ADRA Indonesia - Agriculture and Animal Health Officer

Agriculture and Animal Health Officer

General Philosophy

Identity Statement: ADRA INDONESIA is a humanitarian organization working within an internal network of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church that demonstrates God's love and compassion.

Mission: ADRA INDONESIA works with people in poverty and distress to create just and positive change through empowering partnerships and responsible action encouraging harmonious co-existence.

ADRA INDONESIA has been working in Indonesia since 1981 and was registered on June 21st 1991 as a Local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). Through its work ADRA INDONESIA promotes the values of humility, understanding, assistance, teamwork, collaboration, transparency and accountability. ADRA INDONESIA aims to build a positive working environment through value-based management that incentivizes hard work, discipline and reliability.

General Job Criteria

An Agriculture and Animal Health Officer provides essential support to a project, working with the Project Manager and other team members to achieve project success. He/she work in Animal Health management and Agriculture aspects, assist livestock farmers and agriculture aspect. Food and Forage for Livestock in locations of project. The key component of Agriculture and Animal Health Officers include administrative and technical skills. He/she answer directly to a Project Manager. The position requires the appropriate educational qualifications and solid experience working in diverse rural communities and a positive and pleasant attitude. Strong coordination with internal and external stakeholders. Competency in managing relationships with related stakeholders. Experience in livestock and/or agriculture livelihood

Working with the ADRA INDONESIA head office on donor relations, standard reporting and effective project management are central to this role. Respect for women, children, differently-abled and all who the project encounters is a standard requirement of ADRA INDONESIA.


Agriculture and Animal Health Officer

Project Title:                     
Food Security Enhancement and Livelihood Recovery for Earthquake-Affected Farmers in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia (REAF)

Educational Qualification

University degree in Veterinarian, Livestock, Agriculture or another livelihood study

General Experience Requirements

2 (two) years of experience working in the Livestock, Agriculture and/or livelihood sector.

Qualifications and Competencies:  

·   University degree in Livestock, Agriculture Livelihood or other relevant background.

·   At least three years proven in community facilitation capacity in development/livelihood program.

·   Informal training on Training of Trainers of adult learning facilitation skills.

·   Training and/or experience in module development.

·   Excellent writing skills.

·   Demonstrate good command of English and fluent Indonesian, both written and spoken is essential.

·   Preferably experience dealing with Farming/agriculture, Livestock and programming project

·   Preferably experience in facilitation and communication with stakeholders for dissemination.

Palu, Central Sulawesi

Amount of Travel

Regular travel to the project sites

Reports to
Project Manager

Staff supervision

General Job Criteria

In September 2018 an earthquake hit Central Sulawesi, resulting in landslides and liquefaction that led to extensive loss of lives, homes, farmland and assets; Sigi district was particularly affected. In December 2018, ADRA Indonesia conducted a situation assessment which identified the following needs and issues preventing recovery: (1) food insecurity and reliance on food assistance; (2) loss of livelihoods and facilities; (3) declining household income as a result of damaged agricultural land, loss of livestock and lack of inputs and technology; and, (4) lack of technology, business literacy skills, capital, and weak access to market for successful livelihood activities.

The REAF: Food Security Enhancement and Livelihood Recovery for Earthquake-Affected Farmers in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia project aims to enhance the food security of disaster-affected households by improving food availability and affordability through increased crop production and enhanced income from on-farm or off-farm interventions. This will be achieved through (1) training farmers groups in improved practices in crop production and livestock management; (2) training and employment opportunities in off-farm income generating and employment opportunities (including Cash for Work); (3) increased access to services in crop production and livestock management through training of lead farmers and Animal Health Workers; and, (4) increasing linkages to input and output suppliers by training agro-input suppliers and training farmers in marketing and post-harvest management.

Essentially, Agriculture and Animal Health Officer works to assist Project Manager in managing agriculture and livestock project activities. He/she also support Community Mobilizer in offering them guidance and opportunities for initiating livelihood and making improvements to their own community. The position requires the appropriate educational qualifications and solid experience working in diverse rural communities and a positive and pleasant attitude. Strong coordination with internal and external stakeholders. Competency in managing relationships with related stakeholders. Experience in livestock and/or agriculture livelihood

Agriculture and Animal Health Officer

Assist the Project Manager in accomplishing objectives of the project. To accomplish their primary goal of providing animal health and livestock technical issue, including administrative and technical skills. The duties and responsibilities are as follows:

1.     Manage and coordinate project activities in agriculture and animal health as well livestock management. Including a substantive, administrative and financial. Apply strategic planning and systematic coordination of livestock and agriculture project activities.

2.     Manage day-to-day project livestock and agriculture implementation and overall coordination

3.     Ensure supervision to community agriculture and livestock management and ensure effective communication and coordination between the Project offices and the Project Board in Palu.

