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Consultant TOR - Midterm Evaluation of Project on "Green Freight and Logistics Development in Mekong Countries"



Mekong Institute (MI) is an intergovernmental organization serving the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) countries, namely Cambodia, P.R. China (Yunnan Province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region), Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. MI aims to foster regional cooperation and connectivity by working with local government authorities, development partners, and local organizations to deliver standardized and customized learning programs, workshops, seminars, policy dialogues and consultations as well as research and development projects. MI works across three thematic areas, namely Agricultural Development and Commercialization, Trade and Investment Facilitation, and Innovation and Technological Connectivity.


MI is implementing a three-year project on Green Freight and Logistics Development in the Mekong Countries funded by the Republic of Korea through the Mekong-Korea Cooperation Fund (MKCF). Thelong-term objective of the project is to reduce the cost of logistics and transport to improve economic performance in the five countries in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand (CLMVT).

As part of its project activities, MI is seeking the services of a consultant to evaluate the project external results achieved so far. The role of the consultant is to assist MI’s Trade and Investment Facilitation Department (TIF) in preparing a midterm evaluation report covering the following components/activities of the project:

Year: 2017 - 2018

1. Baseline study

2. Project technical working group meeting

3. Setting of Green Logistics Service Quality Standards (GLSQS / Green Mark)

4. Development of software program to monitor the standards

5. Training on use and application of the software program on GLSQS

6. Core group meeting to introduce the GLSQS (Green Mark)

7. Design of Green Freight and Logistics Curriculum

8. First batch of modular training on Green Freight and Logistics Management

Year: 2019

9. Second and third batches of modular training on Green Freight and Logistics Management

10. Development of E-database on Green Logistics Technologies and network platform


The consultant is required to provide not more than 60-70 pages of midterm evaluation report on the project Green Freight and Logistics Development in the Mekong Countries. The report should include, but not limited to, the following topics:

    • General, brief overview of the freight and logistics sector and its contribution to economic development in CLMVT (not more than two pages);
    • Opportunities and challenges in introducing green freight and logistics concepts, practices, certification, policies from public and private perspectives in CLMVT;
    • Project beneficiaries’ opinions toward the green freight and logistics curriculum developed by MI;
    • Project beneficiaries’ perspectives on the green logistics technologies database and regional platform developed by MI;
    • Project challenges during implementation / conducting of activities;
    • Outcomes of the implemented / conducted activities leading changes in business’ / institutions’ operations;
    • Achievements of targeted beneficiary groups of the implemented activities;
    • Document case studies, at least one case study per country, on any observable changes of business / work place practices, institutions’ operations (e.g. government department operations), involvement of co-workers in changes, utilization of knowledge and skills acquired by project beneficiaries during the implementation of the project, software application, or any others;
    • Success stories of utilization of acquired knowledge and skills from the Green Freight and Logistics Curriculum, application of the software program on Green Logistics Service Quality Standards, or any others;
    • Lessons learned from the implemented / conducted activities by the targeted beneficiary groups or institutions, or any others.


MI will consider the following aspects in selecting the consultant(s) for this assignment:

    • Demonstrated understanding of environmental sustainability in the private sector especially in transport and logistics sector;
    • Previous experience in undertaking similar assignments in transport and logistics sector preferably in the Mekong region and its countries or 5+ years of relevant work experience;
    • Established network to support engagement with stakeholders required for the study;
    • Advanced degree in business or economics and good knowledge of the Mekong countries;
    • In-depth knowledge and experience on project evaluation techniques;
    • Excellent knowledge, skill and experience in report writing; and
    • Fluency in English (oral and written).
Submission of CV and EOI

Interested consultants are expected to submit an updated CV and an expression of interest (EOI) that contain a complete description and explanation of the proposed methodology for the assignment detailing the work plan, technical expertise, qualifications, and related arrangements. Consultants should submit their proposals by email to robby@mekonginstitute.org and CC to sa-nga@mekonginstitute.org and dutta@mekonginstitute.org

Deadline of submission is November 10, 2019.

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