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Yayasan Bumi Tangguh (YBT) is a non-profit organization founded in Manado on June 3, 2017, registered at Menkumham Republik Indonesia with number AHU-0010147.AH.01.04 of 2017. YBT has now has entered its Phase II program for the Central Sulawesi Disaster Response Programs for the 2019-2020 period. YBT is funded by several International NGO’s through World Renew based in Canada.

YBT is seeking for candidates (locally hired) who is willing to stay in the field to fill in the vacancy as follow:

Title             :  Hygiene Promoter Coordinator
Location      :  Dolo Selatan Sub District, Sigi District and Palu City,  Central Sulawesi
Expected Experience:                
·         Involvement in the setting up and execution of complex project
·         Experienced in the same field for approximately 2 (two) years
·         Managing team
.         Report writing
·         Monitoring & evaluation
·         Strategic planning
·         Working with disaster affected community.
·         Strong work experience with international NGO.


1.   To comprehensively coordinate and implement the project as described in YBT’s agreed project plans  

2.   To ensure all projects are done and coordinated in such a way as to strengthen and empower communities towards sustainable care of each other and the environment

3.   To coordinate the provision of all project related needs for the WASH team.

4.    To facilitate the networking with partner, team members and community beneficiaries to ensure smooth executions of project plans.

5.   To ensure stewardly use of all resources to design, coordinate and develop WASH-Hygiene Promotion programs within YBT’s areas of intervention after consulting with Program Manager

6.   To closely co-ordinate and liaise with YBT program areas along with other team members of the management of other team


The duties as related to WASH-Hygiene Promotion principles and the duties include the following but are not limited to them:

  Represent Yayasan Bumi Tangguh (YBT) in all aspect connected to work

§  Ensure appropriate behaviour in connection with work related to project
§  Responsible for applying and maintain the humanitarian code of conduct and ensuring that all legal requirements are in place, understood and resolved
§  Support the documentation and dissemination of best practices and lessons learned for improving community’s learning on Sanitation and Hygiene issues.
§  Develop good and suitable program plans with beneficiary communities and maintain the WASH-Hygiene facilities
§  Coordinate the team to be able to in coordination with Community Organizer and other team members in the field to conduct Focus Group Discussion in the targeted areas
§  Conduct workshops to discuss the findings
§  Conduct WASH-Hygiene Promotion facilitator training
§  Enable facilitator to conduct follow up WASH-Hygiene Promotion programs in their respected communities
§  Facilitate YBT’s operations by being as open as possible to the community beneficiaries including disseminating information about the programme as appropriate as well as beneficiary entitlements to the community beneficiaries.
§  Facilitate, participate in and document project reviews and evaluations and ensure learning is understood and disseminated to field and Palu office based stakeholders
§  Manage knowledge and information sharing within the programme to identify, document and disseminate good practice.
§  Develop and maintain on going orientation and induction package for the whole projects in WASH programme
§  Provide information on impact of WASH-Hygiene Promotion activities to the community in liaison with other programme staff.
·         Participate in meetings related to project

External Relationships / Representation

·         Provide required information to Deputy Program Manager and MEAL Officer up to Program Manager for relevant inter-agency coordination on WASH programs.

·         Liaise closely with local community leaders, local government/ministries and other relevant stakeholders in coordination with all WASH Team, and other team in YBT as directed by Project  Manager.

Administration / Programme Support

·         Establish and maintain an effective filing system in accordance with YBT standard procedures to ensure that all information is efficiently record and easily accessible, in consultation with the Deputy Program Manager and MEAL Officer

·         Reporting:

1.      Weekly activity report

2.      Monthly reports on the analysis of the progress

3.      Narrative End of Project report


Education:     University graduated, preferably Graduate in Sociology, Community Development studies, rural development planning, Health or equivalent qualification

                        ·         Analytical skills
                        ·         Problem solving skills
                        ·         Training skills
                                  Good in written and verbal communication skills in English
                        ·         Mobilization and facilitation skills
                        ·         Strong understanding of project cycle.
                        ·         MS office computer knowledge
                        ·         Administrative skills
                        ·         Ability to communicate confidently and comfortably about own personal faith
                    ·         MS Word
                    ·         MS Excel (including multi-sheet workbooks),
                    ·         Good knowledge of WASH  principles
                    ·         Ability to organize paper records
                    ·         Ability to manage local people and staff with respect, maturity and impartiality.
                    ·         Good organizer                     

Application Closing date : October 19th, 2019, submitted to : cady.ybtsulteng@gmail.com and lydia.ybtsulteng@gmail.com
Start working date : November 1st, 2019

Please put in email subject:  Hygiene Promoter Coordinator

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