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Save the Children Indonesia seeks Consultant for Central Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami Construction Labour Market Assessment.


This activity is a part of Save the Children/YSTC Central Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami Response program to increase access to suitably qualified construction labour and explore the support of youth (17 - 24 years of age) from vulnerable/affected communities to acquire skills and competencies to pursue their employment aspirations.

The outcomes and recommendations of the Labour Market Analysis (hereinafter LMA) will inform the design and implementation of recovery programming.


The primary objective of the LMA is to improve the quality, appropriateness and targeting of YSTC Shelter/Infrastructure and Livelihoods programming within the Central Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami Response.

The assessment will aim at informing the following programmatic decisions:

1.     Shelter/Infrastructure Program

2.1 Accessing if local skills and capacities can be used for post-Earthquake repair, upgrading and reconstruction of Shelters and Community Infrastructure.

In YSTC Shelter and Infrastructure program villages, can the existing labour market meet construction demand?

In YSTC Shelter and Infrastructure program villages, what is the most appropriate labour modalities (financial support; material support; contracted labour, capacity building) to support the construction of Shelter and Community Infrastructure?

In YSTC Shelter and Infrastructure program villages, how can program design target the maximum participation of the affected population - including affected youth?

2.     Livelihoods Program

2.1 Assessing the scope to increase engagement of youth within the construction sector to support the post-Earthquake repair, upgrading and reconstruction of Shelters and Community Infrastructure.

Within the construction sector which technical skills demonstrate opportunities for entry level positions or semi-skilled employment with potential for skills development?

Which training entities are available, either existing providers or those who could be supported to develop appropriate training which can reach Earthquake effected rural areas in Central Sulawesi?

Which service providers in Central Sulawesi supply entry-level or semi-skilled employment opportunities for youth within the construction industry?


The analysis will follow the sequence described in Global Shelter Cluster: Framework for Labour Market Analysis to Support the

Construction Sector. G

1.       Assessment matrix: Developed by the consultant at the inception stage. The matrix will identify key informants for data collection and look at the following areas:

-          Skills Supply: In this context refers to existing skills of available from people willing to work and of a working age (15+).

-          Supply of Goods and Services: In this context refers to businesses (mirco, small, medium and large sized) that can provide technical training.

-          Skills Demand: In this context refers to the private sector, NGO, government and affected households/institutions that have the willingness and the capacity to hire.

2.       Field Level Data Collection: Interview (one on one/focus group) with existing and potential skilled labour force (including youth) within selected YSTC Shelter and Infrastructure program villages.

3.       Market Actors Interviews: Interviews with Government, trade representatives, employment institutions., etc.

4.       Training Providers Interviews: Interviews with TVET and local private construction sector training providers, etc.

5.       Construction Sector Analysis: Develop recommendations from analysis of data collected and finding

Labour Market Study Statement of Works and timeline

Selection process: August 12th - 6th September (4 weeks)

Consultancy period: September 9th - October 7th (Estimated Duration 4 weeks; 26 consulting days)




1.     Desk research and secondary data analysis

Timeline: 1 week

Consultant days: 5


a.    Sector wise Data Collection sheet/value chain Map Template

b.    Checklist for Key Stakeholder interviews

1.       Desk research - Labour market characteristics

Business/labor market ‘topline’ secondary information on demand, construction occupational profiles, job quality and benefits - including youth employment data 

2.       Desk Research - Key stakeholder identification

Information on training providers, construction courses, market actors and employment providers

1.       Assessment Matrix

Skills Supply - Estimated existing construction skills level, formal employment and existing supply of labour in Central Sulawesi post-Earthquake affected areas - including youth focused data

Supply of Goods and Services - Preliminary list of local private and public construction training service providers - including entry level youth training programs

Skills Demand - Preliminary list of locally private and public construction employment providers - including youth employment agencies

1.       Overview of the local supply of goods and services, and skills demand

2.       Overview of the local skills supply

Timeline: 1 day

Consultant days: 1/2 day

1.       Workshop with YSTC project staff and consultant

Presentation of preliminary information on labour market characteristics and longlist of local training and employment providers

2.       Presentation of draft data collection tools and methodologies

1.       Final list of YSTC Shelter and Infrastructure program villages to conduct field level data collection - including scope and methodology for data collection (one on one interview, FGD, etc.). 

