Lowongan Consultant

Assignment: Consultant
Duration: 30 working days during  November 2019-January 2020
Location: Jakarta

One Vision Alliance (ASV) is a network of 20 non-governmental organizations which works in issues of Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) and Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) in 10 provinces of Indonesia.

During 2019, ASV temporarily closed its website and social media after received pressure and attacks from conservative groups. In order to response this attack and avoiding bigger damages for its member and SRHR movement, ASV board and the members agreed to minimize online present by shutting down its website and social media until end of 2019. In the beginning of 2020, ASV will relaunch its new branding and activate its website & social media for visibility purpose.

Therefore, ASV seeks individual consultant who has capability to develop rebranding concept and communication strategy for ASV.

The objective of the consultant is to develop communication strategy for different target group, through different communication media.

1.    ASV communication strategy document;
2.    Rebranding concept for ASV, including creating new logo;
3.    New design and printing of information-education communication(IEC) materials, including presentation format, leaflet, calendar, tote bag, notebook, and any printed promotion material;
4.    ASV concept for website and social media.

Consultancy methodology
The whole process should be carried out using participatory and consultative approach with the ASV Board and ASV Secretariat. The process will also include ASV members, other CSOs and networks, representative of stakeholders (Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Child Protection and Women Empowerment, BKKBN), religious and cultural leader  to give input on ASV branding. ASV will provide several internal document, such as Organizational Capacity Assessment result,  as analysis resources for consultant.

Roles and responsibilities of consultants
a.    Conduct situation analysis to review political condition related to SRHR
b.    Conduct analysis to review existing ASV images in internal and external level
c.    Decide communication target for 2021-2025
d.    Determine the communication requirements that must be met to support alliance vision;
e.    Conduct data collection from internal and external ASV to gain insight;
f.    Develop ASV communication strategy document, based on the situation and communication target;
g.    Develop ASV branding concept;
h.    Develop design and printing for IEC materials, based on the communication target;
i.    Develop implementation plan for website and social media;

Criteria for consultants needed:
a.    Minimum education at the undergraduate level in communication, journalism, design graphic or other relevant field with a minimum of 5 years experience;
b.    Experienced in developing communication strategy non-government organizations;
c.    Experienced in working with government and non-governmental organizations, especially organizations that are engaged in SRHR and SGBV issues;
d.    Have a good understanding and human rights-based perspective towards SRHR and SGBV issues;
e.    Good interpersonal skills, open with input, and able to work in teams;
f.    Ability to write excellent reports;

Consultant is expected to start the consultancy work on 25thNovember. The deadline for final communication strategy document, IEC material, website and social media activation is the end of January 2019, with target as followed:
a.    Desk review, proposal and work plan to be submitted 1 weeks from the signing of the contract (3 working days);
b.    Data collection report from internal and external to be submitted 3 weeks after desk review (7 working days);
c.    Communication strategy document and branding concept (new logo included), to be submitted maximum 2 weeks after data collection report (10 working days);
d.    Final logo, IEC material design, website and media social concept, to be submitted two weeks after communication strategy document reported (10 working days);

How to register

a.    Send the following documents to e-mail: secretariat@satuvisi.org indicates the position of the Communication Strategy Consultant
i.    Cover letter (cover or motivation letter)
ii.    CV
iii.    Reference of at least 2 people (name, position, institution, e-mail, cellphone)
iv.    Examples of communication strategy (if not confidential) or any relevant portofolio

b.    Submit applications before Monday, November 15 2019

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