Inclusive WASH in Schools Video


Inclusive WASH in Schools Video


SNV is an international not-for-profit development organisation that focuses on increasing people’s incomes and access to basic services in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Agriculture, and Renewable Energy. By connecting our global expertise with longstanding in-country presence, we help realise locally-owned solutions in more than 25 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Established in 1965 in the Netherlands, our projects directly benefit millions of people (4.4M in 2018). SNV specializes in supporting the resourcefulness of development actors by developing local capacities, improving performance and services, strengthening governance systems, helping to create access for excluded groups and by making markets work for the poor.


SNV understands safe sanitation and hygiene services as a pre-condition for health and economic development in cities. With Indonesia’s urbanization rate at 2.3% (World Bank, 2018), a failure to invest in urban sanitation will become a barrier for almost any development in the country. Access to sanitation is a human right and governments are the duty bearers of progressive realisation of this right. With the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), notably SDG 6 and the 2020-2024 RPJMN, Indonesia is committed to work towards universal access to safely managed sanitation services, this means services for all and addressing the safety of the entire sanitation chain from access to safe disposal or re-use.

Through the Dutch Government funded WASH SDGs programme, SNV supports local governments of Bandar Lampung & Metro Cities in Lampung Province and Tasikmalaya City in West Java Province in achieving sustainable and inclusive city-wide sanitation services, in line with national programmes and targets. In partnership with national and government counterparts, we change the way human waste is managed by addressing different needs among the population, different parts of the sanitation service chain, and different geographical areas with appropriate service delivery models.


Through this assignment, SNV’s WASH SDGs programme aims to improve the awareness of different types of stakeholders – especially local governments, about the challenges faced by children with disabilities when accessing WASH services in schools, and the repercussions the situation has on their health, dignity and educational performance.


The specific objective of this assignment is to produce two advocacy movies about the situation of WASH in schools with children with disabilities that target primarily city level government stakeholders. The two movies are:

ü  One short movie (5 minutes max)

ü  One longer version of the first (approximately 10 minutes long)

The videos and the video making process should have the following characteristics (mandatory):

ü  Videos present the situation primarily (though not exclusively) from the perspective of children with disabilities

ü  Videos portray children with disabilities in context, in an empowering, creative and uplifting manner

ü  Filming process is conducted with the utmost respect for children’s wellbeing, dignity and privacy


•        In coordination with SNV, develop overall concept for the two videos mentioned in the objective

•        Develop the scripts and storyboards

•        Direct, film, and produce the videos in 3 research location (Bandar Lampung, Metro and Tasikmalaya)

•        Provide post-production editing and fine tuning work of the video.

•        Provide a one-stop-shop video solution which includes subtitling, narration, and translating to the whole or part of the video in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

•        Deliver the videos in high resolution and in popular formats for: InFocus presentations, YouTube, and Television.

•        Provide SNV with the final work on a USB drive.

•        Obtain content, testimonial, and build context by visiting project sites, interacting and interviewing with relevant stakeholders.

•        Develop the video in accordance with SNV brand passport, communication guidelines

•        Comply with SNV’s Child Protection Code of Conduct and with the European General Protection Data Regulations (GDPR)


•        Story board and accompanying script

•        Direct, film, and produce the videos

•        Provide post-production services (including subtitling and Bahasa narration)

•        Deliver two videos that incorporate the feedback of SNV


•        Have more than 5 years of experience in developing video scripts and story boards, as well as producing and directing videos.

•        Previous experience with WASH issues is a plus

•        Previous experience in filming sensitive matters in an ethical and respectful way is highly valued

•        Familiar with providing video products to a variety of clients in different industries.

•        Extensive experience in producing development work related documentaries for international organisations with the aim of reaching both international and local audiences

•        Able to film in digital, high definition (HDI) format.

•        Demonstrate the ability to complete the delivery of the products on time as schedule.

•        Able, willing and have the permits to travel to different locations in Indonesia within the program’s geographical target areas.

•        Excellent technical capacities.

•        Excellent written and interpersonal communication skills in English and Indonesian.


The period of performance is for (maximum) 5 weeks, starting early November 2019 or at the latest (or the date of the signed contract).

The vendor shall arrange their schedule to at least include the bellow processes:

•        Briefing meeting

•        Preparation

•        Production & Editing

•        Finalization of video

•        Evaluation meeting



Please submit a financial proposal and a relevant portfolio to <> 04 November 2019, with the subject with the title: Inclusive WASH in Schools video. The proposal shall at least consist of the following:

-      technical proposal

-      financial proposal

-      CVs of creative team members

-      sample of relevant videos

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