Vacancy Save the Children Indonesia: Consultant for Guideline of Pneumonia Prevention Education from Religious Perspective and Marapu Cultural Beliefs

Consultant for Guideline of Pneumonia Prevention Education from Religious Perspective and Marapu Cultural Beliefs


Pneumonia is an inflammatory lung disease that mostly attacks children under five (5) years old and is the main cause of death of children in the world, especially developing countries including Indonesia. In Indonesia, this disease ranks second cause of child death. Pneumonia is an acute infection of the lung tissue (alveoli) which results in impaired lung function and the risk of causing death. In West Sumba District, the Government of West Sumba has conducted various socialization efforts on the dangers of Pneumonia, strengthening the system of handling sick children through MTBS (Management Terpadu Balita Sakit) at the puskesmas level and strengthening the role of cadres at the community level. But it was realized, government support in terms of policy and budget had not been maximized. Concern or participation of the community including religious leaders is very important to continue to increase awareness of all parties related to the importance of preventing Pneumonia.

eligious leaders are role models in the community and key people to deliver lectures to the community, in addition to delivering religious matters can also convey information related to awareness of the importance of maintaining health and preventing various diseases, especially Pneumonia. Based on West Sumba statistical data in figures for 2019, the population according to religion is Islam; 10,474 people, Protestant Christians; 73,278 people, Catholics; 32,330, Hinduism; 253 people, while other stream of beliefs: 12,946, of this number are very possible for the socialization of Pneumonia through religious leaders. Therefore, the role of religious leaders is very strategic so that religious leaders need to be involved in public health education such as conducting counselling or socialization based on their perspective religion. The example is when the bride candidate and groom related to the importance of maintaining family health, maternal and child health and how to protect and avoid the family from the dangers of Pneumonia

Save the Children through the Gates Project intends to involve the community represented by religious leaders to convey their views regarding the importance of maintaining maternal and child health or public health as a reference in making the Guideline of Pneumonia Prevention Education. It is hoped that existence of the guidebook will become a guideline in conducting socialization to the congregation or the community.

The process of create a Guideline of Pneumonia Prevention Edication requires a consultant to facilitate a series of processes ranging from extracting information from religious leaders, compiling books with resource persons (religious leaders) to finalizing the material / content, writing, lay-out and editing books that are ready to print.

Objective of Consultancy

The objective of consultancy is to produce a Guideline of Pneumonia Prevention Education from Religious Perspective and Marapu Cultural Beliefs


Final Draft of Guideline of Pneumonia Prevention Education from Religious Perspective and Marapu Cultural Beliefs
Final Paper of religious leaders view related to Pneumonia Education Prevention
Scope of Work:

The selected consultant agrees to do works as follow:

Discuss with YSTC team to develop consultancy detail plan about Guideline of Pneumonia Prevention Education from Religious Perspective and Marapu Cultural Beliefs
Facilitated meetings with Religious Leaders (Christian Protestant, Catholic, Islam, Hindu and Marapu Cultural Beliefs), Department of Health, Ikatan Dokter Indonesia (IDI), Ikatan Kebidanan Indonesia (IBI), Akademi Keperawatan Kemenkes in Sumba, to gain information related to each religious view on supporting health both mother and child program coordination with Gates Project Team Save the Children Sumba.
Collecting information through various resource person with interview related to Religious Leaders, Department of Health, Ministry of Religion, Health Practitioner and the community. And review several documents to enrich the guideline.
Editing the guideline based on consultancy with related party and Gates Project Team Save The Children.
Finalized drafting the Guideline and approved by team Save the Children
Facilitating editing process and design lay out final version up to print out
Expected consultant:

Indonesia nationality
Minimum Education are Bachelor Degree from any major
Has experience working and writing on Child, Women health and Marginalized on NTT Province
Has experience on writing book specially related to guideline on health;
Competent to excellent communication skill, child friendly; understand and applying CSG Policy (child safe guarding) in activities
High commitment to protect children, women and marginalized.
Easily adapt with related culture
Have mindset that neutral, open minded and respect to various religion and beliefs and local tradition
Commitment to finish the job

Candidate who interested to apply, please submit documents as follow:

Letter of interest and consultancy rate.
Updated CV
Example(s) of Guideline or handbook related to health.
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External applicant:

Closing date for application is up to August 4th, 2020

(Only short-listed candidates will be notified)

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Save the Children encourages qualified candidates to apply regardless of religion, race, gender, sexual orientation or disability

All recruitment practices and procedures reflect Save the Children’s commitment to protecting children from abuse


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