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Dear Potential Bidders,

Nutrition International (NI), in partnership with the governments of Indonesia, Australia and Canada, is implementing MITRA - ‘Reducing Iron Deficiency Anemia in pregnant women and reducing mortality and morbidity in children under five’ in 10 districts in East Java and 10 districts in East Nusa Tenggara (ENT).

NI has provided technical assistance at the national, provincial and district level to strengthen the commitment of the government for micronutrient (MN) supplementation programs, for increasing resource allocation for procurement, management and implementation of micronutrient programs with focus on improved service provision and increased awareness through Behavior Change Intervention strategies. The MITRA program has demonstrated an effective approach to improve micronutrient programming with significant lessons learned around: forecasting, budgeting and procuring micronutrients. The NI advocacy was successful in influencing district governments to ensure adequate budgets for micronutrient interventions; and demonstrating ways in which puskesmas staff can counsel caregivers to use ORS and zinc instead of antibiotics to treat childhood diarrhoea.

MoH requested NI support for updating the diarrhea management guidelines to align with World Health Organization guidelines and Pediatrician Association’s recommendation, along with a focus on monitoring compliance to Zinc among children under 5 and provision of Zinc as a preventive measure after a disaster. The current guideline was updated back in 2009 by adding Zinc as part of diarrhea management for children.

NI seeks to hire the services of an Event Management Agency to organize the meeting for updating the diarrhea management guideline in coordination with MoH.

NI invites agencies to submit bid with link as below:

RFQ 1617-XX MITRA Updating Diarrhea Final

Deadline for submission: 14 August 2019, 17:00 West Indonesia Standard Time.

The proposal shall be put into a covering email specifically indicating with subject line

“RFQ No: 1617-XX – Meeting for Updating Diarrhea Management Guidelines of MOH in Indonesia” need to be sent to email:

Thank you for your kind attention and cooperation.


Nutrition International

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