Save the Children Indonesia Vacancy: Consultant for Develop DRR Education Web Based Interactive DRR Project

Terms of Reference

Consultant for Develop DRR Education Web Based Interactive

Disaster Risk Reduction Project – for Urban and Community Resilience (R1)


Disasters have devastating effect on people and communities, and not at least on children. Indonesia has been known as a country with most prone areas. The disaster risk Indonesia is a vast country with 17,000 islands and over 80,000 kilometers of coast and is considered at high risk of natural disasters. Potential hazards identified by the Indonesian government include: earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, landslides, volcanic eruptions, extreme tidal events, extreme weather, drought, forest and land fires, disease epidemics/pandemics, technological failure, and social conflict and terrorism.

The fact below has presented the occurrences of disasters in Indonesia in the period of 40 years. The devastating impact has resulted in the loss of not only the lives of the people but also the hard-earned assets.

The most frequent natural disasters affecting Indonesia over the last four decades are floods (39 per cent) and earthquakes (23 per cent).
Between 1975 and 2015, disasters caused economic losses and damage of about US$18.3 billion.
Landslides are the third most frequent disaster, followed by volcanic activity.
In 2016 there were 2,342 disaster events, killing 522 people and displacing 3.05 million[1].

In effort to increase the preparedness level and capacity of the vulnerable group and children, Save the Children with funding support from Google implement a DRR-based program called Urban and Community Disaster Resilience – Improving the National and Local Disaster Preparedness. This program comprised of three Result, namely: Result #1: Increase national awareness and community action; Result #2: Schools in vulnerable locations are safer and better prepared; Result #3: Children and Youth participate in government planning.

In order to achieve the result, it is particular to produce interactive learning through Web Based to  increase awareness and educate people about Disaster Risk Reduction, Safe School, and Climate Change Adaptation. Furthermore, the consultant needs to create interactive web to specific issue on Disaster Risk Reduction, Safe School, and Climate Change Adaptation. This tools expected to support Result #1: Increase national awareness and community action.


The Consultant develop the interactive education / learning through web based
Second party has agreed to

Develop Web Based Interactive Learning (Series content)
Working for Programming the Web Based Interactive Learning
Report the Deliverable


The Consultant will finish the deliverable with detail

A set of Web Based Interactive Learning for DRR, Safe School and Climate Change Adaptation

Consultant qualification

Has strong experience in develop the web based interactive learning
Expert in programming for the web based interactive learning
Able to develop the program within 1 month
Familiar with Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Issue

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