(for inclusion in Organization/ HR Regulation)

CBM is an international development organization whose primary purpose is to improve the quality of life of the world's poorest persons with disabilities and those at risk of disability. CBM works with partner organizations in low income countries to both develop and ensure that persons with disabilities and their families have ready access to affordable and comprehensive health care and rehabilitation programmes, quality education programmes and livelihood opportunities. Working with persons with disabilities, CBM advocates for their inclusion in all aspects of society, and for the inclusion of disability in international cooperation.
CBM is in the process of reviewing and finalizing the evaluation of the current Organisation/ HR handbook. The current handbook is officially registered on Manpower Office for 2-year period until 6 November 2019. For the renewal, CBM requires a proportional review to ensure its clarity, accountability, and relevancy.
One critical part that remain outstanding is the updating of the job evaluation and salary structure system. It is important for CBM to provide salaries that are reasonable and competitive with the local employment market in the same or similar (development) sector.
CBM in international office mandates the local offices to follow annual salary survey from Birches and amend on the local salary structure. However, there's a discrepancy between the definition of one position in one country to the other. Hence, the report does not give the extension clarity needed by the office.
Therefore, CBM Indonesia requires a job evaluation and pay structure to ensure that CBM's compensation plan is consistent with its compensation philosophy.
CBM seek for a Professional HR Consultant to support CBM in this matter and to develop a job evaluation and compensation system that ensures clarity, transparency and fairness across the range of positions available at CBM Indonesia.


1.  Clarity and transparency on the updated Job Evaluation.

2.  Objective way of remuneration, comparable to the local employment market in same or similar sector (Birches salary survey reference)

3.  Growth possibilities (minimum and maximum salaries).


1.  Job Evaluation report

2.  Comprehensive pay structure.

Time Frame:

Jan - February 2020


1.  At least a HR Bachelor 's degree is required; relevant MBA or Master's Degree is desired.

2.  Professional experience of at least 5 years as HR professional, in INGO sector will be an advantage.

3.  Country compensation and benefits management professional experience, proficiency knowledge on UU 13,2003.

4.  Familiar with Birches Salary Survey method.

5.  Expertise analytical and problem-solving skills, time management and organizational skills

6.  Proven writing and presentation skills.

7.  Expertise in English and Indonesian language skills (both written and spoken)

CBM is a child-safe organization.  The future job holder adheres to CBM's staff commitments and CBM's Child Safeguarding Policy; he or she must be able to provide a certificate of good conduct or equivalent.
Application Submission
The candidate should send the interest letter, methodology, CV and financial quotation by email to<>  no later than 20 December 2019. Woman and/or person with disability are encouraged to apply.

If you need further details on the scopes, tasks and responsibilities, send us your request for details by email, stating "Request for Details - HR Consultant" on the subject of the email.

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