Lowongan Consultant – Inclusive ACTIP Implementation (ASEAN-AUSTRALIA COUNTER TRAFFICKING)


Consultant – Inclusive ACTIP Implementation

Terms of Reference

About the organisation

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About the program:

ASEAN–Australia Counter Trafficking (ASEAN-ACT) continues Australia’s long running collaboration with ASEAN and its member states to end human trafficking in our region. The program will principally work on strengthening the justice sector response to human trafficking, while opening up new partnerships with allied government agencies, civil society and business. It will engage all 10 ASEAN Member States in some capacity and will continue national-level programming in Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Program Outcomes

The overarching goal that ASEAN-ACT will contribute to is that ASEAN member states have effective justice systems that provide just punishment of traffickers and protect the rights of victims. Three end-of-program outcomes (EOPOs) together contribute to the achievement of this goal by 2028:
EOPO1: ASEAN’s planning, monitoring and reporting of ACTIP implementation is increasingly effective and advances the protection of victim rights.
EOPO2: ASEAN member state justice and related state agencies are increasingly capable of implementing their ACTIP obligations, in particular those that uphold victim rights.
EOPO3: ASEAN member state justice and related state agencies’ policies and practices are influenced by relevant stakeholders and better aligned with ACTIP, especially in connection to victim rights obligations.

ASEAN-ACT is engaging a consultant to support the design and delivery of a partner mapping diagnostic. The diagnostic is intended to capture strategic and influential organisations and individuals at regional and national level in 7 ASEAN Member States. This diagnostic will support the implementation of ASEAN-ACT's Equality and Inclusion (GESI) Strategy and Victim Rights (VR) Strategy and the achievement of EOPO 2 and 3.


The objective of this consultancy is to support the achievement of inclusive public policy processes to improve ACTIP implementation, with the specific objective of conducting foundational work to maximise the engagement of stakeholders from outside the justice sector with the justice officials responsible for trafficking in persons policy and reform processes to reinforce better implementation of victim rights and advance key equality and inclusion issues in trafficking in persons at national and regional levels.

Areas of Responsibility

At the direction of ASEAN-ACT Inclusion and Victim Rights Director (IVRD), the consultant is responsible for: 
Conducting partner mapping in 7 ASEAN member states in order to identify and assess key influential organisations and individuals including civil society, other development programs and forward-thinking businesses who have robust governance and rights-based approaches with respect to the protection of victims, equality and inclusion;
Lead the development of a Do-No Harm Checklist to support implementation of the program’s do-no harm approach and contribute to the monitoring of the program’s implementation, ensuring that it causes no harm in its activities and its relationships.
Work consultatively and collaboratively with the ASEAN-ACT Country Manager/Teams to collate data/information relevant to the purpose of assignment, conduct interviews/meetings with local stakeholders, follow protocol and consider sensitivities.
Conduct validation workshops, with the support of the IVRD and Country Manager/Teams, to present draft findings to relevant partners
Incorporate inputs and feedback gathered during the validation workshops prior to submission to ASEAN-ACT for final review and approval
Incorporate final revisions from ASEAN-ACT and provide a final document to the IVRD
Other duties as requested

ASEAN-ACT will provides the following assistance to the Consultant:
Sharing any existing materials relevant to the subject matter.
Provide support in arranging meetings/interviews with relevant stakeholders 
Arrange translation services
Provide logistic and administrative support
Provide working space within the available premises of the ASEAN-ACT Country Offices during field visits and at the ASEAN-ACT regional office.
Expected Outputs

The Consultant is expected to deliver the following outputs:
Partner mapping diagnostic proposed methodology and work plan including proposed report format
Partner mapping diagnostic including findings, recommendations and partner directory (including partners who are engaged in direct victim assistance)
Do-no harm checklist and guideline for use by ASEAN-ACT and its partners

Selection Criteria

Qualifications and experience:

Post Graduate qualification (or equivalent advanced university degree) in Political Science, Social Science, International Relations, International Development, Law, or relevant area.
Extensive experience in government and non-government partnerships; 
Proven experience in conducting research, assessment, partner mapping and demonstrated experience in data collection and interviewing techniques;
An excellent understanding of trafficking in persons, labour migration and social issues within the ASEAN region.
Strong analytical, verbal, and report writing skills in English
Previous experience in counter-trafficking work
Knowledge and experience of Australian Government development programs and reporting requirements
Proficiency in an ASEAN language and experience in the region will be highly regarded
Reporting Requirements

The Consultant will report directly to IVRD, provide regular updates and share expected delivery results with the IVRD for review and input. IVRD will provide timely comments to the consultant’s work and address any request by the Consultant within a reasonable timeframe.

The Consultant will determine his/her final work schedule, outline and methodology for the partners mapping at the beginning of the assignment. The work schedule will set clear deadlines for the completion of each expected deliverable.

How to Apply

Duration of the consultancy: 90 days (for maximum 6 months)

Starting date: March 2020

Deadline for application: 23 February 2020.

Interested applicant must submit: (a) letter of interest (1-page max.) and (b) curriculum vitae. Applicants should clearly indicate evidence of previous research, assessment work and/or experience in developing tools/handbook materials and provide samples of previous research reports or tools completed. Application shall be submitted by e-mail to recruitment@aseanact.org.  

People with a disability, women and ASEAN nationals are strongly encouraged to apply.

Due to the expected volume of applications, only candidates under positive consideration will be notified.

Other Information

Amendments to the position’s Terms of Reference may be made during the period of the engagement as required.

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