GIZ Indonesia for the Harnessing the Power of Hygiene and Behavior Change in Schools to Fight Covid-19 (STA Unilever WASH) Project: (Senior) Advisor (Coordinator)

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is a German public-benefit federal enterprise. GIZ works worldwide in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development and has over 50 years of experience in a wide variety of areas.

Schools are key public institutions where students, staff and community members come together, interact closely and share common spaces. Schools provide a setting where the risk of spreading diseases is high. At the same time, schools are institutions where life-long hygiene behaviours are acquired; and which serve as models for parents and communities.

In response to COVID-19, governments across the world have closed schools to reduce the risk of disease transmission. Interruption of attending school has huge impact on the life of children, families and communities and ultimately consequences for economies and the entire society.  In Indonesia, like in most countries data on COVID-19 prevalence is incomplete and Ministries of Education need to make decisions in an environment of uncertainty, contradicting scientific studies and limited knowledge on the role of schools in disease transmission. 

The Fit for School Programme of GIZ has supported the Ministry of Education and Culture (MOEC) to improve the status of WASH in Schools (WinS) in Indonesia since 2011. GIZ is supporting the efforts of Indonesian government for safe re-opening of schools, specifically to support the conditions for personal and environmental hygiene in schools to help MOEC to comply with SDG basic service standards and Global recommendation to prevent COVID-19 transmission.

To join global movement for safe re-opening of schools GIZ is opening a new position for its Indonesia team. The  DeveloPP programme of GIZ has been commissioned by the Hygiene and Behavior Change Coalition (HBCC) (Unilever and DFID)  to support the government of Indonesia in implementing Pandemic Preparedness and Response (PPR) measures in schools, specifically personal hygiene (handwashing with soap) and environment hygiene (cleaning and surface disinfection).

GIZ is seeking one qualified Indonesian candidate for the following position:

(Senior) Advisor

(A Coordinator for WASH and School Pandemic Preparedness and Response in Schools in Indonesia)

A.  Responsibilities, but is not limited to:

The aim of the project is to prepare and equip public schools in Indonesia for the challenges in a pandemic context by guiding systemic improvements in personal, surface, and environmental hygiene. Through the programme, the (Senior) Advisor will work closely with the GIZ Fit for School - DeveloPPP team to supervise the modeling, integration and operationalization of pandemic preparedness and response measures into existing systems within the education sector; support the development of guidelines within the education sector based on global recommendations and experiences from model schools; and support the development of capacity building measures for the education sector to scale up pandemic preparedness and response measures.

B.  Tasks

In carrying out this role, the (Senior) Advisor performs the following major functions:

1.   Partner Coordination

Coordinate activities and maintain and enhance relationships with relevant programme partners, specifically to:

·         Coordinate with the Unilever in-country team and their respective contribution to the programme.

·         Liaise and contribute to the HBCC global campaign and alignment with Indonesia HBCC partners

·         Support collaboration and relationship-building initiatives with HBCC team and represent GIZ Indonesia in meetings

·         Identify initiatives of other development actors in the field of WinS in Indonesia, especially in the context of pandemic preparedness and response (PPR) measures and collaborate towards the harmonization of strategies and alignment of efforts.

·         Coordinate efforts with the MOEC through the (Senior) Advisor.

·         Coordinate with the WinS Technical Working Groups in Indonesia

·         Promote the activities of the DeveloPPP programme, Global WinS Network, and its core members.

2.   Programme Management and Oversight

Oversee programme planning and implementation and support monitoring and reporting of accomplishment of programme objectives and plans, ensuring proper resource allocation and quality in programme outputs. The programme will establish a replicable model for pandemic preparedness and response suitable for rapid and massive government-led scale-up, and the Advisor will be expected to:

·         Organize the selection of at least 40 model schools for the feasible implementation of PPR measures, specifically, on hand hygiene practices and implementation of cleaning and disinfection guidelines.

