Vacancy: Consultant, USAID CEGAH, Indonesia

Consultants (3 people) - Strengthening Internal Auditors of State/Regional-Owned Enterprises, 

USAID CEGAH, Jakarta, Indonesia
Working Period: 75 days (RT 16) 
Company Profile: 

MSI, a Tetra Tech Company, is a Washington, D.C. metro area international development firm with a 35-year history of delivering development results across the world. Our core expertise is in the fields of monitoring and evaluation (M&E), institutional development, public sector management, governance and anti-corruption. MSI has implemented projects in 90 countries around the world such as Jordan, Kenya, Indonesia, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Colombia and Mexico. As one of the leading companies in our field, MSI has partnered with organizations across all sectors of international development to support clients ranging from large bilateral and multilateral donors such as USAID, the World Bank and the United Nations Development Program to national and local governments, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), think tanks, foundations and universities. For more information on MSI, please visit our website at

Project Summary:

CEGAH is a 5-year USAID-funded accountability and integrity program that works with a wide range of Indonesian governmental and non-governmental agencies. The program runs between 2016 and 2021. The project is implemented by Management Systems International (MSI).


State-owned Enterprises (Badan Usaha Milik Negara, or BUMN) and Regional-owned Enterprises (Badan Usaha Milik Daerah, or BUMD) play a crucial role in providing public services and contributing in the economic growth of the country.

The Corruption Eradication Commission (Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi, or KPK) is concerned about the corruption cases involving BUMN and BUMD in Indonesia. KPK believes that increasing the capacity of Internal Auditor Units (Satuan Pengawas Internal, or SPI) within BUMNs and BUMDs could help in preventing corrupt practices.

To support KPK in strengthening SPI’s capacity, USAID CEGAH is supporting KPK in developing training modules for SPIs of BUMNs and BUMDs with topics such as Corruption Crimes Law, Corporate Criminal Liability, Conflict of Interest, and Gift Management. As a follow up, CEGAH also plans to convert the modules into an e-learning format, with a final target of providing access to around 4,000 auditors to the training modules. 

USAID CEGAH seeks consultancy services from three individual consultants: Instructional Designer (ID); Media Creator, and Subject Matter Expert – to assist KPK in the following scope of work.

I.            SCOPE OF WORK

A.     Objective

To prevent corruption in BUMNs and BUMDs in Indonesia by increasing the capacity of SPIs.

B.     Outcome  

Increased capacity of SPIs of BUMNs and BUMDs in detecting corruption within their organizations. 

C.     Tasks

The three consultants will analyze the e-learning needs of KPK and BUMN/D, courseware length in hours, relevant curriculum and its details. The consultants will also identify online e-learning structure and create the curriculum with KPK. The output of the course curriculum is a sessions plan form. 

Instructional Designer:

The development of a storyboard will focus on two elements: instructional goals and the users of e-learning courseware. The instructional goal is a statement that describes what learners should be able to do after experiencing a distinct unit of instruction. The consultant will work closely with the SME to develop the instructional goal. Aside of the course goals, the consultant will assess the learners' needs and the basic or additional knowledge required. After gathering all information from the KPK and developing the instructional goals, the Instructional Designer will create the learning activities according to the data and goals, as well as make the courseware assessment as chosen by the KPK. These goals, data, and requirements will be translated by the instructional designers into a textual and visual storyboard. The tasks of Instructional Designer include:

·        Discussion with SME;

·        Required learning gain analysis;

·        Developed training needs analysis;

·        Blended learning needs assessment and process recommendation (if needed);

·        Produce project timeline;

·        Develop learning approach for each module;

·        Choose the appropriate instructional strategy and support the team (consultants and KPK team) in defining delivery and evaluation strategies;

·        Prepare proposed structure of the course presentation

·        Identify and develop materials presentation pattern for each module

·        Plan intended trainee participation according to the learner's profile

·        Construct assessment strategy for the entirety of the course and each module

·        Prepare storyboard for each module.

·        Along with the other two consultants, conduct training to teach KPK on how to use the content in the module and the administration of test result.

Media Creator:

The consultant will work closely with two other consultants to translate the learning needs and instructional goals into instructional strategies that will include animation, sound, and video. The tasks of the Media Creator will include, and not limited to, the following tasks:

·        Responsible for developing self-paced courses;

·        Assemble course elements;

·        Develop media and interactive components for the course;

·        Create the courseware;

·        Adapt the interface of a learning platform (e.g. Moodle);

·        Install the courseware on a web server;

·        Assist with installing and configuring databases and collecting learners’ database; and

·        Converting content from the Subject Matter Expert into graphic/audio/animation form;

·        Editing video layout and composition.

·        Conduct a User Acceptance Test (UAT) to a limited number of users before deploying the courseware implement the outlined planning and development into live 2D animation courseware;

·        Along with the other two consultants, conduct training to teach KPK on how to use the content in the module and the administration of test result.

Subject Matter Expert:

The consultant will work closely with Instructional Designer and Media Creator to do the following tasks:

·        Contribute towards the knowledge and information required for the courses;

·        Collaborate with ID to design a course and define evaluation strategies; and

·        Self-paced e-learning, drafting the e-learning lessons text (content development);

·        Analyzing content;

·         Develop prototype content;

·        Develop the course with and without audio;

·        Developing questions bank, including pre and post-tests;

·        Along with the other two consultants, conduct training to teach KPK on how to use the content in the module and the administration of test result.


Instructional Designer:

·        Consultant’s report to be submitted in English and Indonesian;

·        Storyboard (header/title; screen text/audio; navigation/interaction instructions, graphic/media

·        Lesson plan for e-learning;

Media Creator:

·        Consultant’s report to be submitted in English and Indonesian; and

·        Video animation for e-learning;

Subject Matter Expert:

·        Consultant report to be submitted in English and Indonesian; and

·        Content and question bank for e-learning;

Note: In developing the e-learning the Instructional Designer, Media Creator and Subject Matter Expert work together and the work is completed once approval on the e-learning is obtained from USAID CEGAH and KPK.


Instructional Designer:

- Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Instructional Design or Information Technology or related field;

- Experience in developing storyboards and lesson plans for e-learning; and

- Experience in working with Moodle. 

Media Creator:

 - Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Design Communication;

- Experience in developing animation for e-learning;

- Experience in developing video (including voice over) for e-learning; and

- Experience in working with Moodle.

Subject Matter Expert:

- Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or Law; and

- Expertise in anti-corruption/integrity/compliance issues.

Application should include a CV  and contact information by March 16, 2020 at the latest. Please send applications to Only candidates who have been selected for an interview will be contacted. No phone calls, please.

MSI is an EEO/AA/ADA Veterans Employer

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