F2F Booth Design and Production

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F2F Booth Design and Production

1.  Introduction
In 2019, Save the Children Indonesia Face to Face (F2F) programme had approximately 100 fundraisers from 8 cities that focus on the increasing quality donor in the venue. In-line with the growth of Face to Face team, Save the Children Indonesia-Member Country initiate new fundraising approach that aimed not only to deal with the quality venue but also to get a long-term partnership with the venue by providing an attractive booth that can be complied with the venue's standard.
As Face to Face (F2F) Fundraising becoming more competitive, FRMC department aimed to win the market by providing an attractive Face to Face Fundraising booth-set. The booth is an essential part of Face to Face fundraising, not only as a stopping tool but also as Save the Children brand visibility.
Thus, to deal with quality and long term partnership venue, Save the Children Indonesia-Member Country needs to provide a diversified booth. We are looking at the best quality of suppliers that can assist us in delivering our goals.

1.  Objectives
The objective of this request is to design and produce sets of competitive, quality and innovative booth for F2F Regular and One off Team. The appearance should be different, unique and attractive from the other.

1.  Deliverables
A.      Creative and Multifunction booth design and production.
B.      Multifunction design able to: pop-up construction and portable design, ease for handling purposes (loading and unloading).
C.      Set of different activity that can be used by fundraiser to attract people and interact with them. This should include in technicality:
1 (One) set of Booth Design for F2F Regular Team:
a)      Photo exhibition's booth usable as table and material storage
b)      Wheel of fortune
c)      Multimedia Box: with TV screen inside
d)      Save the Children frame logo
e)      Levelled floor
f)        Indoor used only
g)      4 (four) sets production and delivered to Medan, Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Surabaya (4 sets)

1 Design Booth for F2F One Off Team:
a)      Indoor and outdoor purpose of usage
b)      Colourful Cartwheel functions as display of Save the Children Indonesia-Member Country merchandises
c)      With lockable wheel
d)      Usable to store all of team material
e)      Portable tent for outdoor area
f)        2 (two) sets production to be delivered to Bandung and Bali teams (2 Sets)

Booth materials including its levelled floor should be made of high quality, solid and light wood, durable material for the purpose of ease loading and unloading process. One tone/theme designs & productions can be used separately or all in one depend on the situation and demand from building management.

1.  Supplier Competencies
Qualified company that interested to this opportunity is kindly advised to submit the Expressions of Interest to YSTC by addressing the followings:
1.      An outline of the proposed design (not the design).
2.      Budget proposed.
3.      Examples of at least two designs or studies produced in English
4.      Profile of company including the complete company credentials consisted of:
*        Deed of Establishment
*        Domicile Certificate of Company/Foundation,
*        Company/Foundation Registration Certificate  (TDP)
*        Company/Foundation Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP).
*        Company/Foundation Business Permit (SIUPP).
*        Taxable Enterprise Confirmation Letter (SKPPKP)-if any.

Company certified signatory on YSTC's Procurement policies of:
1.      YSTC-Child Safeguarding Policy
2.      YSTC-Anti Corruption and Bribery Policy.
3.      YSTC-Inter-Agency Procurement Group Ethical Code

YTSC will not consider Expressions of Interest that do not cover below requirements.
a.      Have strong and good experiences in designing and production for exhibition material or booth exhibition, will be a plus if the vendor have experienced in handling charity exhibition.
b.      Have in-house design and production workshop
c.      At the end of production, the vendor should be available (by phone or email) for setting up and out the booth in the venue.
d.      Able to work in a tight deadline

1.  Submission
Please submit questions and proposal electronically by December 12, 2019, 5 pm Jakarta time at the latest to procurement.indonesia@savethechildren.org<mailto:procurement.indonesia@savethechildren.org> with "Booth Design & Production" as the subject of the email.

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