Lowongan Province Liaison Consultant

Position Title: Province Liaison Consultant

 Detailed Description of Tasks to be Performed:

MADANI is a five-year, $19..8 million, USAID-funded project implemented by FHI 360 to strengthen local government accountability and communal tolerance in Indonesia by improving and sustaining local civil society’s capacity, legitimacy and sustainability.

MADANI’s vision is to leave Indonesia a better functioning, more tolerant, and more resilient democracy, demonstrated by strengthened local democratic practices, improved local government performance and responsiveness, better accountability of frontline service delivery, and more effective and inclusive mechanisms for community-level participation and transparency. In each jurisdiction, people in positions of power and leadership will be encouraged to model and champion government accountability and communal tolerance; and citizens will become more receptive to these ideas through positive messaging and increased media and digital literacy brought about by MADANI programming.

MADANI will work toward this vision by providing grants and technical assistance (TA) directly to targeted subnational civil society organizations (CSOs) in 32 districts and cities in eight provinces[1] to improve their operational capacities and systems, build stronger ties with communities and local governments, and support an improved environment and more sustainable means of mobilizing financial resources, including from the government and private sector. By focusing most of its support on local CSOs, MADANI will source assistance directly to the organizations best positioned to positively affect decentralized democracy and good governance. This strategy is aligned with USAID’s Journey to Self-Reliance (J2SR), as it aims to end the need for foreign assistance by focusing on building the capacity and self-reliance of civil society, local government, and, ultimately, the Indonesian people. Through replication, by Year 5, MADANI will reach a total of 64 districts. The program goal is that local civil society will better be able to advocate for government accountability and communal tolerance at the local level, initially in the following fields:

1.      Anti-corruption, including awareness raising and local budget transparency;

2.      Frontline service delivery, including citizen report cards, transparency and compliance with minimum service standards;

3.      Natural resource governance, including awareness raising on land use licensing and use of village funds to improve community natural resource management;

4.      Health, including minimum service standards and health insurance for maternal and neo-natal health;

5.      Village funds transparency, including improving community engagement in planning and oversight of village budgets; and

6.      Communal tolerance, including raising awareness on stereotyping and spreading disinformation.

The three organizational issues are internal CSO-oriented, around capacity, legitimacy, and sustainability. MADANI will work closely with civil society organizations in Indonesia to (1) strengthen their organization capacity and the effectiveness and efficiency of their work; (2) improve the legitimacy of CSOs in the eyes of local government and communities; (3) bolster efforts to improve the sustainability of CSO to bring out social change through improving the enabling environment for civil society and mobilizing local resources.

District selection will begin at project mobilization. Shortly after district selection done, District consultation and CSOs selection will be started. As a first step, MADANI will hire consultant to support a success of districts consultation processes, CSOs selection and other relevant tasks including establish and maintain contact with related stakeholder in all provincial partners, among others East Java, Gorontalo, Central Java, Lampung, West Java, West Kalimantan, West Nusa Tenggara, and South Sulawesi. The consultant will work closely with MADANI staff during the district consultation take places and identification of potential CSOs at the local level. The objectives of the district consultation are as follow: (1) Exploring the commitments of 4 selected local governments in working with USAID MAdani to increased local government accountability and tolerance; (2). Analyze the priorities of medium and annual regional development from the relevant departments. (3). Explore the current picture of CSOs involvement of civil society in the local development and partnership among CSOs and private sectors in area of accountability and tolerance, (4) Identify capacity building needs for CSOs related to efforts to increase accountability and tolerance

Detail Description of Task to be Performed:

Under the direction and supervision of Technical Director, the assistance to be provided by the time-bound personnel/consultant will include:

·       Establish and maintain contact and good relationship with provincial and districts partners

·       Supports National Staff to conduct District Consultation in the field

·       Identification of local CSOs & private sectors

·       Submit relevant reporting in according with the scope of work

Deliverables/Milestones & Due Dates:

Milestone description

Verification of Milestone

Target do date

Establish Good Relationship Provincial Government & Districts Partners

Establish and maintain contact and good relationships with Provincial and Districts (including related with districts consultation processes – meeting preparation; related administration; bridging communication, etc), particularly with Sekda, Bappeda and Bakesbangpol

Progress/Activity Report that detailed the cover the following:

-        Meeting conducted & attended (minutes of meeting)

-        Relevant report

Aug to Sept 2019

Supports Districts Consultation Implementation

Supports national team during the district consultation processes take place in the field including arrangement of logistic, completion LOI from the district, set up meeting, preparing relevant information, etc.)

Progress/Activity report that detailed the cover the following:

-        Well prepared for the district consultation (completed  LOI, meeting arrangement, etc.)

-        Relevant report

Identification of Local CSOs & Private Sector

Identifying all CSOs & potential private sectors at district and provincial level in each province

(The template and list of data source provided by MADANI but consultant can also present their tools and resources as relevant)

Assessment report includes:

-        CSOs identified in the district in  provinces partners

-        Potential private sector in the province and districts

Aug to Sept 2019

Final report

The report will be prepared following the scope of work.  The report will be supported by appropriate data & information and will be submitted in Bahasa Indonesia and English.

Final report

Oct 2019

Interested candidate please send your CV to Procurement-Madani@fhi360.org by the latest August 11, 2019

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