·         Supervise project officers in supporting local governments in implementing PPR measures in least 40 model schools, specifically in:

o   Coordinating the procurement and mobilization (for the Unilever contribution) of PPR supplies for the model schools;

o   Coordinating the installation of handwashing facilities in model schools to allow for hand hygiene of all students, teaching and non-teaching staff and support hygiene behavior change in students and staff; and

o   Coordinating and consolidating the feedback and recommendations from the field activities of project officers and adjust PPR packages according to experiences from the field.

·         Organize strategic activities to increase public awareness in the importance of routine surface cleaning practices and institutional surface hygiene behavior change in support of COVID-19 infection control and prevention.

·         Develop and operationalize information and education campaign (IEC) materials and training modules for cleaners on the whole-of-school approach to cleaning and disinfection.

3.   Technical Assistance

Provide technical assistance to government and development partners and stakeholders in programmatic areas including strategy and policy development (national level), development of implementing guidelines, specifically with regards the institutionalization of PPR implementation, management and monitoring measures in the education sector, based on the modeling of a scalable implementation package on WASH in schools/whole-of-school cleaning and disinfection for PPR

4.   Advocacy

Bring together support for the programme pandemic preparedness and response initiative(s) from government high officials, development and private sector partners, and key stakeholders, with a focus on bridging relevant and effective public-private partnerships on WinS.

5.   Capacity Development Coordination

In coordination with the Global WinS Network and the Regional Fit for School Programme, organize human capacity development measures for government partners to strengthen ownership, strategies, management, and communications for the institutionalization of WASH pandemic preparedness and response in schools.

6.   Knowledge Management

Supports programme knowledge management processes and activities, and the development of knowledge products, and ensures the documentation and dissemination of programme results, lessons learnt, and best practices, and facilitate knowledge sharing among relevant stakeholders.

7.   Consultancy Support

Support to the deliverables and the and management of short-term consultants contracted by the programme, which includes, among others:

Development and costing of PPR package for students and cleaners

Development of content on PPR measures for integration into MOOCs

Production of videos for inclusion into the existing WinS MOOC


8.   General Corporate Tasks

Performs other tasks relevant to the job or organizational unit as needed, and participates in external coordination and other corporate, entrepreneurial, or strategy-linked undertakings.

C.    Required qualifications, competencies and experience


Postgraduate degree in education, health sciences, social science, or public administration

Minimum of 8 years of working experience

Experience in working with the Ministry of Education and Culture and/or local departments of education, particularly in the field of WASH in Schools

Experience in providing technical assistance in the context of development partnerships

Fluent written and verbal knowledge of English & Bahasa Indonesia, German knowledge will be an advantage


Other Knowledge, Additional Competencies

Demonstrated organization, entrepreneurial and management competencies

Strategic thinking and understanding of higher order implications of approaches, decisions, and actions

Ability to communicate and to relate with people of diverse organizational cultures in government, national / local, private sector and at all levels of a hierarchical organization

Proven capacity to interact and constructively cooperate with partners in the MOEC and NGO partners and colleagues

Ability to clearly and amiably present ideas and transmit knowledge in the terms of the recipient / user / partner

Maintaining an extensive network within the education landscape

Willingness to up skill as required by the tasks to be performed – corresponding measures are agreed with supervisor


Duty Station: Jakarta

Joining Date: a.s.a.p.

Direct Supervisor: Senior Advisor - Team Leader GIZ Business Hub Indonesia, and the Regional Programme Coordinator for Indonesia of the Regional Fit for School Programme

Please submit your motivation letter and comprehensive resume (including trainings and list of references) to by November 3rd, 2020 with subject line STA Unilever WASH – (Senior) Advisor/Coordinator.

Please name your file as follow format:

[Your Complete Name]_[Motivation Letter/CV/Latest Education Certificate] (i.e: Nakula Sadewa_CV or Nakula Sadewa _Motivation Letter or Nakula Sadewa _Reference) – the attachments are not more than 300 KB.

Only short-listed candidates will be notified

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