2.       Shortlist of potential employment and training partners - agreement on number of employment and training to conduct in-depth research

3.       In-depth Field Research

Timeline: 2 weeks

Consultant days: 10 days


a.    Checklist for FGD

b.    Questionnaire for prospective employers

c.     Questionnaire for prospective training partners

1.       Field level research in selected YSTC Shelter and Infrastructure Program villages

One on one, FGD and key informant interviews (village leaders, parents, etc.) - including youth focused analysis and data collection

2.       Field level research of shortlisted local training and employment providers, including:

-   Interviews with employers in range of construction activities

-   Interviews with employment agencies (youth and construction focused)

-   Interviews with trade association member

-   Internet survey of identified industry participants

-   Face to Face interviews with 3 to 4 potential construction firms (firms that demonstrate interest in partnering with project)

4.       Final Report and recommendations

Timeline: 2 weeks

Consultant days: 10 days


a.    Analytical framework/criteria to evaluate and prioritize opportunities

1.       Analysis of findings from survey and compilation of final report

1.       Final LMA report, including:

-       Existing labour market supply, demand and skills level to support Sulawesi post-Earthquake reconstruction - including youth analysis

-       Recommendation and appropriateness of labour modalities to support Sulawesi post-Earthquake reconstruction 

-       Detail construction labor market opportunities for youth and recommendation of pathways for construction training and future employment opportunities

-       Detailed analysis of skill requirements by sector/employment category and associated training/employment providers

-   Recommendations for potential local employment partnerships/lead firms - including youth employment

-   Recommendations for potential local training partnerships - including youth training

Final Report Format

Language: English

Approximate length of final report: 10 – 15 pages

Suggest Format (Consultants are invited to offer alternative format):

·       Executive summary - 1 page

·       Introduction and background - 3 pages

·       Scope, purpose and objective of the research  - 3 pages

·       Key findings - 5 pages

·       Recommendation - 2 pages

Consultant Profile

·     Understanding and experience in conducting participatory evaluations, outcome and impact assessments and reviews using a variety of methodologies and conducting desk reviews and studies

·     Able to converse with stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds in order to gather specific information

·     Able to write informatively and succinctly in English

·     Experience in development and/or humanitarian research and ability to gather filed level data in remote/challenging locations

·     Preferred background or experience in employment/labour market research and assessments

Consultant Evaluation and Selection Criteria

·     General assessment experience (development and/or humanitarian) - demonstrated experience of participatory evaluations, outcome and impact assessment

·     Specific employment research, assessment and analysis experience - demonstrated experience of participatory evaluations, outcome and impact assessment within the labour market/employment sector

·     Written Language - demonstratable experience of written analysis in English

·     Availability - earliest start date

·     Cost - total consultancy

Terms and Conditions

·       Period of Validity

The proposal shall be valid for a period of 60 days, starting from the submission date.

·       Notice of Non-Binding Solicitation

Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik reserves the right to reject any and all bids received in response to this solicitation and is in no way bound to accept any proposal. Additionally, we reserve the right to negotiate the substance of the finalists’ proposals, as well as the option of accepting partial components of a proposal if appropriate. Quantities provided are estimates only at this time and will be subject to change.

·       Confidentiality

All information provided as part of this solicitation is considered confidential. In the event that any information is inappropriately released, Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik will seek appropriate remedies as allowed. Proposals, discussions, and all information received in response to this solicitation will be held as strictly confidential, except where noted otherwise.

·       Notification

Prior to the expiration of the validity of the proposal, Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik shall notify in writing the successful company that submitted the highest-scoring proposal and will invite them for contract negotiations. Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik reserves the right to invite the second ranking company for parallel negotiations.

·       Right to Final Negotiations

Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik reserves the option to negotiate final costs and final scope of work, as well as reserves the option to limit or include third parties at Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik’s sole and full discretion in such negotiations. Upon failure to reach agreement on the contents of the contract as stipulated in this document, Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik has the right to terminate the negotiations and invite the next best-rated company for negotiations.

·       Communication

All communication regarding this solicitation shall be directed to appropriate parties at Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik. Contacting third parties involved in the project, the review panel, or any other party may be considered a conflict of interest and could result in proposal disqualification.

·       Acceptance

Award of a proposal does not imply acceptance of its terms and conditions. Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik reserves the option to negotiate on the final terms and conditions

Financial Requirement

The consultancy fee will be paid in three instalments: 30% upon signing the contract, 30% when the inception report is approved and 40% when the final report is approved. The consultant shall be responsible for covering insurance and all taxes arising from fees paid under the Agreement (according to consultants(s) home country laws).. 

Income Tax should be included in to proposal. We’ll be applying the Indonesia Tax regulation in to the contract.

Proposal should be submitted electronically by Monday, 19 August 2019, 5 pm Jakarta time at the latest to procurement.indonesia@savethechildren.org with Central Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami Construction Labour Market Assesment as the subject of the email.

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