, Search will support the continuation of our already trained youth influencers from our previous project to become more focused on PVE messaging. This will furthermore support the PREVENT Consortium’s global theory of change, which holds that if influential and credible actors have the skills and capacity to develop evidence-based messaging campaigns that promote peaceful narratives and these messages and campaigns are linked with effective online and offline interventions then support for violent extremist groups will decrease because potential supporters of violent extremist groups will be better-informed of more attractive options and key actors will be more able to intervene.

Search – Indonesia, with the support of a team of external facilitators will implement a 3-day Peace Leadership Camp that will empower young women and girls to become agents of change and facilitators for positive learning in their communities. At the end of the Leadership Camp, participants are expected to group up based on region and interest and develop their own action plan to carry out training activities that will encourage youth to become messengers of peace.

Key Responsibilities

The selected Consultant(s) must perform the following tasks:

A.      Review and adjust the “Influencer #ForChange Academy” module to fit the objectives of the Women and Girls Peace Leadership Camp

The current Influencer #ForChange Academy module consists of 8 main topics: Promoting Peaceful Narratives in Indonesia, Powering Peace and Tolerance with Passion, Program Planning for Peace Building, Personal Branding and Individual Development Plan, Deepening Impact on Social Media, and Creating A Great CollaborAction. The selected Consultant(s) will review the existing module with Search for Common Ground – Indonesia (Search – Indonesia) and determine which elements of this module will be carried on to the Peace Leadership Camp. The consultant will then deliver the revised module that has been adapted to fit the objectives of the Peace Leadership Camp.

B.      Support promotion of the Women and Girls Peace Leadership Camp

The Consultant(s) will support Search – Indonesia in promoting the Peace Camp. This includes production and dissemination of digital promotional materials.

C.      Facilitate 1 (one) 3-day Women and Girls Peace Leadership Camp that will be held in the area of Greater Jakarta

The Consultant(s) will lead Peace Leadership Camp activities, including acting as MC to guide the flow of the Peace Leadership Camp and facilitating training sessions that will not be carried out by Search – Indonesia.


1.       1 (one) Inception report consisting of:

o    The methodology of reviewing and adapting the Influencer #ForChange Academy module

o    Project timeline

2.       1 (one) Women and Girls Peace Leadership Camp module that has been approved by Search;

3..       Facilitating 1 (one) Women and Girls Peace Leadership Camp. This includes:

o    Acting as MC to guide the flow of the Camp.

o    Facilitating sessions that are not led by Search – Indonesia. An estimated 3 (three) sessions on social media content creation and social media campaign development and implementation will be facilitated by the Consultant(s).

4.       Preparing pre and post-tests for training evaluation. The pre & post-test will consist of 10 knowledge questions and 5 training evaluation questions.

5.       1 (one) final report consisting of, at minimum:

o    The attendance list

o    A narrative report of the training process

o    Pre and post-test results

o    The challenges, lessons learned, and recommendations


Application deadline 13 August 2019
Signing contract 19 August 2019
Peace Leadership Camp Module approved by Search - Indonesia 4 September 2019
Training 6-8 September 2019
Final Report submission 20 September 2019


The schedule of payment of the consultancy fee is as follows:

1.      80% will be paid upon approval of the Inception Report.

2.      20% will be paid upon completion and approval of the Final Report (in English)

No Final Payment will be made until the Final Report is approved by Search Indonesia’s Country Director and Program Manager.

Supervision of the Consultant

The consultant will work under the Search – Indonesia Program Manager in collaboration with program staff.


Experience in training module development and/or adaptation;
Applied experience in social media content creation and social media campaign development and implementation;
Proven record of facilitating training activities. 

Term of Consultancy:

19 August 2019 – 30 September 2019

To apply

Interested candidates should send a technical proposal (including proposed deliverables), financial proposal (detailing the cost calculations), CV of the module development and facilitator team, and similar past experience to phandayani@sfcg.org, cc fmagrie@sfcg.org by 13 August 2019. Short-listed offerors will be invited for further discussion about the proposed approach.

Interested applicants may direct further inquiries regarding the Peace Leadership Camp and the existing Influencer #ForChange Module to fmagrie@sfcg.org, cc grespati@sfcg.org.. Telephone calls and office visit for inquiries are not entertained.

Only applicants invited for an interview will be contacted. No phone calls, please. Please see our website www.sfcg.org for full details of our work.

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