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Yayasan Nurani Luhur Masyarakat (YNLM), an Indonesian civil society organization based in Medan, has been implementing a 3 year project since january 2018, focusing on child nutrition. The project aim to improve under three year children nutrition status in District of North Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat by using positive deviance approach. This project will also be integrated with Nutrition and home-gardening, including aquaponik, as project components to ensure lasting improvement on the first 1000 golden day’s irreversible children growth and wellbeing development. 

YNLM has been working in Nusa Tenggara Barat since 2013 for disaster risk reduction issue by train vulnerable groups to enhance their capacity in farming and savings and has just finishing maternal, child health and nutrition campaign project through leveraging capacity of Paysandús’ cadres in North Lombok to deliver the behavior change campaign messages towards mothers in outreach area.

Currently YNLM Lombok Office is recruiting Quarter Jakarta is currently recruiting the following position for its project:

JOB TITLE                            : PROJECT COORDINATOR


REPORTS TO                       :  COMDEV SUPERVISOR

BASE                                      : LOMBOK UTARA, WEST NUSA TENGGARA


The Project Coordinator (PC) is responsible for overall project management and coordination with partners, government agencies, other INGOs in the same sectors and communities. The PC ensures that implementation strategies result in maximum impact and sustainability, that timely implementation of activities and quality results are achieved to ensure first 1000 golden days of child growth and wellbeing development improved.

The PC oversees the overall technical and operational strategies of the project ensuring programmatic integration of different cross cutting Nutrition, WASH and Farming projects components including gender sensitizing. She/he plays a leadership role in developing implementation timelines and tools required for project interventions. She/he develops and manages the project overall budgets and reports to Community Development Program Supervisor on project progress. The PC must ensure that community-based activities and government level advocacy activities are complementary and well-targeted.


Serve as a leader and coordinator of the project team with the following responsibilities: 

A. Project Management.

B. Financial/Budget and Asset Management.

C. Contract Management/Compliance.

D. Personal Management.

E. Government Liaison/External Relations.

A. Project Management.

a.    Actively contribute to project implementation planning and revise the LFA based on the project dynamic and progress. Lead and manage overall project cycle within the grade framework.

b.    Ensure compliance with Project documentation and donor guidelines including: Annual plan, narrative reports and budget revisions and reallocation. Donor contract Donor procedure manuals Individual Project Implementation Agreement

c.    Ensure that the Project conforms to YNLM program principles and project standards as well as YNLM organization value and take appropriate steps to correct or improve identified areas.

d.    Review approved project outputs and indicators so as to ensure that they are appropriate and realistic, and suggest changes to line management as required.

e.    Develop annual plan, ensure that all project staff develop monthly plans and reports accordingly.

f.     Monitoring progress of indicators according to project goals and objectives to assess the impact of the Project.

g.    Mobilize and manage field staffs as required.

h.    Support identification and implementation of potential innovation of the project to increase the project outreach or increase institutional added value of YNLM.

B. Financial/Budget and Asset Management.

a.    Comply with YNLM financial management procedures and expenditure monitoring systems including monthly budget line burst level.

b.    Authorize all necessary Project site expenditure within YNLM “Limits of Authorization” table and ensure that Project expenses are kept to a minimum consistent with sound administrative and financial practices.

c.    Ensure that Project expenditure is being coded correctly and consistently (i.e. allocated to correct budget lines) and that budget expenses are used solely for the purposes for which they were granted and in accordance with relevant YNLM budget effectiveness and efficiently guidelines.

d.    Check monthly project expenditure report for accuracy and appropriateness. Regularly discuss with finance and program team concerning financial reporting issues, errors, trends, payment delays, outstanding commitments and related matters.

e.    Monitor expenditure on a monthly basis against the approved budget. Review expenditure projections to ensure that expenditure stays within budget. Actual or anticipated expenditure variances against the budget should be included in the monthly report to line management together with any recommendations for changes to the budget.

f.     In close coordination with the Administration Unit and/or Regional Area Representatives, ensure that assets purchased by or provided to the Project comply with asset management guidelines in the YNLM Administration Manual.

g.    In close cooperation with accounting assistant, ensure that quarterly and annually financial reports are sent to donor  according to set deadlines.

C. Contract Management.

a.    Ensure that contractual compliance obligations to the donor are understood and adhered to by all relevant project staff.

b.    In the event of any urgent and serious matters, provide immediate reports (verbal or written) to line management or Area Representatives. Such matters of significance may include:

·         Personnel/staff, Security,

·         Financial or asset control,

·         Project performance, 

·         Legal problems,

·         Events likely to gain adverse publicity, and or

·         Any other matters felt to be of significance by the Project Coordinator.

c.    Submit all reports on time (YNLM, Donor).

d.    Ensure that approved objectives, outputs (targets) and budgets are reached. Any changes to the project design, objectives, outputs or budget must have prior approval by the donor.

e.    Ensure the effective management, maintenance, security and legitimate usage of all project facilities, assets, personnel and equipment.

