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I. Position Information

Job code title:    Research Consultant for The Database on Human Rights Defenders related to Natural Resources in Indonesia

Department:    Democratic, Justice. Governance and Regionalization     

Starts from:    January 2020 – March 2020

Report to:    Team Leader               

Partnership for Governance Reform (Kemitraan) has signed a Contribution Agreement with The Embassy of The Kingdom of The Netherlands to implement a program in Protecting Human Rights Defenders for Sustainable Development in Indonesia. The overall goals of the program are to improve regulation/policy on the protection of human rights defenders in environment sector, improve protection mechanism for human rights defenders in environment sector and capacitate civil society who are working in the environment sector through increased activity in promoting and advancing human rights.

The scope of the program includes, among other things: creating a database on human rights defender related to natural resources in Indonesia. This database will provide and receive data interactively and continue to develop over time about the protection of attacks/threats/intimidation/criminalization on the disclosers of crimes/human rights defenders related to natural resources in Indonesia. Thus, the database will be an open source of learning and references on human rights defenders.

The database will include data such as, but not limited to: 1) profile of human rights defenders who experienced attacks/threats/intimidation/criminalization; 2) trend analysis of the protection of disclosers of crimes related to natural resources; 3) public campaign products; 4) public education material; 5) learning materials for community of human rights defenders; and 6) public complaints channels that can be accessed by human rights defenders.

Kemitraan’s program policy fully recognizes gender equality and promotes gender mainstreaming as important components to ensure the achievement of stronger, sustainable and responsive system to a greater percentage of the population. Kemitraan believes that gender mainstreaming is crucial in the program approaches and key to successful achievement of the program which aims to bring positive impact to both women and men and to facilitate their equal participation in the process of justice sector reform, human rights and democracy. Therefore, in creating the database, Kemitraan will ensure that gender mainstreaming will be adopted thoroughly.

To create the database, Kemitraan is recruiting research consultant who will conduct initial assessment for the database on human rights defenders related to natural resources.

II. Job Purposes

The main activity that will be conducted by the consultant is conducting needs assessment research in the creation of database on human rights defenders related to natural resources. The needs assessment will require the consultant to:

 v  Identify main beneficiaries of the database on human rights defenders related to natural resources;

 v  Identify the main beneficiaries’ needs on the database on human rights defenders related to natural resources;

 v  Provide recommendations of appropriate type of database in accordance to the main beneficiaries and their needs;

 v  Provide recommendations in managing the database;

 v  Ensure that gender perspective can be implemented in creating the database;

 v  Come up with recommendations on the sustainability strategies in managing the database;

 v  Provide other necessary information as needed by the program team.

 In conducting the needs assessment, consultant will perform activities as follow:

 v  Mapping of beneficiaries through desk review and interview;

 v  Mapping the needs of the beneficiaries through online and offline interview;

 v  Creating questionnaire for the purpose of collecting information if needed;

 v  Creating sustainability plan for the system through comparative studies on existing system (e.g. National Violence Monitoring System 2014, etc.);

 v  Ensuring gender perspective is applied in the creation of database on human rights defender;

 v  Conducting observations, interviews and situational analysis regarding the needs of beneficiaries of the database;

 v  Coordinating and working together with HRD team and other consultants/national experts;

 v  Conducting other supports related to the needs assessment of the database.

III. Principal Accountabilities

Conducting needs assessment research on the database on human rights defenders related to natural resources. He/She/They will work together with Human Rights Defenders Team for Protection of Human Rights Defenders for Sustainable Development in Indonesia. He/She/They will also be working closely with the national experts in the Human Rights Defenders project, and ensuring that gender perspective is enforced in the research.

IV. Deliverables

Needs assessment report on the database on human rights defenders related to natural resources.

V. Time Frame

Duration: 2 months

Days: 10 days per month (maximum)

VI. Qualifications

Education:  Minimum Bachelor degree (S1) in social science, politics, law or other subject of relevance.

1.            Experience:

 a)      More than 5 years of relevant experience is required at the national level on the field of conducting research and or assessment alike;

 b)      Have sufficient knowledge regarding human rights issue in local, national and international level;

 c)      Have had experience in collaborating with Non-Governmental Organizations;

 d)      Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages, knowledge of spreadsheet;

 e)      Experience in cooperating with multi-stakeholders such as government agencies, civil society organizations, social-political figures, and grassroots communities, as well as donors;

 f)      Experience and skills in facilitating the development of multi-stakeholders for a both at the national and local levels.

2.            Skills:

 v  Skillful in accomplishing both programmatic quality assurance as well as procedural and administrative accountability;

 v  Well-developed analytical and presentation skills;

 v  Clear commitment to governance reform especially in the area of gender perspective;

 v  Have excellent skill in report writing and the use of ICT;

 v  Good interpersonal skills, especially in dealing with personalities in the governments, local communities and other agencies;

 v  Humble in character and patient in listening to stakeholders is a must;

 v  Fluency in English with excellent verbal and drafting skills;

 v  Have availability to carry out necessary travel assignment;

 v  Team player, able to work respectfully and cooperatively with colleagues of different nationalities and cultural background.

How to apply:

Please send you application letter and resume to:  recruitment@kemitraan.or.id <mailto:recruitment@kemitraan.or.id
Put the position in the subject of your email
Only shortlisted candidate will be contacted.
 Application is to be received at the latest by: 6 December 2019

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