Consultancy for the development/update and socialization of 

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

for the Management and Operation of Faecal Sludge Treatment Plants (IPLTs) in Bandar Lampung, Tasikmalaya, and Metro Cities


SNV is an international not-for-profit development organisation that focuses on increasing people’s incomes and access to basic services in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Agriculture, and Renewable Energy. By connecting our global expertise with longstanding in-country presence, we help realise locally-owned solutions in more than 25 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Established in 1965 in the Netherlands, our projects directly benefit millions of people (4.4M in 2018). SNV specializes in supporting the resourcefulness of development actors by developing local capacities, improving performance and services, strengthening governance systems, helping to create access for excluded groups and by making markets work for the poor. 


The specific objectives and the scopes of the consultancy work are:

1.    To examine the comprehensiveness of the existing SOPs used at selected IPLTs and to identify gaps which hinder the operators in managing and operating the IPLTs effectively and ultimately in meeting the effluent standards (Permen LHK No. P68/2016), including during extreme weather events driven by climate change. Selected consultants may refer to existing SOPs used by other IPLTs that are well managed and operated, consistently keeping local contexts into consideration. Additionally, ISO 24521 and ISO 30500 may be used as references, as well as internationally acknowledged best practices to minimize the impacts of climate change in similar facilities.

2.    To develop (when lacking) or to improve (existing) SOPs for the management and operation (including technical operation) of each IPLT, taking into account local context and in view of increasing resilience to climate change risks. The developed/improved SOPs are to be discussed and tested with its intended users. Potential risks of incompliance are expected to be identified and minimized.

3.    To translate the developed/improved SOP into guidance materials that are communicative, visually interesting, and easy to understand and to implement by the users (faecal sludge truck drivers, workers, operators, IPLT managers, etc.). The guidance materials will include, but not limited to: working instructions, checklist of inspections, workflow charts, visual nudges, etc.  The materials are to be tested with its intended users and their feedback is to be incorporated in the final version.

4.    To socialize the final version of the SOPs and guidance materials to its intended users



·         The SOPs are to be developed for the operators at IPLT Bakung in Bandar Lampung city, IPLT Singkup in Tasikmalaya city, and IPLT Karangrejo in Metro city.

·         The consultant team is expected to take necessary steps including performing field visits to the IPLTs, and contact relevant agencies as relevant, to achieve the targets detailed in Specific Objectives.

·         The research period is approximately 8 weeks and may be started from the 31st of October 2019


The expected deliverables from the selected consultants are:

1.    Methodology, detailed assessment protocol, and work plan;

2.    Preliminary findings (comprehensiveness assessment, identification of gaps, etc.)

3.    SOP for each IPLT at the three cities – in Bahasa Indonesia

4.    Guidance materials derived from the developed SOPs (upon agreed SOPs by SNV)

5.    Socialisation packages to disseminate the final materials to its intended users


A team of consultants is expected (not a single individual) up to 4 members. The consultant team should be comprised of (at least):

1.    One highly qualified (masters level minimum and 5 years’ experience) sanitation/environmental/ chemical engineer (or relevant academic background). Experience in developing SOP and/or detailed engineering design (DED) for IPLT in Indonesia is preferable.

2.    One highly qualified communication/socialization expert (bachelor level minimum and 5 years’ experience). Experience as communication/ socialization expert in the WASH sector is preferable.    

3.    Other with relevant profile.

The consultant team must be fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and able to write report in English.

Please send the application documents as follow:

Preliminary technical and financial proposal
CV of the team members
Project references

to by 30th October 2019 with the subject “WASH SOP IPLT”. 

For more information on SNV please refer to our website:

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