D. Personnel Management.

a.    Develop, define and maintain updated job descriptions for all relevant project staff, which clearly explain the roles and responsibilities of each staff member.

b.    Work with line management and Human Resources Unit to recruit staff for all project positions. Ensure that YNLM’s recruitment procedures are followed.

c.    Ensure that all staff clearly understands their roles and responsibilities. On the basis of their job descriptions monitor staff performance and provide constructive feedback to staff in line with YNLM performance management procedures (3600 Key Performance Index process).

d.    Identify the key skills required by all project staff to effectively fulfill their designated roles and where necessary suggest or plan staff training to fulfill such needs as well as provide on the job training and coaching/mentoring.

e.    Assist all project staff to have access to training in order to develop their area of skills beyond the requirements of their current position.

f.     Actively assist staff, in particular women, assume greater responsibility within project activities and ‘foster’ their long-term professional development.

g.    Ensure that staff participates in the development of project weekly/monthly work plans.

h.    Ensure that the provisions of YNLM Human Resource Manual are being complied with. In particular, ensure that working hours, annual, sick leave and other leave provisions are being applied and liaise with the Area Representative (if applicable) or Human Resources Unit regarding relevant staffing issues.

i.      At all times ensure the safety and security of all Project staff in line with YNLM policies and procedures.

E. Government Liaison/External Relations.

a.    Establish and maintain positive working relationships with other institutions involved in the project by ensuring appropriate representation of YNLM. This should include regular contact to ensure they are fully and appropriately involved in the project.

b.    Establish local procedures in order to liaise effectively with local government institutions such as BAPPEDA, BKP, Health Agency, and Social Agency. This may include such things as: planning, implementing, reporting, monitoring and evaluation or any other aspect that requires local government understanding and support for effective project management.

c.    Assist line management to meet all required narrative and financial reporting requirements promptly.

d.    Comply with host government priorities and policies where these are consistent with YNLM Vision and Mission as well as donor contractual obligations and the need to ensure project quality.

e.    Undertake all areas of responsibility in a professional manner and in a way that enhances the reputation of the project and the reputation of YNLM.


Together with COMDEV Supervisor to develop program strategy, design and work plan;

1.    Conduct monitoring and evaluation activity to ensure harmonization, standardization and optimizing of any project activities and to ensure the achievement of expected output;

2.    From time to time visit the field as part of mentoring project staff, monitoring and evaluation activity to measure the project achievement, opportunity and help to overcome the challenges faced by the program;

3.    Prepare and submit narrative report in quarterly, semi-annual and final report. 

4.    Facilitate the coordination meeting with all team;

5.    Proactively identify and communicate program opportunities and challenges for replication and/or upscale.

6.    Advocate Nutritional Education and Rehabilitation Session activity to be put into the village development agenda to village authority and influence the annual budgeting; 

7.    Liaise with respected government and other stakeholder on the project implementation;

8.    Supervise Field Officer, MEAL Officer and other subordinate team on the project structure;

9.    Conduct any other duties that may reasonably be assigned in line with the position.

10. Willing to work under the flexible time and live in the outreach area as the project requirement.


1.    Education: a University degree in a related field to education, Public Health, Nutrition, Social Development, Social Policy, Gender studies etc.

2.    Experience: 

·         3 years successful record in Project Management at middle to senior level. 2-3 years of specialized experience working with civil society organizations and/or advocacy efforts.

·         Experience of working on issues related to health and nutrition in community level.

·         Experience in conduct the KAP survey analysis and developing the project monitoring system.

·         Familiarity with a diverse number of cross-cutting themes such as rights based programming, networking, gender integration and policy advocacy.

3.    Specific technical skills: 

·         Proficiency in written and spoken English.

·         Organization and Presentation.

·         Report writing (in Indonesia & English).

·         Project Planning

·         Liaison and contract negotiation.

·         Budgeting and administration.


YNLM offering an equal opportunity employer, competitive salary and benefits package, a collegial working environment. Women candidates are encouraged to apply. Applicants are invited to send a cover letter illustrating their suitability for the above positions, and detailed curriculum vitae, with names and addresses of three referees (including telephone, fax numbers and email address). Relocation cost will not be covered. Please DO NOTattached academic transcripts and Diplomas and state clearly the applied position code in the email subject.

How to apply?

Please submit your current CV and a cover letter to  cc no later than September 09th, 2020.

This is an opened position at national level.

Please specify the position name you are applying for ‘Project Coordinator_Lombok Utara_Your name’ in the ‘subject’ line of your email. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified

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