Tuberculosis (TB) is a major health problem in Indonesia. Although there has been a 19% mortality decline from 2007 to 2017, TB remains the leading cause of death by communicable diseases. The Government of Indonesia has adopted the global commitment to end TB by 2030, and now must decide what to prioritize and how to deliver.

Implementation of TB Program is still one of the priority programs in Indonesia because it has several barrier when implement of program at Health Facilities Level. One of the problems is Reporting process, there is a gap between the number of TB patients found in the health facilities level, treated and the total number of patients reported.

Nationally, from the estimated TB cases in 2017 (1.020.000 patients), only 35.4% (360,564 patients) were reported to SITT/SITB application system, so there was a missing case of 64.6% (659.435 cases) gab or under reported. It is estimated that missing cases (gab) are in private sector health services. Private Sector providers more prefer visited by community/public (74% for initial diagnosis and 51% for treatment), but only 19% were included in the national TB program reporting (2014 TB prevalence survey).

Refer to Minister of Health Regulation No. 67 of 2016 that every health Facilities need to or Mandatory to do notifications to all client. Every health facility that provides TB services must record and report TB cases found and / or treated according to the recording and reporting format specified. Violation of this obligation may result in administrative sanctions to the revocation of operational permits for the health facility in accordance with the provisions of the legislation. The notification system must be done manually or through an electronic system in accordance with the procedures (SOP). To support this mission, MOH has been launching WIFITB application for private clinic in Fiscal Year 2018.

During the period FY2019 – 2020, WIFITB application has been used by more than 2500 end user, and base on user experience MoH/Subdit TB has received a lot of input, suggestion, recommendation and complaint from the user about the WIFITB performance, such as Date Birth Input Very Difficult and have new update, Loading server from Android Application very Late because server spec low and used a java application, WIFI TIBI used old Android Version so have update to new Android Version, need a new technology tools embedded to the system (example: Pic recognition tool, voice recognition, Whatapp business account, etc).

To support MoH/Subdit TB Kemkes RI to fix the problem and upgrade several function, plugin and other tool that could be inline with current technology situation on WIFITB Application, in FY20 implementation plan, TBPS Project under management FHI360 Indonesia Indonesia office, Plan to upgrade a WIFITB current version (later called WIFITB 1.0) to new version of the application that called WIFITB 2.0 version. As part of the ultimate achievement across those results, TBPS plan to hire an additional new software/application IT Programing Individual Consultant.


The consultant will work with TBPS Indonesia staff (cross component) to further develop/upgrade WIFITB 2.0 Version web base applications to support of the above tasks in the TBPS FY20 work plan. The Consultant scope of work with following:

1.     Support HIS Specialist of TBPS Project on coding and programing web base application system based on request and assignment from TBPS teams.

2.     Work together and support existing ICT Programing Staff/Consultant on coding and programing several inhouse developing web base application system to provide technical support and or develop new module, pages, URLs and develop/re-develop a dashboard monitoring both for internal and external access.

3.     Support HIS Specialist on testing, refining, finalizing and providing TA for data quality control prior to publish into dashboard and visualization page for external access. 


He/she shall work under the overall supervision of the Health Information System (HIS) Specialist of TBPS, ICT4D Advisor of FHI360 Indonesia Office.  He/she could get input, advise, suggest and technical brief from TBPS Country Representative, APRO team, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Advisor and/or another TBPS/FHI 360 Team. The IT Programmer will be a skilled and experienced software developer responsible for the detailed design, implementation, and testing of subsystems and system components in complex, multivendor, multi-platform environments.

A.    Specific responsibilities for IT Programing Consultant will include:

ü  Develop a web base form base on manual (hard copy) form, with exactly precise like an original form, page and field position.

ü  Develop a Dashboard and data visualizations for monitoring, tracking and reporting system

ü  Re-designing, developing, Testing, upgrading and refining  Data visualization (if any) base on input from TBPS team and launch for the several application system .

B.    Activities:

1.   Develop New Application for “WIFITB 2.0 Version”

a)    Conduct needs assessment with HIS Specialist, ICT technical advisor, M&E Advisor and or other TBPS team on the list of feedback.

b)    Prepare and present proposed new application and or new features and or new module for “Alpha version” to be reviewed by TBPS team.

c)     Work together with other HIS specialist and or an ICT consultant (if any) to develop/upgrade the feature/application (if needed) with embedded/integrated with New software/application into existing application, based on feedback from HIS Specialist, ICT technical advisor and or COP of TBPS.

d)    Present New Features/modules “Beta Version” module/application to all TBPS Team.

e)    Compile all agreed upon modifications and new features into a design plan completed with a timeline to release a User Acceptance Test (UAT) Testing.

f)      Launch of Beta 1.5 version for real-time testing

g)    Finalization and release of Final version (WIFITB 2.0 Version) for the public.

2.  Developing and or Upgrading Dashboard Monitoring and Data Visualization

a)    Conduct needs assessment with HIS Specialist and ICT technical advisor, M&E Advisor and or other TBPS team on the list of feedback.

b)    Prepare and present proposed features of tool for “dashboard monitoring”

to all TBPS team including TBN and or MoH.

c)     Develop/upgrade “Data Visualization” feature application with embedded/integrated with existing Mobile Application system (IOS/Android base) and or other relevant application system based on feedback from HIS Specialist, ICT technical advisor, M&E Advisor and or COP of TBPS.

d)    Present New Features/modules  “dashboard and data visualization” application to all TBPS team, TBN, USAID and or MoH.

e)    Compile all agreed upon modifications and new features into a design plan completed with a timeline.

f)      Launch of Final version for real-time testing and get approval from MoH for new dashboard of WIFITB 2.0 version.

3.  Integrated WIFITB 2.0 version with External Multi Applications.

a)    Conduct needs assessment with HIS Specialist, ICT technical advisor, M&E Advisor and or other TBPS team on the list of feedback.

b)    Prepare and present proposed new integrates features/modules and or external tool/MIS for “data interoperability”. Possibility the application need to be integrated is following:

-        WhatApp business account (possibility/not mandatory)

-        Mail Server Setting for notification (mandatory)

-        Data interoperability between WIFITB and SITB (Prepare for API)

c)     Compile all agreed upon modifications and new features into a design plan completed with a timeline.

B.    Expected Outputs:

a)    New Application of WIFITB 2.0 Version (max 30 September 2020)

b)    Dashboard Monitoring and Data Visualization for all level including MoH approval (max 15 October 2020)

c)    Final testing for data interoperability multi system (Max 30 November 2020)


The consultancy will be based in Jakarta, Indonesia. No Travel may be required


September 1st, 2020 to November 30th, 2020 with approximate total 60 days (maximum). Consultant only can claim invoice after all deliverable had been delivery and got approval from HIS specialist of TBPS and ICT Technical Advisor of FHI 360 Indonesia Office.


The consultant will be paid on the package basis.  Payment will be made  after the successful deliverable completion and approval of tasks assigned (Hand Over Document).


Interested candidate please send your CV with the position title as the e-mail subject to procurementIndoTBPS@fhi360.org no later than 17 August 2020.

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