Employment Opportunity: NSLIC/NSELRED Project Knowledge Management and Communication Officer (KMCO)


The National Support for Enhancing Local and Regional Economic Development (NSELRED) is a program of cooperation between the Indonesian government, through the National Development Planning Agency, and the Canadian government, through Global Affairs Canada (GAC). NSLIC/NSELRED Project will be implemented for 6 (six) years from 2016 to 2022 and aims to increase employment and incomes for poor men and women in Indonesia by improving the investment climate and supporting business development

The objective of the NSLIC/NSELRED Project is to contribute towards an increase of job opportunities and income for the poor, both for men and women. Through this objective, the project aims to support governmental efforts in:

(a) Overcoming barriers regarding regulations/licensing in support of the investment climate;

(b) Promoting cooperation in business, both in the regional and national levels;

(c) Supporting the national government’s role in local and regional economic development;

(d) Increasing access to business development services for Cooperatives and MSMEs.

For sustainability after the project, knowledge management activities will be undertaken to record lessons-learned and good practices, and to transfer knowledge from the project to relevant stakeholders at local and national levels.
NSLIC/NSELRED has two types of activities:

1.  Technical assistance for government and institutions at the national and sub-national level in two selected provinces: Southeast Sulawesi Province and Gorontalo Province and focussing on 10 districts/municipalities: Kendari City, Baubau City, Bombana District, Wakatobi District, and Konawe Selatan District in Southeast Sulawesi, and Gorontalo City, Gorontalo District, Gorontalo Utara District, Powuhatu District and Boalemo District in Gorontalo Province.

2.  Responsive Innovation Fund (RIF) to be applied in 18 selected areas out of 39 Rural Areas as the National priorities (KPPN according to RPJMN 2015-2019 and 2020-2024) of Growth Centers for Increasing Linkages between Urban and Rural Areas.

According to PMF 1311.7: Knowledge Management and linkages with other governance initiatives, it is necessary to collect, package, and disseminate information, knowledge, and best practices related to NSLIC/NSELRED activities.


·       Capturing stories of change, learning and good practices for project activities.

·       Produce learning and communications materials in each area of project intervention through Developing publications; project technical documents, infosheets, infographics, etc.

·       Support and facilitate knowledge collection, management and sharing.

·       Provide advice and input to help improve the layout, production and dissemination of knowledge products produced by NSLIC, and as appropriate, by NSLIC partners.

·       Contribute to preparation of certain knowledge products via editing, review, desktop publishing or other assigned tasks.

·       Assist in the production of knowledge products (e.g. case studies, lessons learned, publications etc.) with team members, helping to coordinate editorial teams to review knowledge products and overseeing their production (translation, lay-out, printing, etc.).

·       Provide logistical support to local partners and/or consultants to produce and disseminate NSLIC-designed knowledge products.

·       Provide logistical support for production and distribution of internal and external publications (annual report, journals, best practices, newsletters).

·       Logistical support (arrangements, administration, documentation) to facilitate planning and implementation of knowledge management events.

·       Assist in writing and distributing press release/news/articles for periodic publications within the coordination with Bappenas and GAC

·       Support the program team in coordinating the news media/outlet on preparation and during the press conference sessions.

·       Increasing the quality and quantity of media coverage both at local and national levels.     

·       Maintain and update NSLIC website content (text, photos, links, etc.) and redesigning the project’s website to optimize the communication/dissemination of information and project profiling;

·       Actively managing social media to share project activities, progress and impacts;

·       Ensuring all project publications are in accordance with project, client and donor standards and specifications

·       Developing the LRED Dashboard as a ‘knowledge hub’ or information center in Indonesia;

o    Knowledge sharing and managing information networks, among others through;
Public Relations Department of the Ministry of PPN/Bappenas, technical ministries and local governments;

o    Related parties such as universities, private parties, associations, INGOs and NGOs, etc. both at the national and regional levels;

o    Knowledge exchange networks such as Knowledge Sector Initiative (KSI) and relevant institutions;

o    Local and national media networks and journalists.

·       Participating public awareness events, expo, forums, etc. and developing attractive visibility items and materials to boost project profile

·       Managing the storage for project documents/data and encouraging strategic dissemination of project-related information

·       Update, improve and maintain a data base for project photographs, videos and media publications.


The Knowledge Products will include:

·       Info-sheets, infographics, lessons learned, best practices, local champions, BDSPs profiles, website articles, social media posts, multimedia, case studies etc.;

·       Press releases

·       Well designed technical Guidelines, training modules, tools, etc.;

·       Well designed reports on regulations, priority economic sectors, gender, environment, governance;

·       LRED Dashboard

·       Multimedia (video, education and training products, visibility items, etc.)


The contract will start from April 1st, 2020 until March 30th, 2021


To respond to this position, send your CV to admin@nslic.or.id latest by March 9, 2020 at 5PM Jakarta time with NSLIC/NSELRED Project - KMCO on the subject line of the email.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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