Lowongan Yayasan CELEBICA

Yayasan CELEBICA is currently seeking to hire an Operations Manager, to be based in  Manado/Sulawesi, with frequent travel to Jakarta/Bogor/other field sites.

Founded in 2017 by a group of scientists and environmental activists Yayasan CELEBICA’s mission is to establish long term partnerships with local communities, district and provincial Governments in Sulawesi and across Indonesia to develop projects and programs that support and sustain the protection of threatened habitats and species, alongside the development of sustainable economic livelihoods for rural communities.

At the heart of CELEBICA’s mission is recognition of the importance of collaboration with different partners, and in particular the private sector. As such, CELEBICA seeks partnerships, both financial and technical, with private companies, public funds or Foundations, both domestic and international, to achieve its goals.

While there is potential for expansion to new geographies in Indonesia in the future, CELEBICA is currently developing a series of innovative activities in Sulawesi (Bolaang Mongondow District), North Sulawesi), including: 1) private sector collaborations that support commodity production and land/seascape protection; 2) the development of nature tourism projects and partnerships with Indonesian and international groups; and 3) the community co-management of forest areas under CELEBICA management to reduce deforestation, amongst other activities. These activities are centred around approximately 400ha of forest and agricultural land and beaches under CELEBICA management that act as habitat for a number of Sulawesi’s endemic and threatened species. The land also has productive clove, fruit and coconut plantations, and potential for a wide variety of agricultural crops. One core strategy of CELEBICA is to explore how the sustainable production of agricultural crops in these areas cou
ld support conservation activities on the ground. As a new Yayasan, there is considerable potential for the organisation to expand significantly beyond these initial baseline activities. 


The Operations Manager is a key position needed to manage all general operations related to the above activities. The post holder will report directly to the Chairman of Yayasan CELEBICA (Ketua Yayasan CELEBICA). He/she will manage CELEBICA general operations (finance/business development/administration/human resources). He/she also will be generally responsible to ensure that administrative, financial & program implementation of CELEBICA meets operational and donor requirements, and Government of Indonesia regulations.

The position will be based in Manado, but with frequent travel to Bolaang Mongondow Selatan District. CELEBICA’s field sites are remote and difficult to access, and the candidate is expected to be comfortable with extended travel to rural locations in Indonesia and occasionally difficult working conditions.

Specific tasks include:

1.      Setup and maintain the financial, personnel and administration systems for CELEBICA, to ensure its efficiency functions to meet the standard of transparency and accountability that meet national standards for Yayasan. Then undertake regular reviews of internal control procedures, monitoring of cash-flow, report any identified internal control weaknesses and suggest remedial actions whenever necessary to Ketua Yayasan CELEBICA .

2.      Oversee financial management, reporting and administration functions for CELEBICA, and address issues as they arise, to ensure CELEBICA financial management and accounting procedures meet best practice standards, following CELEBICA’s operations manual, as required by donors, or at least in accordance to Indonesian accounting standard, PSAK 45 (financial report for non-profit entity) and consulting with donors (if applicable) as needed to ensure this.

3.      Mitigate fiduciary risks to CELEBICA through provisions for stronger accounting evidence, audit trails and procedures, through stronger financial management processes undertaken between projects, business unit, and other management functions.

4.      Setup and then supervise the HR system to ensure good practices in human resources management, which are employee-oriented, creating high performance culture that emphasizes empowerment, quality, productivity and standards, goal attainment, and open and fair recruitment.

5.      Setup and then supervise administrative officers in the implementation of asset, equipment and supplies procurement in a cost-effective manner, and that supplies and equipment are inventoried, issued and used in accordance with established procedures. This will include property insurance, security, official transport, travels & other common office services.

Business Units Development & Asset Management

6.      Support in setup CELEBICA’s long, mid and short term business plan and proposals, including translating CELEBICA’s vision and mission as approved by Board of Trustee into feasible sets of programs/business unit, preparing and presenting the detailed work plan, at least once a year (annually) as required by Law.

7.      Lead CELEBICA team in preparing initial proposal and grants/contract development to all donors, to coordinate its submission and follow up.

8.      Oversee day to day program & business unit implementation and timely preparation of the CELEBICA annual budget, to ensure inclusion of all financial information and appropriate levels of management, accounting, and administrative and related office costs are built in, to be approved by Board of Trustee.

9.      Setup business unit development, maintain service provision to donor/clients, then lead the liaison with business partners, clients, donors, auditors (from donor or government) and provide key support to Ketua Yayasan CELEBICA .

10.  Setup a comprehensive asset list, and ensure its eligibility and legal compliance, including coordination with Lawyer/Notary/PPAT/BPN in regards to CELEBICA assets management.

11.  Preparation of quarter annual asset management reports to Ketua Yayasan CELEBICA for review, ensure CELEBICA to have regular follow-up meetings to determine the effectiveness of work-plans

12.  Any all other work assignments, duties, and/or functions as Ketua Yayasan CELEBICA or Board of Trustee may designate or instruct in the course of its operation, which may include assignments, duties, and/or functions that vary from the above.

Position Requirements

·        Minimum of a Bachelors degree in business management, or related areas, or experience equivalent to this qualification.
·        Minimum of 5 years post qualification experience. Experience in grant/contract administration is desirable, and/or related experience in the private sector.
·        Demonstrated knowledge of grant and contract compliance. Experience of major NGO donors is desirable.
·        Communicate effectively in English both orally and in writing is a must.
·        Ability to perform well as a member of a multi-disciplinary, multi-national team, perform effectively under time pressure and to meet deadlines.
·        Strong interpersonal skills, an ability to work well with a wide variety of people in a team setting.
·        Solid computer skills with respect to e-communication and spreadsheet modeling.
·        Experience with automated financial management systems, either for business/profit or non-profit entity.

Interested applicants can send a CV and covering letter to celebicayayasan@gmail.com <mailto:celebicayayasan@gmail.com> . The job will be filled when a suitable applicant is found, so interested applicants are encouraged to apply directly, and definitely before 31 December 2019.

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