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WCS has started marine work in Indonesia in 2002 and has expertise in marine and socioeconomic surveying, fisheries science, marine protected area creation and management, marine and fisheries policy, and law enforcement. Through KfW funding’s “Marine Biodiversity and Coastal Livelihoods in Sulawesi/Coral Triangle” project from 2019 – 2025 WCS will continue to support the Government of Indonesia with specific targets related to sustainable fisheries management, decreasing threats to coral reefs, and supporting the designation and management of protected areas in Aceh, North Sulawesi and West Nusa Tenggara. Another KfW and EU funded project the “Marine Biodiversity and Support of Coastal Fisheries in the Coral Triangle” project from 2020 – 2026, with project sites in Indonesia (North Maluku and North Sulawesi) and the Philippines.

Both of those project pursue similar objectives with aims at conserving Indonesia’s diverse marine ecosystems and important fisheries through improvement of marine protected areas (MPA) and improved management of commercially and ecologically important fisheries. In North Sulawesi, the project funding’s KfW-EU will have additional objective to integrate and connect management approaches around marine and terrestrial ecosystems and associated protected areas and watersheds at one northern Sulawesi Key Landscape for Conservation (KLC).

Currently, the first project has been running for one year, while the second project recently started in March this year.

The Project Coordination Unit has developed monitoring and evaluation plans for both project, which was in accordance with the log frame agreed by the donor (KfW). Indicators for each activity component are determined and also the target achievement, as well as the baseline.

Since the project activities have just begun, it was decided that the established Monitoring and evaluation Plans (M&E plans) should be reviewed by an M&E external consultant, so that the data collection and evaluation techniques can be more accurate and in accordance with the targets set at the start of the project. This review will also consider the current situation and the dynamics of the activities at the sites.

For this reason, PCU plans to recruit national consultant (individual) who can assist in reviewing and improving the quality of the program's monitoring and evaluation methods and techniques. This consultant will assist both projects at the project site (district/province) and at the national level.

The purpose of this consultant is to review the Monitoring and Evaluation Plans established by the Project Coordination Unit and provide recommendations to improve the M&E plans to ensure higher accuracy in monitoring the progress of the projects and meeting its targets until the projects’ completion.

Description of services of consultant are:

Review and analyze the existing M&E Plans developed, including concept note (if available), analysis of the regional context and the description of planned activities to ensure that the projects’ work plans and the M&E Plans are aligned. 
Updated and develop an annual M&E work plan for both project in coordination with program unit in provincial and national level 
Propose a Performance Framework or a set-up of Work Plan Tracking Measures that best suits to provide reporting to the donor on the progress and outcomes of the project implementation by using effective, comprehensive, user-friendly toolkits, M&E systems 
Review and develop existing indicators along with instruments to measure the performance in accordance with program interventions. 
Develop a strategy on maintaining a data base in a systematic and effective way to facilitate the analysis process through project management system. 
Develop strategic plan and Work Plan Tracking Measures for periodic monitoring and evaluation visits for project as part of the organization’s technical assistance in monitoring and evaluation (capacity building for project team and partners) system. 
Develop guidance regarding indicators and understanding of operational definitions and accuracy of program achievement data. 
Provide training to program staff on monitoring tools when the reviewed M&E plan is finished.
The outputs that will be generated from the consultant are:

Document of the results of the study and assessment to the M&E plan that has been prepared for the two projects including documents related to project monitoring and evaluation. 
Updated documents related to the Monitoring and Evaluation Plan (M&E Plan) that have been adjusted to the conditions in the field, including changes in indicators if needed. 
Technical Guidance Document in implementing the Monitoring and Evaluation Plan (M&E Plan) that has been prepared. 
Document of the results of the indicators achievement analysis for the projects that are already running. 
Training modules for the project's Monitoring and Evaluation Plan topic that have been prepared. 
Work plan and achievement targets during the consultant work.
The consultant is expected to work for 25 working days from August to October 2020 where the working period includes review of related documents / literature, technical discussions with the program team, sites visit to gathering data and information (if needed) to be further discussed with the program team, conduct 1 times refresh training for program team and submission final report.

Following are timelines and deliverables:


Expected output



27 – 28 July

Discuss with project team

Minutes of Meeting

WCS, Consultant

29 – 31 July

Consultant develop workplan

Workplan for consultant


1st week of August

Documents/literature review



2nd – 3rd week of August

Gathering information and data collection from program team

Data and information collected


4th week of August

1st draft of M&E plan document analysis for KfW BMU project

1st Draft document of KfW BMU


1st week of Sept

1. Presentation results of analysis document for KfW BMU

2. Refresh training for M&E plan for KfW BMU and EU project

Material presentation

Training report

WCS, Consultant

2nd -3rd week of Sept

Feedback and revision of M&E plan for KfW BMU

Document revised

WCS, Consultant

4th week of Sept

Presentation results of analysis document M&E plan for KfW EU

Material presentation



1st week of Oct

Feedback and revision of M&E plan for KfW EU

Document revised

WCS, Consultant

2nd – 3rd week of Oct

Final review and presentation from consultant:

1. M&E plan for KfW BMU

2. M&E plan for KfW EU

3. Training module for M&E plan

Draft of documents:

1. Document M&E plan for KfW BMU project

2. Document M&E plan for KfW EU project

3. Training module of M&E plan

WCS, Consultant

4th week of Oct

Final document approved

4. Document M&E plan for KfW BMU project

5. Document M&E plan for KfW EU project

6. Training module of M&E plan

WCS, Consultant



Consultant requirements as follow:

Masters' degree in Marine Science, Environmental Management, Project Development or another related field.  

At least 5 years of working experience in Monitoring & Evaluation related activities; 

Strong background in quantitative research design, methods, analysis and application of subsequent insights to improve performance. 

Demonstrated M&E experience and skills, complemented by collaboration with varying types of partners. 

Proven experience in research, developing M&E plans, accountability mechanism establishment, and knowledge management. 

Must have extensive knowledge in collaboration, learning, and adapting concepts for marine biodiversity and coastal community projects. 

Must have exceptional writing, communications and presentation skills, fluency in the English language, strong teamwork and effective cross-cultural interpersonal skills. 

Good communication, interpersonal, negotiation skills and good organizational skills including report writing. 

Able to work with minimum supervision and concern for detail.

For more detailed information about Wildlife Conservation Society – Indonesia Program, the position and how to apply, please visit our website at:

INDIVIDUAL CONSULTANT to Review the Monitoring and Evaluation Plan and Design on the Process of Delivering MEAL (Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning) framework for KfW BMU and KfW EU project > WCS Indonesia

INDIVIDUAL CONSULTANT to Review the Monitoring and Evaluation Plan and ...

he trainer will have following roles and responsibilities that are mention above. Please send the training proposal including agenda, CV and a signed Declaration of Undertaking by Sunday, 26 July 2020, to the following address: stating in the subject line “MEAL Consultant_(name)” or by post: a/n: Wildlife Conservation Society - Indonesia Program, Jl. Malabar 1 no 11, Bogor, Indonesia.

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