Lowongan USAID Jalin - Bidan Delima Program Field Assessment Team

Bidan Delima Program Field Assessment Team
(Clinical Specialists & Public Health Professionals)

1.    Background

The USAID Jalin Project (hereafter referred to as “Jalin” or the “Project”) is a five-year initiative implemented by DAI Global, LLC and its consortium of partners – IntraHealth, Vital Strategies, and Market Share Associates – to work with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Government of Indonesia, Ministry of Health (MoH) towards the following results:

1)    Improved maternal and newborn health (MNH) quality of care in public and private, and primary and secondary facilities, at scale; and

2)    Improved efficiency and effectiveness of the emergency referral system at community and facility levels, at scale.

Jalin was initiated in September 2017 and is aimed at contributing to national objectives to accelerate reduction of maternal and newborn mortality. Indonesia’s maternal and newborn mortality rates are among the highest in the region and have stagnated in recent years. With rates far above the country’s Sustainable Development Goals targets, the President of Indonesia has recently reconfirmed that reducing maternal and newborn mortality is a top priority for the GOI.

USAID Jalin is focused on addressing the main causes of maternal and newborn deaths, in close collaboration with key stakeholders and in alignment with GOI priorities. The Project is currently working in six provinces in partnership with the MOH, provincial and district health offices, local government, professional organizations, health service providers, civil society, and the private sector.

In the year 3 workplan, Jalin will work with private midwives primarily through partnering with Ikan Bidan Indonesia (IBI) – Indonesia Midwifes Association to strengthen systems for building and sustaining the competencies and quality of care provided by private midwives.  The desired outcome would be to enable these providers to better deliver maternal and newborn services along the continuum of care and to adeptly identify, manage and refer emergency maternal and newborn complications when required.
2.    Purpose

Through this partnership with IBI, Jalin will contract a team of consultants to review the status of the Bidan Delima program.  The Bidan Delima program, led by IBI, is a certification program that aims to improve quality of care of private midwifery services through a quality assurance process.  The review of the program will include clinical quality of care, mentoring/certification, JKN enrollment and its business model to develop recommendations for an enhanced Bidan Delima program model. The assessment will take place on a national level and in select provinces. The Field Assessment Team (consisting of teams to include: one (1) clinical specialist, one (1) public health/ researcher, one (1) notetaker) will conduct clinical and programmatic assessments of the Bidan Delima program in select provinces. To gain an understanding of the quality of care provided at Bidan Delima clinics and the added value of the program, Non-Bidan Delima clinics and midwives will be assessed and intervi
ewed for comparison. Note multiple field assessment teams will be recruited.

The Field Assessment Team is responsible to conduct the assessment of Bidan Delima and Non-Bidan Delima clinics and through Focus Group Discussions to learn about the perception, barriers and opportunities of the Bidan Delima program. There will be one Field Assessment Team assigned per province.  Note multiple field assessment teams will be recruited for this opportunity.
3.    Scope of Work

The consultants are responsible for the following specific tasks:

·       Clinical and knowledge assessment of Bidan Delima and Non Bidan Delima midwives using case studies and models as needed <>
·      Assessment of the facility readiness including supply chain management, data management, facility structure, infection prevention of both, Bidan Delima and Non-Bidan Delima clinics
·      Conduct Focus Group Discussions following the Bidan Delima Methodology and using the assessment tools
·      Written assessment report on findings and recommendations
·      Support additional requests from the Field Assessment Lead

4.    Period of Performance and Level of Effort

Period of performance: Mid/Late November – December 31, 2019
LOE: Up to 25 days (possible weekend work required)
Travel: Willingness to travel in Indonesia and select provinces
5.    Skills and experiences

Clinical Specialist
·      Clinical training as Midwife or medical doctor (ideally Obstetrician/ gynecologist)
·      A minimum of 5 years clinical work experience in obstetrics
·      Previous experience in clinical mentoring, supervision, audit preferred
·      Prior experience in conducting similar assessments
·      Experience in conducting / supporting a Focus Group Discussion
·      Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and competent in writing in English

Public Health Professional
·      A degree in public health or similar and a minimum of 5 years work experience in the field
·      Experience in conducting program assessments preferably in the field of maternal/ neonatal health
·      Experience in leading focus group discussions
·      Willingness to travel in Indonesia and work as required (if needed also on the weekend)
·      Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and competent in writing in English

6.    Deliverables

Data collection findings and preliminary assessment report regarding clinical and programmatic findings
1 week after assessment

Final assessment report incorporating any feedback from draft review
2 weeks after assessment

7.    Reporting:

The Field Assessment Team will report to the Field Assessment Lead with oversight from the Jalin Technical Lead.

8.    Application instructions

Interested and qualified applicants should send a cover letter and CV by November 28, 2019 to indonesiamnh@dai.com <mailto:indonesiamnh@dai.com> with “Clinical Specialist or Public Health Professional for Bidan Delima Assessment” in the subject line.

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