Lowongan RFP 1666-XX Develop an Audio-visual Training Module for Testing Iron Compounds in Fortified Wheat Flour”

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NI aims to generate innovative and sustainable solutions to reduce vitamin and mineral deficiencies among women, newborns, and children. It builds on robust evidence-based research and evaluation in order to demonstrate excellent return on investment of scaling-up highly cost-effective micronutrient interventions. NI aspires to be a global center of excellence in technical and programmatic support in this field.

In collaboration with key stakeholders such as governments, private sectors and civil society groups, NI seeks to tackle the aforementioned problems that affects one third of the world’s population. NI engages in tailoring health and nutrition strategies as well as up-scaling existing program in various regions in the globe including Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America and the Middle East. NI’s international Board of Directors directs its interventions that reach approximately 500 million people in more than 70 countries.

One of NI’s key strategic goals is to enhance the global impact of micronutrient interventions by generating cutting-edge knowledge and utilizing it to develop sound policies and programs while consolidating political will to achieve its vision. NI aspires to position itself as a global center of excellence in generating scientific research in the field of micronutrient programs. It provides quality assurance for research and programs while disseminating and translating new knowledge to influence and improve national and global policies and programs. NI provides guidance and support on existing and future program evaluations and coordinates the analysis and utilization of evaluation activity results.

Fortification of industrially processed wheat flour when appropriately implemented is an effective, simple and inexpensive intervention for supplying vitamins and minerals to the diets of large segments of the population. This program in Indonesia is expected to contribute to improving the nutritional status of population, especially by addressing iron deficiency anemia.

Though the Government of Indonesia mandated fortification of wheat flour in 2002 through Indonesian National Standard (SNI) 01.3751-2001, several studies indicated that the intervention has not significantly contributed to reduction of anemia prevalence in the country. The Indonesia standard i.e. SNI 3751:2009 did not specifically mention the type/compound of iron that can be used to fortify wheat flour. This led the millers to either use electrolytic or elemental iron that is not recommended by WHO for countries where wheat flour consumption level is below 75 gram/capita/day. For this consumption level, the WHO recommended iron compounds for fortification of low-extraction wheat flour are NaFeEDTA (at 40 ppm iron), and Ferrous Sulfate and/or Ferrous Fumarate (at 60 ppm iron).

In 2016, the Government of Indonesia (GoI) initiated a process to revise standard for fortified wheat flour to align the SNI with the WHO recommendations and finally in July 2018, the Ministry of Health (MoH) revised the SNI for wheat flour fortification and this revised SNI was issued by BSN i.e. SNI 3751:2018. The regulation mandating the implementation of the revised SNI 3751:2018 will soon be issued by the Ministry of Industry (MoI)..

During meetings and field visits with stakeholders specially from governments there is issues on method to differentiate type of iron that using in wheat flour. For this purpose Nutrition International (NI) is planning supporting Government of Indonesia to develop an audio visual training module for testing iron compounds in fortified wheat flour.

NI invites firms/institutions to submit proposal with link as below:

RFP 1666-XX Development an Audio Visual Training Module for WFF Iron Testing-Final | Request For Proposal | Micronutrient

RFP 1666-XX Development an Audio Visual Training Module for WFF Iron Tes...
RFP 1666-XX Development an Audio Visual Training Module for WFF Iron Testing

Deadline for submission: 12 October 2019, 17:00 West Indonesia Standard Time.

Please submit the documents to proposalsindonesia@nutritionintl.org using subject line:

“RFP 1666-XX Develop an Audio-visual Training Module for Testing Iron Compounds in Fortified Wheat Flour”

Thank you for your kind attention and cooperation.


Nutrition International

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