ECONUSA FOUNDATION Vacancy - Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer

The EcoNusa Foundation is a non-profit organization aiming to enhance various local Papuan initiatives at the national and international levels in promoting sustainable natural resource management. The organization was founded on 21 July 2017 in Jakarta. In achieving the goal, EcoNusa Foundation encourages the development of the capacity of civil society organizations to organize advocacy, campaigns, communication with the engagement and dialogue among stakeholders in promoting sustainable natural resource management and the values of transparency, conservation, and equity. We work on several projects which, among others, focus on local community resilience, policy advocacy, communication hubs in Eastern Indonesia, and local economic development.

Following intense program implementation, a unit of Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) was formed in June 2019. Right now, we are looking for a new personnel for the position of MEL Officer in order to support the team. The main tasks and authority of the MEL Officer is designated for successful achievement of the organizational goals related to the development of MEL system and data-based system. Her/his responsibility includes coordination in the program planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation as well as learning.

The Econusa urgently invites the best, most-talented and highly-motivated individuals to apply for the following vacancies:

Post title         : Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Officer

Supervisor      : MEL Manager

Duty Station   : Jakarta

Job Type         : Full Time (1 year)

Level               : Officer


This position is to provide support primarily in the operationalization of the MEL Unit and projects units in the monitoring, evaluation, and learning of the implemented projects at EcoNusa Foundation.


1)     Involve in the program planning and preparation for new projects that of organizational initiatives;

2)     Monitor the activities carried out and project progress for the achievement of outputs and outcomes as well as document those activities completely to ensure quality assurance of the project reporting;

3)     Provide support in the development of concepts, approaches and strategies, and document the learning process from the implementation of all projects based on the monitoring records;

4)     Support all units within the organization in the use of M&E tools such as in the development of logical framework and other required tools along with the data collection for MEL system development;

5)     Coordinate the implementation of activities for monitoring and evaluation, analyze documents, and process M&E data including data management of these activities;

6)     Provide regular circulations to the program units about the reporting deadlines to donors and check the completeness of required documents (supporting documents covering photos of activities);

7)     Develop activity reports of the MEL Unit as necessary periodically in a timely manner according to the format and instruments applied;

8)     Prepare the Terms of Reference (ToR) for the implementation of MEL Unit’s activities;

9)     Share information related to M&E and lessons learned from the implementation of activities or project monitoring based on organizational requirements;

10)  Attend the coordination meetings in relation to MEL Unit or other relevant tasks which support the effectiveness of program implementation as required by the organization.


Background and Skill

Bachelor degree in social sciences with solid experience in the implementation of M&E for development programs by non-profit organizations. Being skillful in using software like MS Office and other digital applications will greatly ease the implementation of the tasks.

Working Experience

Minimum 3 years working experience in M&E.

Specific Requirements

1.  Able to communicate in Indonesian and English well. Ability to write stories from the field or activity reports will be an advantage.

2.  Deft at work with accuracy and diligence.

3.  Creative and responsive.



Internal  (MEL Unit) : The MEL Officer will work closely with the MEL Specialist and MEL Manager.

External : MEL Officer will collaborate with all unit teams at the EcoNusa Foundation and relevant parties.

This job description above covers the main tasks for the position of MEL Officer. Additional duties may be entailed as suggested by the organization and within the reasonableness of the levels of skill and experience.

Please submit your letter of application and recent curriculum vitae by email to with subject “Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer” no later than October 2, 2020.

Please visit our website for more info :

Note: Only short-listed candidates will be notified

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