Call for Proposal Consultant - Production of Video Documentary Best Practice and Impact of ACTIVE Project on Children and Young Adolescence

Terms of Reference (ToR)


I. Purpose:

This ToR outlines the requirement of hiring external consultant who will be responsible and taking role on producing video documentary of Active project best practice and impact

II.  Project Profile:

Project name

“ACTIVE (Adolescent Confident in Thinking, Valued in life and Empowered) Project”

Project aim

“Empower young adolescence aged 12to 15 years with the necessary life skills to be confident and actively participate in their environment”.

Project Objective

1.      Young adolescents aged 12to 15 years in YPSK assisted areas have improved social, financial, and life skills.

2.      Stakeholders support adolescents to improve their knowledge of social, financial, and life skills


1.      South Lampung District

2.      Pringsewu District

Project period

January 1st, 2017-December 31st, 2019


1..      1,779 adolescents (1,539 students from 4 Junior high schools and 240 adolescent members from child forum).

2.      300 adults (120 teachers from 4 Junior high schools, 100 Parents committee and 80 government and local community stakeholders).

Implementing partner

1.      YPSK-LDA -Lampung

III.          Project Background

About ChildFund International 

ChildFund International has been implementing child-centered programs since 1973 with an annual budget of USD$ 4 million from sponsorship and independant donor grants. Through community-based, culturally grounded, participatory program approaches, ChildFund International  works with 16 local partners in 32 districts in 8 provinces. In 174 villages where we work, we support 318 ECD exclusive and/or integrated health posts (‘Posyandu’), 87 child-friendly schools and 98 youth forums. Through these community-support mechanisms, ChildFund Indonesia ensures local leadership support and ownership of project activities. 

ChildFund International  works in partnership with community based organizations throughout Indonesia to support children and youth who are Deprived, Excluded and Vulnerable (DEV) so that they can improve their lives and become young adults, parents and leaders who will bring lasting and positive change in their communities. More specifically, ChildFund Indonesia supports these children in their different life stages towards becoming:
·       Healthy and Secured Infants – Lifestage 1 (0 to 5 years old)

·       Educated and Confident Children – Lifestage 2 (6 to 14 years old)

·       Skilled and Involved Youth – Lifestage 3 (15 to 24 years old)

ChildFund International  also works to promote societies whose individuals and institutions participate in valuing, protecting, and advancing the worth and rights of children. For further info please visit

Adolescent Confident in Thinking, Valued in life and Empowered (ACTIVE PROJECT)

Adolescence is a challenging period for both children and their parents. For this reason, adolescence has been divided by educational and health specialists into three stages - early adolescence (aged 11-13 years), middle adolescence (aged 14-18 years), and late adolescence (aged 19-21 years). These 3 stages are experienced by nearly all teens, even though the age at which each stage is reached varies greatly from child to child.

Early adolescence is a time of tremendous physical and socio-emotional growth. Unfortunately, most early adolescents do not understand the changes affecting them. Socio-emotionally, they tend to struggle with their sense of identity, feel awkward about their bodies and worry intensely about being ‘normal’. There is growing awareness of their parent’s imperfections coupled with a strong indication of the growing influence of their friends at this time. For this project, we selected adolescents aged 12-15 years because their experiences of Deprivation, Exploitation and Vulnerability (DEV) are often overlooked. This is despite findings that suggest this is the age when adolescents make decisions that can have life-long consequences.

 ChildFund Indonesia would now like to build on this experience and implement a social, financial and life skills program so that we can more effectively reach the ultimate goal, whereas children become agent of change. Through the acquisition and application of these social, financial and life skill concepts into their daily lives, it is also expected that adolescents will be able to perform better at school and so become “Educated and Confident” (Life Stage 2). Increased understanding of these concepts will also help adolescents prepare to become “Skilled and Involved” (Life Sage 3) to meet the demands of adulthood and the workplace.

The AFLATOUN social and financial literacy program has been specifically developed for children and young adolescent, age 6 to 15 years old. The Aflatoun program has 5 elements which are: 1) Personal understanding and exploration; 2) Right and responsibilities; 3) Saving and Spending; 4) Planning and budgeting; 5) Social and financial literacy.  However, because our adolescents have never been exposed to a life skills program, we intend to integrate aflatoun element to the aspects of 10 core life skills into this project. These core skills have been identified by UNICEF and WHO as being the most critical to children/adolescents. These skills can be divided into 3 key categories. The first category is critical thinking/decision making skills. This category includes problem solving skills. The second category focuses on the importance of developing inter and intra personal skills and communication. This includes skills to become a more effective communicator, negotiation/refusal skills and issues related to empathy. The third category is self-management skills, which includes skills related to coping with stress and ones emotions. Self-evaluation skills further builds confidence yet at the same time reaffirms these other skills.

