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Terms of Reference -  Consultant (Research Writer)

Contract Type: (Individual Consultant : International or National)
Deadline for Application: October 3, 2019
Duration: 30 work days
Expected starting date: October 10, 2019

1. Background
Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are an important source of employment and economic output in Indonesia. However, one of the major constraints faced by MSMEs is lack of access to financial and business development services.

Against the above backdrop, the International Labour Organization (ILO) with funding from the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and in partnership with the Government of Indonesia is implementing a project titled Promoting Micro and Small Enterprises through Entrepreneurs Access to Finance (PROMISE IMPACT).

PROMISE IMPACT aims to support small businesses to access quality financial and business development services, which can contribute towards productivity, growth, and employment. The project has been running since February 2016. Although originally designed for piloting in two provinces, interest and support from various stakeholders enabled the project to serve financial service providers (FSPs) in several provinces of Indonesia.

FSPs supported by PROMISE IMPACT can be divided into core and associate partners. Core partners received dedicated and long-term support in testing and development of “bundled” loan products. Following the pilot testing, results at the client level were measured through quantitative surveys.

Besides 13 core partners, project supported more than 70 FSPs in the country through various training courses and knowledge-sharing. Changes at the FSP level were mainly tracked qualitatively. The project team has closely monitored progress and results from the technical services through regular field visits and meetings with the partners.

A number of peer-learning events were also organized to promote knowledge and lessons learned. These events provided an opportunity for reflection. To the extent possible, the learning generated during the consultations were documented in meeting minutes, mission reports, and other notes.

The project now has a body of information that needs to be reviewed; key achievements and lessons need to be crystallized, and subsequently consolidated into a single report that can be shared with a wider audience.

In this regard, the project is seeking the services of a Research Writer to assist in carrying out an internal desk research and to draft a consolidated “synthesis” report on the achievements of the project.

2. Scope of Work
Core partners have already completed the pilots. An endline survey was conducted to collect data from the clients. This survey is part of a randomized control trail (RCT) in which 3,785 clients received non-financial services from the FSPs such as training and counselling. One sub-group participated in classroom training, while another sub-group received counselling, and a third group participated in both training and received counselling. A full report on the impact of services is available. It can used by the consultant as one of the major inputs for the drafting of the synthesis report.

In addition to the pilots, the project supported several FSPs (associate partners) through various types of technical assistance. FSPs include rural and development banks as well as their associations. A number of saving and credit cooperatives (KSPs) were also trained under the Ministry of Finance’s UMi Programme. Several UMi partners went through a 5-10 day training course.

Besides training, project organized a number of knowledge-sharing events and policy discussions in Jakarta and in the two pilot provinces. The consultant will be provided a full list of the training and other capacity development events. Material used for training, presentations, and technical papers commissioned under the project can also serve as an input in the preparation of the synthesis report.

Another important source will be discussions with the project team and, if needed, interviews with key project stakeholders and partner FSPs. Discussions with the project team can help the consultant to get a better understanding of project implementation and contributions that project has made in the capacity development of partner FSPs. The focus should be to capture changes in capacities, which were not measured in the RCT or other quantitative surveys of the project. These changes may relate to gains in knowledge, internal management, business process, and ability of the FSPs to serve their clients better.

3. Outputs & Tasks
Specifically, the Research Writer will deliver the following tasks and outputs:
1. Review all the available project information including various reports, impact assessment, analytical briefs, and other related background documents
2. Develop an annotated outline of the synthesis report with a table of contents and insert edited “stories of change” in the narrative. These are short client or FSP stories written by the project team describing change. The report will feature 2-3 stories (half to one page each).
3. Draft a 30-35 synthesis report that gives an overview of the project, implementation strategy, outputs delivered, results, and lessons learned

4. Qualifications
Education – Minimum an undergraduate degree in a relevant field, postgraduate degree preferred.

Experience – At least five years of professional experience writing reports, articles, and other such publications for a general audience. Previous experience conducting desk research.

Languages - Excellent writing skills in English

1. Ability to sift through various documents, collating information, and drawing key messages.
2. Excellent analytical skills, and ability to work independently.
3. General familiarity with the development landscape of Indonesia such as business and finance is preferred but not required. 

Interested candidates should send an application with an updated resume to hrdjkt@ilo.org before October 3, 2019.

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