The Zoological Society of London is an international wildlife conservation organization with a focus on science-based and pragmatic solutions. ZSL has been active in Indonesia for about 10 years, with a particular focus on the overlap between industrial development and biodiversity conservation. ZSL Indonesia is based in Bogor, West Java, with existing field projects in Jambi and South Sumatera. We are now looking for:


Terms and Condition 

Start Date:November

Duration of Contract:3 months

Work Area:Bogor, West Java.

Reporting to:Deputy Country Director

Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist

   A.      Scope of Work

Develop the spatial & non-spatial database system design. The system design should be develop based on the technical discussion and consultation with Monitoring & Evaluation, Knowledge Management & Communication Manager of ZSL Indonesia, and Deputy Country Director.
Develop and present beta version of database in front of SMT of ZSL Indonesia.
Develop final version of system, including cleaning and upload both selected spatial and non-spatial data into Beta Version of database.
Develop the documentation of development process and guidance, and present to SMT of ZSL Indonesia.

B.     Deliverables:

System design presentation and attendant list
Report of beta version of spatial & non spatial database
Document of internal consultation and input hearing.
Report of final version of spatial & non-spatial database system
System, data, and document of selected data cleaned and uploaded (both spatial and non-spatial data) from Kelola Sendang and Jambi project.
Development process documentation and user guidance.

C.        Qualifications & Experience

Minimum a bachelor’s degree in any related discipline, or at least has 5 years’ experience in spatial MIS development.
Proficient in working with MIS spatial tool (GeoNode, OpenGeo, Map Server, CartoView, etc.)
Proficient in Database and Programming (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Java, Python, AJAX, etc.)
 Has capacity in server software and network
Server and network software (routing, DNS, VPN, cloud. NAT)
Open source operating system (Ubuntu, etc)
Scripts: HTML, XML, PHTML (script specially for MapServer), PHP, CSS, SLD
Good interpersonal and communications skills,
Fluency in Bahasa Indonesia, and fair in English language, both spoken and written.

Application procedures

The interested consultant shall submit the following documents:

a)       Cover Letter

b)      Consultant profile

c)       References of min. 2 relevant experiences

The proposal shall submitted in English  to indonesia@zsl.org, cc’d lydia.chandra@zsl.org by latest                 October 21, 2019 with placing the job title in the subject line . Only short-listed proposals will be notified.

          As received after the deadline will not be considered

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