4.     Identify any support and advice required for agriculture and livestock management, planning and control.

5.     Ensure timely preparation and data compilation of project activities related to agriculture and livestock.

6.     Prepare Activity Guideline and Activity reports of agriculture and livestock/animal health activities and submit to Project Manager. 

7.     Ensure qualified monitoring activity; establish effective coordination, monitoring, sharing information and project progress to other staff.

8.     Guide and orient efforts and contributions of consultants, staff and government counterparts towards achievement of project objectives.  Mobilize goods and services to initiate activities, including drafting TORs and work specifications.

9.     Assist gender development mainstreaming and ensure that gender lenses are comply to project activities.

10.  Manage administrative and finance related to activities, monitor financial and activities budget and expenses that comply to financial accountability.

11.  Ensure professional relationships with relevant provincial, district and sub-district partner agencies and maintain good relationship with village/hamlet decision makers/key people.

12.  Ensure professional relationships with community leaders, local NGOs and Food Security and Livelihood Cluster in Palu.

13.  Assist Project Officer to maintain relationships with ADRA Project Board and Programme Director for programming, efficient and transparent financial and administrative issues in line with ADRA Indonesia’s Rules and Regulations.

14.  Verify and channel all budget and activity requests in term of administrative, logistic and other supports.

15.  Prepare activity’s safety and security report all incidents to Project Manager/HR Manager related to ADRA Standard of Procedure

16.  Manage project deliverables, documents, files, equipment materials and project assets as per the standards ADRA Indonesia procedures.

17.  Maintain and file all project activity both hardcopy and softcopy (electronic)

18.  Perform other duties that may be required by Project Manager.

Core skills:

·       Thorough familiarity with Microsoft suite (word processing, spreadsheet, power point) google package (drive, maps, meeting), long distance communication applications.

·       A team player, work effectively and independently

·       A multi-tasking person, manage multiple priorities with under pressure, problem solving oriented and meet deadlines

·       Demonstrated experience in budget and financial management (cash flow, expenses, plan vs actual, variance)

·       Excellent written and verbal communication skills

·       Good critical and creative thinking and analytical skills

Advanced skills:

·       Strengthen your motivation and add to your toolbox and broaden your career options.

·       Experience in program administration, operating procedures, oversight and monitoring

·       Ability to work with database applications

·       Knowledge of project funding procedures and guidelines

·       To conduct needs assessment and evaluations of project activities and inputting the data into a database

·       To assist baseline and end survey development and implementation. Conduct on-going need assessment and community capacity building to align project implementation in the community

·       Demonstrate good command in English and Indonesian both written and spoken

·       Possesses informal ToT of adult learning and facilitation skills

·       Experience in Module development specially for Farmers Field School and livestock training for Animal Health Worker volunteers


·       Personal Qualities: Demonstrates an understanding of the agency's purpose and values and advocates these through daily work.

·       Results Focus: Achieves objectives by taking an organizational perspective and working with and through others to achieve results

·       Decision Making: Constructively contributes to the agreed decision-making process.

·       Problem Solving: Uses clear and innovative thinking to solve problems and takes decisions that appropriately addressed for risk and strategic alignment.

·       Continuous Learning:  Demonstrates a commitment to own professional development by actively participating in continuous learning.

·       Self-Awareness: Aware of own strengths and development needs and seeks to improve style, skills, and performance including cultural and gender sensitivities.

·       Team Building: Cooperative and active team member, committed to working together towards goals.

·       Psychosocial Mindfulness:  Mindful of stressors that may impact on work, and where appropriate, utilize available resources to manage these.

·       Accountability: Accountable for self-actions and working practices, accepts responsibility and apply lesson learns.

·       Regular Meetings: Participates in clear and regular communication with supervisor and team during one to one and team meetings.

·       Adaptability:  Adjusts approach and thinking to work effectively in any situations and with different people.

·       Sharing Knowledge: Shares organizational and professional knowledge with peers to enhance understanding.

·       Accepting Direction and Feedback: Seeks and accepts clear direction and feedback from supervisor/s on work practices and outcomes in a positive and constructive manner.


·       Ability to work in team

·       Flexibility, patience, tolerance for other perspectives and excellent interpersonal skills

·       Capacity to work under pressure

·       Commitment to gender equity, social justice, and community development

·       Understanding of and commitment to ADRA’s development philosophy, values, principles, and objectives.

·       Understanding of and commitment to adhere to equity, diversity, child safe and staff health and wellbeing.

·       Communication skill both personal and interpersonal among project team and strategic communication with government institution and other stake-holders

Personal Commitment:

Being employed by the Adventist Development Relief Agency requires commitment to its mission and lifestyle.  The holder of this position will uphold the Christian values upon which ADRA’s core values have been built and will display strong commitment to the Core Humanitarian Standards.

How to Apply:

Please submit your Application Letter and CV (with photograph) to: and mark your e-mail subject: “PO-AAH-REAF” not later than 29 April 2020. Do not attached any Certificate, Script, Recommendation letter etc.

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