Outline Call for Proposal: Softskill Module Modification from direct approach to online/virtual basis training.


Indonesia Business Links (IBL) is a not-for-profit organization, established in response to the Indonesian economic crisis 1998. The organization aims to contribute towards the creation of sound and ethical business practices in the country. For the last 17 years, IBL implementing  youth empowerment initiative, that has been empowering youth in many areas and contributes in skills creation of young men and women and contributes to enhance the opportunity of youth to secure viable employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

IBL is now implementing Empower Youth for Work program (EYW), aims to reduce poverty in rural coastal areas that are prone to impact of climate change by empowering youth women and men in equal opportunity. This project is facilitating youth to get better employment opportunities - by providing them with better capacities, help them to develop the right attitudes and behaviours for work (softskill) ; generate and improve new economic opportunities in the form of entrepreneurship opportunities and paid employment; facilitate them to engage with companies to get better work environments; and to assist them to fulfil their rights to better health and to enjoy social environments that support their growth and achievement of their dreams.  Because the project sites are prone to the impact of climate change, youth will be provided with knowledge on climate change in order to build their resilience,  to adapt and mitigate the risk of the impact of climate change that could affect their enterprises and communities. Youth will also be provided with knowledge on sexual and reproductive health rights so that they (especially young girls) could have the control over their body preventing sexual exploitation.

The program implementation is now on 5th year phase, and corona virus desease (covid-19) pandemic has forced the way we are working and delivering the program. IBL through EYW program need to shift its approach and strategy due to Covid-19 pandemic. One component of EYW program that immediately need to be modified is softskill module, an existing module of IBL that previously fully delivered through a direct/hands-on training, and now need to be modified into online/virtual method that enable IBL continue to deliver the softskill training and create more impact for young people. As the module will be delivered through online/virtual basis, it need to be a module that still reflecting active-joyfull-and effective learning/training process.

The main beneficiries of modified softskill module will be: i) young women and men 15 to 29 years old in rural coastal areas where EYW program works. We are focusing on youth who have limited opportunity to develop their life skills or the formal skills required to take up formal employment or develop micro-enterprises, and ii) local sofskill trainers in areas of EYW program.

Scope of Work

Empower Youth for Work (EYW)  program will hire personal or institution consultan to modify the existing softskill module in coordination with EYW team. The selected consultan will prepare a detail figure of modified module including but not limited to: i) the whole content/lessons of the module, ii) the new approach/delivering method, iii) the digital platform will be used during the training, iv) the tools or other supporting online material, as well as iv) the monitoring and evaluation mechanism for an online/virtual basis training.  The selected consultan need to consult and communicate the updated progress of module modification at regular schedule required by EYW program.

Once the modified module ready, it need to be tested in order to get the best input for improvement and finalization process. The trial of module will be classified into three group of trial participants: i) group of IBL’s staffs, ii) group of softskill trainers and iii) group of youth where the trainers and IBL’s staffs will take a role as observers. The finalization of the modified module will also accomodate inputs from the donor, and representatives of other department inside Indonesia Business Links.

Consultant Requirement

·      At least 7-10 years of professional experience in implementing consulting works especialy on softskill materials.

·      Strong experience in engaging stakeholders and youth within Indonesian context in character building issues.

·      Significant experience of working with non-profit organization and other local intitutions.

·      Significant experience of working in social and development context.

·      Have flexibility in order to achieve the vision and mission of IBL and the project outcomes.

·      Have experience in developing training material in virtual context.

·      Excellent writing, presentation and spoken English.

Reporting Requirement

·      The selected consultant will submit their final result of work to Project Manager for Empower Youth for Work IBL.

·      Regular meetings/calls/discussions to report on progress of work and deliverables will be required.

·      The payment of the service provider will be contingent on the timely submission of deliverables listed in proposal submitted by candidates of consultant.

Requirement for The Proposal

The following information must be provided in the proposal:

·      Letter of intent/proposal addressed to Steady, Finance and Administration Officer of Empower Youth of Work IBL.

·      Updated CV (Individudial Candidate) and Organization Profile (if applying as an organization/company)

·      Workplan and financial proposal. The financial proposal should outline for the professional fee in IDR and breakdown of cost.

Closing Date for Submission

·      To apply please submit a letter of intent/the proposal that demonstrate experience qualification and propose professional fee/cost along with your CV/organization profile, proposal (work and budgte plan) and others supporting document (in any).

·      Please send all materials in one PDF document via email with subject “Softskill module modification from direct to online/virtual basis training_Name of Organization/Individual” to steady@ibl.or.id cc steady.zalukhu@gmail.com no later than August 17, 2020.

Only successful candidate will be contacted. Due to Covid-19 Pandemic situation all of IBL staff are working from home and would not be able to contacted through office phone number. For any quaries related to submission please contact email address above.

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