Project ACTIVE Beneficiaries:

A total of 1,779 children and young adolescents  and 300 adults  will benefit from the project

Output of this assignment
Producing Two  documentary video  of approximately 3 & 10 minutes in duration .  

The objectives of this project is to capture the target audience of the Active project which are

 1. Young adolescents aged 12 to 15 years in YPSK assisted areas have improved social, financial, and life skills.

2. Stakeholders support adolescents to improve their knowledge of social, financial, and life skills

The video content will include:

1. Facilitator and CYA activities in active projects that feature children who are confident and empowered both in activities in this program and in their family and school environment.

2. Support given by the village stakeholder related to the implementation of the active program and integration of this program into the village program through the issuance of the decree in regard with  the active facilitator association and the allocation of funds from village funds for the sustainability of this program (interviews with the village head / secretary of the village reagrding the decree issuance process until the process of allocating funds)

3. Support provided by the district education office through the issuance of decree on  integrating active modules into school extracurricular activities (interview with the head of the education department)

4. Support provided by financial institutions in financial literacy and financial services  (related to the implementation of opening students bank account  and MoUs

5. Testimonies from child representatives and facilitators on  the impact of this program in their lives.

Multiple firms or group of individual consultants for:

Video documentaries from partners’ best practice and Impact of Active project model
Area : The Active project in Lampung Province is working in two districts which are Pringsewu and South Lampung. Currently, these are the project locations:


1.      SMPN 3 Gadingrejo ;

2.      SMPN 2 Sukorejo;

3.      SMPN 4 Pringsewu

4.      Pekon Mataram

5.      Pekon Tanjung Anom

6.      Pekon Pandan Sari Selatan

South Lampung

7.      SMP PGRI Trimulyo

8.      SMPN 2 Tanjungsari

9.      Desa Trimulyo

10.  Desa Wonodadi

Needs: Consultant (individual or group) for Video Documentaries in Lampung  province

Deliverables: 2 documentary videos (3 minutes & 10 minutes version) with subtitle in English

Roles and Responsibilities
Video Documentation of Selected Best Practice and Impact  of Active Project
We are looking for an individual or a small team of  videographer with proven professional experience, and focus to children and young adolescence age 10 to 15 that are being addressed by ChildFund Indonesia and its partners. The Videographer and or its team should be someone with experience in program/project implementation, experience and passion in programmatic communications, highly skilled, think out of the box, and care for Children and young adolescence.


1.      Understand The ACTIVE project

2.       Develop a story line scenario (for discuss and review by CFI)

3.      Produce a video based on the approval story line scenario


1. Minimum 3 years exposed on program children or young adolescent

2. Understand the ethics of working with CYA

3. familiar with life skills and social-financial literacy program

4. have experiences producing documenter film about CYA program

5. Fluently in English

6. Able to work under pressure and deadline

7. Good communication skills, especially in approaching CYA

8. In depth knowledge, professional experience and understanding of documentary filmmaking, video interviews, and video testimonials, for the format of social media and for private channels (email, social media personal message, etc.)

9.Familiarity or proficiency in digital content production technologies (CSS, iMovie, Adobe (Premier and Photoshop) is a plus.

10.Flexibility required to conduct field visits to rural and remote areas for production of these video documentation

Video Documentation of Selected Best Practice of Project Models
Filming of footages and interview for Video Documentation will be taken at 11 Active project locations in 3 schools and 3 villages in Pringsewu district and 2 schools and 2 villages in South Lampung district , Lampung province and stakeholders.

These activities will begin on or about  01 October 2019  and will conclude on or about 4 week of November , 2019

Recruitment of Consultants for Documentation of Best Practices from Project/Program Models and Recruitment of Consultants for Video Documentation

Selection of Consultants for Active Project  

4th week of  September  2019


Field Production – Editing – Review – Finalization – Video Documentation of Selected Project/Program Models

Lampung (Pringsewu and South Lampung)

·       Briefing with selected consultants ( week 1 Oct)

·       Develop storyline before video production

·       Field Production: Week 2  Oct  to  Week  4  Oct   2019

·       Editing : Week 1 Nov  2019 

·       Dummy film sent  : week-2 November  2019

·       Review and Revision: Week 3 – November  2019

·       Submission to Project Coordinator / Project Manager: Week 4 November   2019

·       Approval from CFI


Interested consultants should submit a 1-page expression of interest, curriculum vitae, proposed general work plan, and proposed budget to carry out the assignment.

Application should be addressed to ChildFund  to latest by 10 October 2019 

The selected consultant will be hired using a standard consulting agreement which complies with ChildFund’s policies and standards.

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