Save the Children began implementing long-term Sponsorship programs in West Sumba in 2014 and Central Sumba 2015). This program aims to reach 100,000 children and their communities over the course of 10 ten years to improve the quality of education and health service of children in West Sumba and Central Sumba.

In 2019, Midterm Evaluation (MTE) has been done by consultant. However, the works were not finished yet and remaining a lot of data to be analyzed. In the other side, the needs of MTE results are increasing, as the Sponsorship program enter the last half period of the program, which considered as the right time to re-develop Sponsorship program design and strategy for the remaining period of the program. The MTE aimed to answer these Evaluation Questions (EQ) as follow:


What is the status of key child, family, and community on core programming outcome indicators, and what should be the targets for end-line evaluation in 5 years?


What unintended/unplanned outcomes, both positive and negative, have occurred over the past five years due to sponsorship programming?


To what degree are key stakeholders, such as children, caregivers, community leaders, school and health officials, local partners satisfied with current programming? In what areas is Sponsorship meeting the needs of children and in what areas is it not?


What areas require improvement or additional attention considering key indicator status, stakeholder satisfaction, child rights and participation, gender, equity, and inclusion?


What are key contextual issues that have, or currently are, positively and negatively affecting Sponsorship programming and results, or may do so in the future?


To what degree have program staff made progress on plans for “transfer of ownership” that will be assessed at the upcoming end-line evaluation?


Although the data have been collected from field, the MTE process are not completed yet. Comprehensive analysis is needed to provide Sponsorship team with clear findings and recommendation from MTE. These will be used to develop program adaptation for the next 5 years of Sponsorship period. To address these data gaps, the Sponsorship program team have decided to hire individual consultant to continue the analysis process of Midterm Evaluation.


The objectives of this consultancy work are:

To provide valid analysis results of quantitative and qualitative data with consideration of gender, inclusiveness, and child protection issues in five program themes; Basic Education, ECCD, Maternal Neonatal Child Health and Nutrition, School Health & Nutrition, and Adolescent Development.

To provide data interpretation to reflect the actual situation of those five thematic issues in West Sumba and Central Sumba and its relations with Sponsorship program interventions and literatures.

To answer 6 Evaluation Questions of MTE and clear recommendation for next 5 years Sponsorship Program implementation

To provide concise and valid brief report of Sponsorship Midterm Evaluation.


Agreed analysis plan to answer Evaluation Questions

Clean and valid data tabulation or distribution table addressing all indicators of Sponsorship program for all five themes and include baseline data for comparison.

One PPT for preliminary findings presentation.

One valid and concise report of Sponsorship Midterm Evaluation (Max. 8 pages per theme) addressing 6 MTE Evaluation Questions, printed 3 copies.

Five two pagers infographics (one per theme, digital copies).


This consultancy works is included but not limited:

Conduct pre-analysis process (cleaning, data preparation)

Conduct quantitative and qualitative data analysis of Sponsorship MTE.

Cross-analyze MTE data against Sponsorship baseline and other related data sources.

Create clean and valid data tabulation/ distribution table to address all Sponsorship indicators.

Desk review to interpret data against Sponsorship program implementation and literatures

Facilitate online preliminary findings presentation to Sponsorship team.

Write valid and concise report.

Develop two pagers infographic for all themes.


Individual consultant

Experience working in NGO/ INGO for at least five years

Experienced in M&E works for at least five years.

Experienced in conducting quantitative analysis, especially for evaluation purposes.

Able to meet expected timeline.

Good skill on report writing (proven by submitting 1 example of report).

To apply for this position, please find below :

External applicant:


Closing date for application is up to October 6th, 2020

(Only short-listed candidates will be notified)

Please visit our website for more info https://www.stc.or.id/join-us/karir

Save the Children encourages qualified candidates to apply regardless of religion, race, gender, sexual orientation or disability

All recruitment practices and procedures reflect Save the Children’s commitment to protecting children from abuse


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