Lowongan Polytechnic Institutional Development Specialist - INVEST DM (Jakarta)


Under USAID/OFDA funding, Mercy Corps Indonesia is implementing its “Investing in Human Capital for Disaster Management” (INVEST) program at the national level and three provinces and districts. INVEST DM will work to support the Government of Indonesia (GOI) disaster management institutions and people at key administrative levels to be better equipped to fulfill their mandate to deliver effective DRM services and save lives. INVEST DM seeks to provide a holistic approach to support Indonesia’s disaster management institutions, supporting BNPB’s own ‘people-centered’ approach, where comprehensive inputs in the areas of: technical capacity in preparedness-response-recovery; policy and planning; governance; and organizational development. These areas are grounded in human capital, serving to capacitate and reinforce the people that make it all function. This means supporting GOI personnel at the national and sub-national levels alike. At the sub-national level, INVEST will strengthen the provincial and district level Disaster Management Agencies (BPBDs) by embedding experts within BPBD offices to provide ongoing, day-to-day technical support tailored to the needs of each province. The program also implements disaster management training aligned with the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) standards. The proposed target provinces are Central Java, East Java, and West Sumatra, however, the final target provinces may change as per government and donor preference

One of the key outcomes of the project is to support the functionality of the BNPB Polytechnic to deliver pre-service training. Therefore the INVEST DM project is recruiting an individual to be placed within BNPB to support capacity development for the initiation and operationalization of the BNPB Polytechnic.


Therefore, the project is seeking an individual to embed in BNPB to facilitation discussions about the following key tasks:

i)        Developing an understanding of the legal framework that guide overall disaster management training and education, particularly related to core requirements, competencies, and capabilities;

ii)       Support BNPB to develop an overall presentation of the core capabilities to share with counterparts during a study tour to the United States;

iii)     Compile all BNPB sanctioned, supported, and developed curriculum;

iv)     Provide guidance on the overall roadmap development regarding the key institutional elements of the BNPB Polytechnic, particularly related to the educational program requirements;

v)      Develop an analysis of Indonesian and regional accreditation systems;

vi)     Support analysis of the overall feasibility of a master’s program focused on achieving the vision as an ASEAN center of excellence;

vii)   Support workshops on curriculum development of the BNPB Polytechnic.


The key output of this assignment will be to support with the development of the Roadmap for the BNPB Polytechnic, which will be part of a larger collaboration across the INVEST DM program. The outputs also include the facilitation of four total workshops. The first workshop includes a facilitated discussion about the core requirements, competencies, and capabilities identified to guide the development of the roadmap.

The three additional workshops are related to a set of agreed-upon curriculum and are geared towards engaging on best practice for a specific topic, followed by guidance for making the curriculum and coursework are applicable to the Indonesian context.


The period of the performance is from October 2019 through April 2020.


The consultant will report to Invest DM, coordination between programmatic and content-experts from UH Manoa, as well as reporting directly to the program staff at YMCI.


•           An advanced degree in a relevant discipline;

•           Experience with university structures, familiarity and understanding of university accreditation systems;

•           National level experience on disaster management, and significant regional experience a plus;

•           Experience working on training and curriculum development with both in-service and pre-service training programs;

•           Fluency in Bahasa Indonesia and English;

•           Understanding and commitment to student learning and academic program development.


Interested candidates could email their CV along with Biographical Datasheet Form on this link to procurement@id.mercycorps.org with the subject “Polytechnic Institutional Development Specialist” before October, 3rd 2019. Only candidates who meet the qualifications will be contacted.

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