[Vacancy WWF-Indonesia] Needs Assessment Consultant - Jakarta

If you care about the environment and want to contribute to conservation efforts in Indonesia, this is the opportunity for you to join WWF-Indonesia, an independent national conservation organization, which is part of a global network of WWF. WWF-ID is currently seeking the best candidate or institution/organization for the position of Needs Assessment Consultant - ESG Training Program for the Banking Sector. This position will be based in Jakarta and report to the Sustainable Finance Program Manager.

Project Background:

In a rapidly evolving operating environment that increasingly recognizes the importance of forests in supporting the functioning of agricultural commodity supply chains, risks created by unsustainable land clearing presents a considerable threat for the long-term value of companies producing, transforming, transporting and selling these commodities. 

For the financial institutions that invest in these companies, the misperception and even ignorance of these risks can result in suboptimal allocation of the assets under their management and in imperfectly hedged and therefore not recoverable losses. 

This consultancy will focus on GGP activities in Indonesia. As the regulation the Financial Services Authority Regulation No. 51/POJK.03/2017 on “The Application of Sustainable Finance” just came into force in 2019 for major banks.   The banking community in Indonesia often sees the inclusion of Environmental, Social Governance (ESG) criteria in their investment decision-making processes to identify and manage potential environmental and social risks in their positions as barriers.  To anticipate, in May 2018, the Indonesia Sustainable Finance Initiative (IKBI) was launched by 8 of the largest Indonesian banks and WWF-Indonesia to promote responsible banking practices. The platform is endorsed by OJK. To date, 5 additional banks have joined IKBI. 

Up to now, land clearing associated risks have either been ignored in ESG criteria or inappropriately factored in given a partial and unclear mandate from the regulation. As a result, it has been identified that training the banks in the effective use of ESG criteria was a critical element to the GGP success. Recognizing that not all banking institutions are the same, the effectiveness of the training program will hinge on the program’s ability to capture the sector’s characteristics, specificities and needs so they can be appropriately reflected in the program, in terms of scope, level of sophistication and content. This has motivated us to seek a consultant to conduct a needs assessment preliminary to the preparation of the training curriculum.

In order for WWF-Indonesia to develop a training program on enhancing the risk management pertaining irresponsible land clearing in Indonesia, it is first necessary to conduct a needs assessment of what are the existing processes, tools, and available programs already in place as well as what are the specific needs of each institution, according to their client, operations, regional, and risk profiles. 

Position objectives:

The specific objectives of the consultancy include: 

1. Producing a detailed work plan which will include specific deliverables, timelines and stakeholder engagement strategy
2. Carrying out international and national benchmarks
3. Identifying and engaging financial institutions
        Creating a final report with needs assessment of financial institutions and potential training modules


The Needs Assessment Consultant is expected to provide following deliverables:

Detailed workplan of the needs assessment
Report summarizing the results of benchmark research
Report summarizing the results of the stakeholder consultation
Short brief for Indonesia outlining a menu of training options
Needs assessment report, which identifies key training modules to include in the training program, modalities and key partnerships for delivery

Specific Tasks and responsibilities:

(Cover all aspects of the work to be carried out)
The consultant will provide advice and expertise in ESG finance training to contribute to the overall objectives of the program. The consultant’s main tasks will include:
Produce a detailed work plan which will include specific deliverables, timelines and stakeholder engagement strategy
International and National benchmarks
Stakeholder engagement
Create a final report with needs assessment of financial institutions and potential training modules

Please note that travel is required for this assignment. It will be raised outside this specific contract, by the substantive office

Project Timeline

WWF expects the consultant’s tender to outline a suggested timeline. It is suggested that a kick-off meeting takes place no later than August 2020 and the final report should be delivered to WWF by the end of October 2020. 

Requirements for this position are: 
Master Degree (S-2) or above in economics, finance, business administration, international relations, development studies or environmental management or other relevant major 
The ideal candidate should have strong expertise in the integration and interpretation of ESG criteria for the financial sector and previous experience in assisting banks in their integration efforts, either directly as a collaborator in a financial institution or as someone who has trained banks in the past. 
Knowledge of REDD+, zero-deforestation commodity supply chains, and other landscape investments would also be an asset. 
Experience in coordinating or implementing projects within the UN system would be an advantage.
In-depth knowledge about environmental issues would be preferable 
The individual or the team leader of the institution has at least five years of work experience, working in sustainable finance either in the private sector, or an international or non-governmental organization working on environmental finance

Complete information about this opportunity could be found at the attached Term of References (ToR).

This opening is valid for an individual consultant or institution/organization.

Interested applicants should share their Curriculum Vitae/Resume for application from individual or Organization profile & Proposal for application from organization/institution to vacancy@wwf.id with the subject of Needs Assessment Consultant - Jakarta with a short expression of interest, suggested length no more than six A4 sides, outlining:
Relevant experience
Proposed budget (to include the daily rate, and broken down by task if possible)
Proposed timeline, including start date and availability

Applications will be closed on July 25, 2020. Please note that only short-listed applicants meeting the above requirements will be contacted

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