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Skills to Succeed is a Save the Children Indonesia program which aims to support young people aged 16-24 to prepare skills in employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. The aim of this program is to bridge young people with job opportunities by collaborating with stakeholders including schools and the private sector, in supporting youth through job readiness skills, financial education, entrepreneurship, and vocational counselling training.

Through the Skills to Succeed program, Save the Children Indonesia implemented 5 skills that students need to have through the development of soft skills learning modules. These skills are; positive self-concept, self-control, skills in creative and critical thinking, communication skills and social skills. During the program, trainings have been carried out for teachers as facilitators in delivering soft skills modules in classroom learning.

The employability skills program has always been a strength for the project, not only consists of, career counselling, financial literacy and entrepreneurship provided to youth in out of school youth and in school youth. In Indonesia, the project has been able to serve in total more than 68,000 youth from 2014, consist of 63.065 from in school youth and 5,795 coming from out of school youth. Skills to Succeed Indonesia has been implemented in three locations; previously in Lampung province, West Java province and East Java as the new province in global grant 5.

Current Global grant phase 5 has been started in 2017 and will be ended by 2020. Therefore as part of Skills to Succeed continues evaluation agenda, the current phase of GG5 will need an evaluation to review all strategy for the implementation and also to produce a recomendation for the next project especially on the design and implementation.  


Skills to Succeed project di Indonesia has been started from 2014, with its experience and benefit being long term program with several period of project brings a lot of benefit for this 5th Global Grant. Global grant 5 has already reach more than 31,500 direct youth with its intervention. This evaluation will be able to provide information on what will be short impact of this intervention to the youth who already received series of employability skills training. This achievement is also supported by a lot of factors both by internal and external of the projects.

Previously the project has done a midterm evaluation and some findings from our midterm performance review for GG5 project was

There is a mismatch between youth’s experience in school and the workforce

S2S approach has been acknowledge by youth to be able to answer youth needs in working preparation

Youth want S2S to be earlier in vocational school and have “less theory, more practice”


The result of the midterm has contributed some evidence that the S2S approach are feasible to be adopted to be a part of school’s activity in employability activities.

Meanwhile there will be some external factors that might have impact to the result of this evaluation project activity

Covid-19 pandemic is preventing mobility and activity in data collection and stakeholder participation in the evaluation

Large of coverage geographical area of the project, school’s partner vs time and budget. Also, project activity quality and stakeholder advocacy in the project.

Drastic changes in economic caused by Covid19 pandemic situation will impact and might influence the bias of the evaluation.

This evaluation will only be focus in schools in west java and east java as the project partners for the in-school youth students


Purpose and objective


This evaluation is being conducted at the end of the Skills to Succeed project. The purpose of this evaluation is to draw lessons from the implementation process that could inform and support the opportunity of the project sustainability among the relevant stakeholder


The study aims  are to investigate 1) benefit or impact perceived by S2S stakeholders (student, teacher, and school) to improve teachers capacity to deliver employability and counseling session, and improve student’s readiness to enter employment 2) to explore how stakeholders including staff on project implementation process to identify success ,failure, strength and weakness to achieve above objective. 3) To gather information how the project approach/intervention sustainability after the project end. Details research question can be seen in 5.4 section


The evaluation will merely focus on the takeaway of Skills to Succeed Project:

In school youth beneficiaries in 2 provinces in its intervention area, east and west java.

Teachers and relevant stakeholders in intervention area



The key stakeholders/audiences for this evaluation are: Project donor; Primary implementing organization; Implementing partners; Government stakeholders; Community groups; Beneficiaries; International development/ humanitarian community

Research design and sampling

The GG5 Final performance evaluation will be using qualitative method, due to the limited time and covid-19 situation. Semi-structured Interviews/Focus Group Discussions with relevant resource persons in the project.

Desk review of project documents, prior evaluation reports, monitoring reports and other relevant documents. This include project report and previous study/evaluation

Interviews with key project staffs and implementing partners, teachers, school representatives and other key informant stakeholder

Focus group discussions with targeted beneficiaries (teachers & in school youth) and stakeholders:

 Qualitative Data Sources: Qualitative

Semi-structured Interviews/Focus Group Discussions with S2S Alumni

Semi-structured Interviews/Focus Group Discussions with SC Staff, schools management and key informants

Semi-structured Interviews/Focus Group Discussions with Teachers


All documents including:

raw data from data collection,

inception report

draft report

Full report



The consultant is to provide reporting against the project plan. The following regular reporting and quality review processes will also be used:

Verbal reporting each week to the S2S project team by outlining progress made over the past month.

A written Progress Report (1-page) by email to the Save the Children Evaluation Project Manager every documenting progress, any emerging issues to be resolved and planned activities for the next month.


The consultant deliverable will be :

Approved Inception report

Approved data collection instrument

Report on data collection training and completion of data collection

Final report after accommodating SC Indonesia and SCUS feedback

Presentation of the evaluation findings to the SC staff or the special forum for it


Understanding of requirements and proposal

.1. Demonstrate your understanding of the study requirements and provide your proposal for how you would approach the research/evaluation. Your 

      proposal will be assessed on whether the approach and methodology are robust, appropriate (actionable, sensitive, responsible) and indicates that it

       will achieve the study requirements.

2. Demonstrate your understanding of the deliverables and activities to be implemented, by:

Describing your proposed approach to project management and track record of delivering on time and on budget.

Providing a project plan with indicative timeline and defined roles and responsibilities of team members.

Capability criteria

Demonstrated Experience

3. Demonstrate your experience and track record in conducting medium:

    a. [Formative evaluation using (qualitative)

    b. [Impact evaluation using (qualitative data collection and analysis

4. Demonstrate your experience and track record in conducting research and/or evaluation in the field of evaluation, particularly in

    relation to youth employment

5. Demonstrate your experience and track record of leading socio-economic research, evaluations or consultancy work in Indonesia

    that is sensitive to the local context and culture, particularly youth and school

6. Demonstrate your experience and track record in conducting ethical, inclusive and participatory research and/or evaluations involving:

    a)   children and b) marginalized, deprived and/or vulnerable groups

Bidder capacity

7.  Describe the Project lead’s coordination experience in leading consultancy work, research and/or evaluations of similar scale, and managing a team

     of diverse team of specialists.

8.  Nominate the key personnel and resource pool who will perform the work in relation to this contract. Your response will be assessed on whether the

      skills and experience of key personnel adequately covers all areas of expertise and experience required, and your combined team resources (number

      of members) as required to implement the activities within the set timeframe. Please indicate the ‘personnel type’ for each key personnel using the

      types outlined in the table below for the next question.

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Save the Children encourages qualified candidates to apply regardless of religion, race, gender, sexual orientation or disability

All recruitment practices and procedures reflect Save the Children’s commitment to protecting children from abuse

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