Lowongan Consultant of Integrated Risk Management Based Eco-Tourism, KUPANG, NTT

Consultant of Integrated Risk Management Based Eco-Tourism, KUPANG, NTT
Perumahan Arauna Mas No. 1, Jl. TDM III Rt.018 Rw.005, Kel. Tuak Daun Merah, Kec. Oebobo, Kota Kupang, Kupang, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia
Company Description
Yayasan CARE Peduli (YCP)

CARE, like many other INGOs, has been putting in practice its institutional commitment to diversification within the confederation and to the localization of aid and strengthening partnerships with national entities.  In line with this, in July 2018 the Yayasan CARE Peduli (YCP) was established as the national CARE entity that will continue CARE’s presence and operations in Indonesia. CARE believes that this important step in the evolution of CARE’s presence in Indonesia will further enhance its more strategic role in both the development and the humanitarian fields.

As a national entity not only will YCP continue CARE’s activities, programs and presence, but that as a result YCP could also contribute more significantly in addressing and representing national development priorities both in Indonesia and globally as well.

As part of this organizational evolution, Yayasan CARE Peduli is seeking for committed, resourceful individuals who are passionate about poverty reduction, gender equality and social justice to spearhead YCP’s operations and advocacy on those priority issues.


PfR is an alliance of five organizations who work specifically on the issue of Integrated Risk Management (IRM). The alliance is consist of the Netherlands Red Cross (lead agency), CARE Netherlands, Cordaid, the Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre, and Wetlands International. The project is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2011 aiming to achieve community resilience in the face of climate change, environment degradation, enabling sustainable inclusive economic growth.

In this Program in Indonesia, the five partner organisations – Yayasan CARE Peduli (YCP), the International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC), Wetlands International Indonesia (WII), Caritas Indonesia (Karina KWI) and the Red Cross Climate Centre (RCCC) – combine and strengthen their collective expertise to promote the application of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) and Ecosystem Management and Restoration (EMR) initiatives across Indonesia. This Integrated Risk Management (IRM) approach aims to protect livelihoods of vulnerable communities against climate-related natural hazards.

In this Program, the PfR SP aims to achieve the following outcomes in the three change domains of policy, investment, and practice:

Policy: IRM principles and evidence from best practices under PfR 1 have been integrated into the relevant policies at national, district, provincial and local level;
Investment:  Public and private investments in Indonesia are IRM proof and earmarked for IRM projects/programs.
Practice: New projects and programs at the national, district, provincial and local level are implemented based on IRM principles and standardized IRM models.
Bridging these three change domains, the PfR SP in Indonesia works across five IRM Dialogue Trajectories.

This program use Integrated Risk Management in recognition of the importance of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Climate Change Adaptation (CCA), and Ecosystem Management Restoration (EMR). This is essential for assessing the type, frequency and intensity of the hazards facing communities, and for responding accordingly.

Bridging these change domains on policy, investment and practice, PfR SP in Indonesia works across five IRM Dialogue Trajectories. One of the trajectory lead by Yayasan CARE Peduli on the implementation of the Village Law to create more resilient villages. Together with its implementing partner, CIS Timor, this trajectory is targeting targeting the implementation of IRM Eco-Tourism in Fateleu touristy area, at Kupang district of NTT province.

This approach is in-line with provincial and district government tourism program in NTT. One of the NTT Governor's Vision and Mission is to promote Tourism as the main driving program in development in the province of NTT for the next 5 years. For this reason, all development programs and non-state actors are expected to support the vision and mission by conducting integrated programs. Governor has asked support from all DRR actors in NTT province to identify disaster risks in NTT’s touristy areas, as this province is prone to several natural disasters.

Meanwhile at the district level highlighting 5P core programme stated in Kupang Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMD Kabupaten Kupang), consist of Pertanian (Agriculture), Perikanan (Fishery), Peternakan (Livestock), Perkebunan (Plantation), and Pariwisata (Tourism). Which their strong commitment on this Tourism sector has been shown through big event conducted in Fatuleu in the early August 2019, named Pan Indo Hash, where at least 2,000 tourists from local and overseas gathered in Fatuleu.

Job Description
Yayasan CARE Peduli is seeking for consultant to develop Integrated Risk Management (IRM) based Eco-Tourism model that will be implemented by Partners for Resilience (PfR) program in Fatuleu, Kupang district, East Nusa Tenggara province.

The consultant is responsible to:

analyse the government planning/strategy/policies and multi- stakeholders’ initiatives on eco-tourism,
conduct assessment and in-depth study to develop the model of IRM based Eco-Tourism,
write comprehensive report on Integrated Risk Management based Eco-Tourism in Fatuleu, Kupang Regency, Province of East Nusa Tenggara , and
consult and discuss with local government on the implementation of IRM based Eco-Tourism model.

The consultant will be expected to perform:

Develop model of IRM Eco-Tourism that consider with Fatuleu unique landscape with the consideration to its vulnerability to disasters (landslide, forest fire due to slash-and-burn agricultural practice, drought, etc), as well as their capacity at local level (knowledge on weaving patterns, local plant species, folklore of Fatuleu history, etc).
Develop a concept for capacity building for Kelompok Sadar Wisata (POKDARWIS) in Fatuleu areas to inject IRM concept and to develop guideline for this group on how to hosting their area with IRM perspectives.
Consult with local government to integrate IRM Eco-Tourism into District Tourism Master Plan (Rencana Induk Pariwisata Daerah—RIPDA).
Conduct coordination with provincial team of Tourism experts (Tim Ahli Pariwisata Provinsi NTT).

The consultant is expected to have in-depth study in the field with the participation of communities (especially village women groups) and work collaboratively with local government within 1 (one) month, then prepare and develop the IRM Eco-Tourism model in 2 (two) weeks, and to discuss with PfR team before final consultation with the local government to ensure IRM Eco-Tourism model integrated in government tourism program.


On the basis of the proposed time schedule outlined in these Terms of Reference, the consultant shall prepare a brief work plan. The work plan should set out the Consultant approach for conducting research activities. The period for the consultancy should not exceed 8 weeks starting with day of signing the agreement.


Consultation experience with National or International NGOs or government stakeholders
Understand well the policy process and implementation related to Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Climate Change Adaptation (CCA), Ecosystem Management Restoration (EMR), and Tourism
Experience in baseline study, evaluation, endline survey, action research, and community base desired
Good understanding on gender mainstreaming in policy
Strong attention to consistency, detail, and quality
Ability to write high quality, clear, and concise report in Bahasa Indonesia and English
Ability to respond to comments and questions in a timely and appropriate manner
Strong knowledge and understanding on local contexts preferably
Additional information

Interested applicant must submit the following documentation:

Comprehensive curriculum vitae of individual/team involve in the activities
Expression of interest outlining how the consultant meets the selection criteria and their understanding of the ToR methodology
A detailed implementation plan/technical proposal in accordance with the scope of work, expected outputs, and deliverables provided for herein
One recent example of similar report written by the applicant
YCP is an equal opportunity employer, women candidates are encouraged to apply. We offer collegial working environment and competitive salary and benefits package. Please note that relocation cost will not be covered.

Prospective consulting must provide the documents to ycp_recruitment @careind.or.id

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