[Vacancy] Fiscal Risk Analysis Trainer


The overall objectives of this consultancy service are to strengthen the technical capacity of DG Budget staffs in analysis and management of fiscal risks that can help ensure macroeconomic stability and sound public finance management. This will be done through; (I) a comprehensive and integrated assessment of the vulnerabilities and shocks to the government finances which will help policymakers better analyze these risks and include them in fiscal forecasts and take account of the potential implications for government solvency and financing needs; (ii) development of a long-term fiscal sustainability analysis; and (iii) delivering an interactive training module on Fiscal Risk Analysis to the staff at the DG Budget and Fiscal Policy department in the Ministry of Finance.


DevTech Systems, Inc. (DevTech) is an international consulting firm and small business dedicated to the development, with over 30 years of experience providing advisory services and technical assistance to government, private sector, and civil society stakeholders in more than 100 countries. We are a data-driven organization that specializes in informing policymaking by delivering focused data-driven evidence-based analysis products and services.  DevTech core practice areas include Economic and Data analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation, Education and Youth Development, Gender and Inclusive Development, and Public Financial Management.

Devtech is implementing USAID funded Economic Growth Support Activity (EGSA) in Indonesia. EGSA enables evidence-based decision making through ongoing analysis linking the Indo-Pacific Strategy (IPS), Journey to Self-Reliance (J2SR), and Government of Indonesia (GOI) priorities and potential USAID/Indonesia assistance under USAID/Indonesia’s next Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS); (ii)increases and improves GOI technical capacity in tax collection, public expenditure, and financial accountability; and (iii)Improves business enabling environment for foreign and domestic business entities.

As part of EGSA’s capacity-building efforts in strengthening PFM systems in Indonesia, improving technical skills and capacity of the DG Budget/MoF staff in effectively analyzing and managing fiscal risks in support of improved macroeconomic stability and sound public finance management is one of the keys areas that the project is currently assisting the Government of Indonesia.


·       Experience in the Fiscal Risk Analysis and Management

·       Experience in the development of quantitative analytical tools and analysis

·       Must have prior experience in capacity building and delivering training to civil servants.

·       Must have experience as a public speaker or trainer.

·       Excellent writing and communications as evidenced by prior writings



The National Expert will work closely with the EGSA-PFM team and will be responsible for supporting the international expert, to collect and analyze data, help create didactic and other materials, and arrange for translations and interpretation. The national expert is expected to provide service as follows:

1.       Ten days:

·       Identify data needs, appropriate methods of analysis to obtain the required information on programs and projects, context, economic costs and benefits, and likely impact of the proposed government investment.

·       Collecting reliable, and timely fiscal data covering all public entities, stocks, and flows across the government budget.

·       Compilation, expansion, and analysis of existing datasets for identifying fiscal risks in Government Financial Report, Financial Note and Draft of APBN (RAPBN).

·       Comprehensive and integrated assessment of the vulnerabilities and shocks to the government finances which will help policymakers better analyze these risks and include them in fiscal forecasts and take an account of the potential implications for government solvency and financing needs.

·       Develop and review long-term fiscal sustainability analysis including health and social security funds. This includes reviewing related sector assessments, demand-supply analysis for health and social security services, basic assumptions and macroeconomic figures (Asumsi Dasar dan Makro Ekonomi/ADEM), fiscal policy and posture of APBN, debt risk, contingency risks, and certain other fiscal risks including reserve allocation risks.

2.       Ten days:

·       Develop customized training modules in both Bahasa and English languages that will include the development of comprehensive excel spreadsheets, case studies in word/pdf, and Powerpoint presentation.

·       Develop pre/post-test questions.

3.       Three days:

·       Deliver training on Analyzing and Managing Fiscal Risk using innovative approaches to maximize learning.

·       Ensure customer satisfaction with the training modules through designing and an end-training exam and participants’ feedbacks loops/survey.

4.       Two days:

·       Report and recommendations.



·         A review of medium to long-term fiscal sustainability analysis, as a result of the initial assessment.

·         Development of a training module on Analyzing and Managing Fiscal Risks in both English and Bahasa language.

·         A report that includes recommendations analysis and management of fiscal risks in Indonesia.

·         A training completion report and a post-training presentation (if required).


·       An advanced degree from nationally/internationally recognized in economics, public financial management, accounting, public administration, public policy, or other related fields.

·       At least 10 years of experience in the area of economic analysis and public financial management reforms in developing countries.

·       Practical experience and knowledge in developing Fiscal Risk Analysis for the public sector.

·       Broad understanding of PFM including macroeconomic and fiscal management, tax policy and administration and budget systems is preferred.

·       Prior work experience at the GOI public finance institutions is preferred.


The expert is expected to commence services initially for 25 days of work from July  – September 2020. 

Please kindly submit your application to rpramudarto@devtechsys.com by COB 10 July 2020.

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