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Position Title: Timebound Personnel LINKAGES Project

The USAID-funded project, Linkages Across the Continuum of HIV Services for Key Populations Affected by HIV (LINKAGES), under the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) program is implemented by FHI 360 in partnership with Pact, IntraHealth International and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and conducts a range of activities to reduce HIV transmission among key populations (KPs) — sex workers, men who have sex with men, transgender persons and people who inject drugs — and improve their enrollment and retention in care and treatment across the HIV cascade. LINKAGES will accelerate the ability of governments, key population leaders, organizations working with key populations, and private-sector providers to plan and implement services that reduce HIV transmission among key populations and their sexual partners and extend the lives of those already living with HIV. The key elements of the FHI 360-led team’s strategic and technical approach are:

Identifying key populations and locales and comprehensively assessing risk,
Diagnosing “leaks” and revealing access barriers within the HIV services cascade,
Scaling up “what works” while innovating to ensure the most strategic use of resources and access to newly emerging technologies,
Addressing structural barriers and transforming local KP organizations,
Ensuring interventions are sustainable over the long term, and
Supporting the mainstreaming of human rights, gender and competency and capacity development.
LINKAGES focus in 5 districts in Jakarta Province: 1) Central Jakarta; 2) North Jakarta, 3) West Jakarta, 4) South Jakarta, and 5) East Jakarta. LINKAGES together with other implementing and TA partners works with PHO/DHO representatives to strengthen Jakarta Fast-Track coordination for more comprehensive programming. Some of supports that will be strengthened are support and strengthen Jakarta Fast-Track operationalization at province, districts and health facilities, support and strengthen recording and reporting of Jakarta Fast-Track data through SIHA system, support the development of triple 90 strategies particularly on Viral Load suppression strategy, and support program communication between LINKAGES and PHO/DHOs and other implementing and TA partners. Therefore, LINKAGES and PHO/DHOs will recruit more time bound personnel/consultants who will assist DHOs in those districts.


Under the direction and supervision of  LINKAGES and PHO and DHOs, the assistance to be provided by the time-bound personnel/consultant will include:

Support and strengthen operationalization of Jakarta Fast-Track at province and district level:

·       Support strategies implementation of Jakarta Fast-Track at province, districts and health facilities level,

·       Support coordination efforts to implement Jakarta Fast-Track Road Map,

·       Provide suggestion and recommendation on technical assistance priority areas to LINKAGES and Jakarta Fast-Track implementers,

·       Support networking and collaboration among Jakarta Fast-Track implementers in province, districts and health facilities,

·       Support adoption/adaptation and implementation SBCC strategy and its activation,

Support and strengthen SIHA reporting and recording system:

·       Provide technical support to DHOs to ensure 80% of health facilities record and report HIV testing and care & treatment data into SIHA in good quality and timely,

·       Provide technical support to DHOs to improve the capacity of DHO SIHA staff on managing and verifying SIHA data through joint data verification visits to 80% of health facilities,

·       Provide technical support to DHOs to develop cross sectional HIV clinical cascade analysis at district level in quarterly,

·       Provide technical support to health facilities to improve the capacity of health facility staff on recording and reporting of SIHA data at least one mentoring visit to each facility in monthly,

·       Provide technical support and conduct data verification and provide feedback to health facilities through quarterly meetings (Puskesmas/hospital/clinic),

·       Participate on quarterly ME coordination meeting at district level and health facilities,

Provide technical support on program strategies development particularly in the area of triple 90:

·       Provide technical support on program strategies development particularly in the area of triple 90: Provide technical support on high yield HIV testing strategy development, test and start strategy development. Including Index Testing or Partner Notification), Viral Load suppression strategy development and Multi-Month Dispensing also ARV home-based delivery at CST services

 ·       Support and strengthen program communication and collaboration between LINKAGES, PHO and DHOs:

o   Liaise LINKAGES with PHO, DHOs and health facilities particularly on program planning, technical assistance implementation and M&E,

o   Perform another duties as a signed


 Monthly update report to LINKAGES and DHO which describes:  

o  Activities and deliverables of Jakarta Fast-Track planning and implementation,

o  Health services facilities input individual data into SIHA,

o  SIHA data verification and feedbacks for District Health Office and Health services facilities,

o  Figure of HIV cascade analysis at District Level,

o  Utilization of ARK (Aplikasi Rekap Kohort) among health facilities

o  Activities and deliverables of new strategies development and implementation,

o  Activities and deliverables of communication and program collaboration between LINKAGES and PHO and DHOs.



Degree in medical doctor, public health, statistic, mathematic and anthropology, sociology, communication or other relevant academic background
At least experienced in health system information (user or SIHA Mentoring  Experience in District Level is preferable).   
Experience working collaboration with District Health Offices (Dinkes), health facilities and other partners as needed, in the design and implementation of provincial and city/district M&E systems and Information Systems,
Familiarize with MOH Standard Report Forms,
Familiarize with USAID and PEPFAR data streams and performance monitoring plans desirable,
Demonstrated knowledge of M&E/SI strategies in Indonesia,
Experience working in an international NGO environment desirable.

One consultant will be based at The Jakarta PHO office and 1 consultant will based at District Health Office in Jakarta South Jakarta.


This consultancy is short term position for certain time bound period as planned by LINKAGES.


Recruitment process will involve written test and interview. Only short-listed candidates will follow these process. Interview panel will consist of PHO/DHOs representative and LINKAGES.


The consultant will be paid an agreed daily rate for her/his services.  Payment will be made on a monthly basis after the successful completion and approval of tasks assigned during that month.


Applicants should submit resume and applicant’s CV to

 Please put the e-mail subject with “TBS-(Your Name)”.



Application deadline is July 17th 2020. Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

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