Spiritia Foundation: Looking for a consultant to implement a Partner Notification Pilot Implementation Programme to Increase ART Coverage

The Spiritia Foundation was conceived as an umbrella organization in Indonesia in 1995, seeking to assist local and regional Indonesian HIV/AIDS institutions. Spiritia has organized national meetings of people living with HIV. It has strived to maintain awareness of the epidemic within the Indonesian population. The Spiritia Foundation supports the creation of new initiatives and establishes networks for prevention and access to treatment and care. Through their network of peer support groups, the foundation has provided training courses for peer treatment educators, ensured that marginalized groups are informed of their rights, set up funds to provide emergency support for indigenous people living with HIV and encouraged income generation through micro-credit initiatives. Its many programs are carried out by staff members, many of whom are people living with HIV.

Data shows that sexual partners of people diagnosed with HIV infection have a higher likelihood of developing HIV-positive. However, partner testing services, including Intimiate Partner Notification, have not been routinely offered or implemented, therefore, absorption and coverage remain low. The benefits of couples who carry out the examination have been well documented, including the existence of mutual support in accessing prevention, care, and increasing compliance and retention services in the care and prevention of mother-tochild transmission programs. Testing on partners also allows those in a serodiscordant relationship to prioritize effective HIV prevention.  A preliminary finding from an acceptance study of partner counseling in key population groups in Bali, Indonesia (Wulandari et al, 2013)  reported a fairly good acceptance of the key population for partner counseling. From the counselor's own side, a qualitative study in Ethiopia (Netsane & Dessie, 2013)  concluded that partner notification and referral could be improved through active and comprehensive involvement of HIV counselors in the process of opening status.

Spiritia invites organizations to submit proposals to indicate their interest to implement the Partner Notification Pilot Implementation Programme to Increase ART Coverage. In order to qualify, please submit a complete proposal, detail budget for management fee and office operational cost and include the following documents:

1.       Legal Status: (Registered in Indonesia according to prevailing laws and NPWP)

2.       Organizational profile which includes: Organizational name, name of organization leader, e-mail address, telephone number, organizational structure and legal status of the organization.

3.       A comprehensive proposal including time frame, log frames activity and consultants fee (including office running cost/office operational cost).

4.       Most recent Curriculum Vitae (of all team members) with clear demonstration of previous experience.

Interested candidate can submit the Proposal no later than 17.00 WIB; February 25, 2020 on Tuesday, Email subject line should be “Proposal-IPN | Your Organization’s Name” to the address: info@spiritia.or.id  Cc. rahmat@spiritia.or.id

Further detail of TOR can be downloaded from the following address: 
link URL: http://www.spiritia.or.id/pengumuman/

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