Call for consultancy: Manual Development for Conflict Management Training - Life Management Training for Parole Officers - Search for Common Ground

Consultancy: Manual Development for Conflict Management Training - Life Management Training for Parole Officers

Search for Common Ground (SFCG)Indonesia invites applications from individual consultants, firms, and organizations to provide services to create and develop a manual for Conflict Management Training & Life Management Training (CMT-LMT), which is a capacity building approach for individuals or group to strengthen knowledge and skills for conflict resolution and daily life management, for parole officers' purpose.

The manual will be based on an existing manual for the “CMT-LMT Manual for High-risk Inmates” published by SFCG Indonesia since 2009.

Search Indonesia

Search for Common Ground (Search) is an international peace building organization that promotes the peaceful transformation of violent conflicts. Search has a mission to transform how individuals, organizations, and governments deal with conflict- away from adversarial approaches and toward cooperative solutions. Search seeks to help conflicting parties understand their differences and act on their commonalities. Search implements projects from 56 offices in 35 countries, including in Africa, Asia,Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and the United States.

Search has been working in Indonesia since 2002 and is implementing programs in conflict transformation, peace building, prison reform, conflict-sensitive journalism, electoral participation and initiatives with youth, media,government agencies, informal religious leaders and women’s groups across the country.


Since July 2018, Search for Common Ground Indonesia, in collaboration Management Systems International(MSI) and Love Frankie, has been implementing Harmoni, which seeks to increase the resilience of Indonesian society to intolerance and violent extremism (VE)by supporting communities, migrants and key institutions to increase their awareness of related risks and to develop more effective tools and systems to bolster tolerance and counter the appeal of VE organizations (VEOs),reintegrate former VEO members and supporters, and support migrants. As a part of the collaboration, Search could implement CVE activities which emphasize on promoting peaceful messages through journalism and use of medias, trainings for DGC officers, and CSO network building for CVE efforts.

Furthermore, Search for Common Ground Indonesia and Harmoni also supports the capacity building of government institutions and civil society organizations in the process of rehabilitation and reintegration of former terrorist inmates and former ISIS deportees from Syria and surrounding areas.On the support for government institutions in the issue of rehabilitation and reintegration of terrorist convicts, Search for Common Ground Indonesia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Directorate General of Penitentiary (DGC) of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia which has been in effect since August 2018. In the memorandum, Search for Common Ground Indonesia is committed in continuing the support for DGC on the implementation of Conflict Management Training and Life Management Training(CMT-LMT), which has been implemented by Search in many DGC capacity building programs since 2009.

So far, the training modules and curriculum compiled are still general in nature or focused on application in correctional institutions,or in directorates that are related to the guidance function in correctional institutions. To further strengthen technical support for DGC and the technical implementation units (Unit Pelaksana Teknis – UPT) under its umbrella, Search,through the Harmoni Program, will compile CMT-LMT guidelines which are more focused on handling clients who undergo parole processes. For this purpose,Search seeks to reconstruct a CMT-LMT manual focused on the reintegration of former terrorist convicts, especially those who are still in the parole process.

Key Responsibilities

The selected Consultant(s) must perform the following tasks:

A.     Developing CMT-LMT Manual for Parole Officers (PK-Bapas)

The existing CMT-LMT Manual for high-risk inmates developed by SFCG Indonesia has been used by Directorate General of Correction (DGC) since 2011 and considered as one of the key capacity building activities for both high-risk inmates and penitentiary wardens especially for disengagement from violent-extremism. Due to the strategic shifting in correctional approach from the government, which would put Bapas as the focal point in correction, the efforts would also shif towards PK-Bapas capacity to manage client’s cases. The selected consultant(s)must develop the new manual for PK-Bapas usage based on the already established manual for high-risk inmates.

B.     Consign the Manual with stakeholders from DGC

To gain acknowledgment from the main user if this manual, the DGC, the selected consultant(s) must conduct a consignment meeting with DGC. In this meeting, the first draft of the developed Manual will be open for discussion for its strengths and challenges.The selected consultant must also make sure that the DGC delegation that will be invited for the meeting is suitable for the purpose.

C.     Piloting the Manual

The Consultant(s) will support DGC and selected Bapas officers for the piloting of the already drafted and revised manual. The result of the piloting activities should be used to revised anything that necessary for the perfection of the manual. There will be also another separated narrative reports about the piloting activities.

D.     Reporting,printing, and distribution

The Consultant(s) must deliver a final narrative report regarding the Manual development process. The Consultant(s) will be responsible for preparing the design and layout of the Manual, and will deliver the Manual to Search in a print-ready format. The Consultant(s) will also make sure that the Manual is printed and distributed to selected parties discussed by tripartite of SFCG Indonesia, selected consultant(s), and DGC.


1.       1 (one) Inception report consisting of:

o   The chapter list of the would-be-developed Manual

o   Project timeline

o   Final budget

2.       1 (one) print-ready (including layout and design) CMT-LMT Manual for parole officer’s that has been          approved by Search;

3.       Facilitating 1 (one) Consignment Meeting with DGC delegation. This includes the delivery of:

o   1(one) meeting note with attendance list

4.       Facilitating 1 (one) piloting training activity for the Manual implementation to Bapas officers. This              includes the delivery of:

o   1(one) activity report

o   Pre and post-test results

o   Attendance list

5.      Print and distribute 15 (fifteen) CMT-LMT Manuals to selected parties;

6.       1 (one) final report consisting of, at minimum:

o   A narrative report of the manual development process

o   The challenges, lessons learned, and recommendations


Application deadline

6 December 2019

Signing contract
 13 December 2019
 Manual approved by SFCG Indonesia
 10 January 2020

16-17 January 2020

Manual & reports distribution
31 January 2020


The schedule of payment of the consultancy fee is as follows:

1.     75%will be paid upon approval of the Inception Report.

2.     25%will be paid upon completion and approval of the Final Report (in English)

No Final Payment will be made until the Final Report is approved by Search Indonesia’s Country Director and Program Manager.

Supervision of the Consultant

The consultant will work under the Search – Indonesia Program Manager in collaboration with program staff.


  - Experience in training module development and/or adaptation;
  - Applied experience in working with central government institutions, especially directorate generals under the Ministry of Law and Human Rights
  - Proven record of facilitating training activities. Proven prior exposure to Search’s CMT-LMT trainings would be considered as plus.

Term of Consultancy:

13 December 2019 – 31 January 2020

To apply

Interested candidates should send a technical proposal (including proposed deliverables),financial proposal (detailing the cost calculations), CV of the module development and facilitator team, and similar past experience to, cc by5 December 2019. Short-listed offerors will be invited for further discussion about the proposed approach.

Interested applicants may direct further inquiries regarding the existing CMT-LMT Manual to, cc Telephone calls and office visits for inquiries are not entertained.

Only applicants invited for an interview will be contacted. No phone calls, please. Please see our website


SFCG Team (

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