Request for Proposal 1833-XX Conduct Webinar on Nutrition Surveillance and Refresher Training on HMIS Data Collection in East Java and East Nusa Tenggara Province

Dear Potential Bidders,

Nutrition International/NI is implementing MITRA Youth, a project supporting Weekly Iron Folic Acid Supplementation (WIFAS) for prevention and reduction of Iron Deficiency Anaemia (IDA) among school-going adolescent girls, in selected districts in two provinces of Indonesia: East Java and East Nusa Tenggara. MITRA Youth is funded by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Australia.  

Following the latest update from MoH 2018[1], a Regulation of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia No. 14 year 2019 was released afterwards.[2] This regulation provides guidelines on implementation of Nutrition Surveilance by health staff. The guidelines focus on collecting information not only on number of IFA tablets distributed but also epmhaizes on data collection for IFA consumption (adherence) among adolescent girls and women of childbearing age. 

To support program delivery, NI conducted capacity building activities for 22 provincial and district facilitators in 2018. While recognizing the risk of COVID-19 being transmitted during data collection of nutrition information, the surveillance and monitoring of nutrition programmes should continue where possible while exploring innovative approaches to collect vital information without causing any unintended harm and provide adequate and timely information for response planning.

Hence, NI is planning to conduct refresher training of PHO, DHO and puskesmas staff on HMIS data collection in 20 districts both in East Java and East Nusa Tenggara to improve the knowledge and skill of health staff on data recording and reporting for WIFA program.. Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, NI is planning to conduct virtual sessions for health workers from district health office and puskesmas.

NI invites agencies to submit bid with link as below:

Deadline for submission: October 26, 2020, 12:00 West Indonesia Standard Time.

The proposal shall be put into a covering email specifically indicating with subject line

“RFP 1833-XX Conduct Webinar on Nutrition Surveillance and Refresher Training on HMIS Data Collection in East Java and East Nusa Tenggara Province” need to be sent to email:

Thank you for your kind attention and cooperation.


Nutrition International

[1] Guidelines for prevention and control of adolescent girl and women of childbearing age, MoH, 2018 (Pedoman Pencegahan dan Penanggulangan pada Remaja Putri dan Wanita Usia Subur, Kementrian Kesehatan Republik Indonesia, 2018)

[2] PMK (Peraturan Menteri Kesehatan Republik Indonesia) No. 14 tahun 2019

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