RFP Indonesia Digital Literacy Curriculum Development and Training

 Indonesia Digital Literacy Curriculum Development and Training 

Job description

DAI is searching for an organization to support development, implementation, and dissemination of a digital literacy training curriculum (“the curriculum”) to supplement the existing USAID-funded JAdi Pengusaha MandiRI (Become an Independent Entrepreneur – JAPRI) entrepreneurship training program.  



The completed curriculum will be utilized by trainers and learners in East Java, Indonesia. Preparation work may be done remotely. Local travel may be needed. 

Expected Timeline 

This is a one-year project that is expected to start late 2020 or early 2021. 

JAPRI Entrepreneurship Training Program 

JAPRI’s goal is to improve opportunities for Indonesians by creating self-employment through entrepreneurship for vulnerable youth ages 18 to 30. JAPRI leverages and tailors existing entrepreneurship resources to promote entrepreneurship among vulnerable youth. With the Institute of International Education (IIE) as the lead, JAPRI is implemented by a consortium of partners, including Prestasi Junior Indonesia (PJI), Mien R Uno Foundation (MRUF), Kelompok Perempuan dan Sumber-Sumber Kehidupan/Women’s Groups, Sources of Life (KPS2K) and Himpunan Wanita Disabilitas Indonesia (HWDI). 

JAPRI’s unique approach is focusing on business mentoring and coaching as follow on activities after the training. Business mentoring is delivered by successful business owners who inspire the youth by sharing their own experience and tips and tricks. Business coaching is delivered by certified coaches who have completed JAPRI’s Training of Coaches. Coaches help youth to set targets for their businesses and find ways to address challenges. Business mentoring and coaching accelerates youth self-employment, shapes youth confidence in developing new businesses, and provides a support system for young entrepreneurs. 

JAPRI’s objectives are to: 

  1. Empower vulnerable youth to start and/or grow businesses through an increase in entrepreneurship knowledge and skills and access to business coaching and mentoring. 
  2. Strengthen the capacity of local stakeholders to provide vulnerable youth entrepreneurs with ongoing support through increased commitment and readiness of stakeholders to adopt the JAPRI model. 
  3. Empower women to access economic opportunities through increased basic entrepreneurship skills and strengthen the support system for women in business. 

For more information, please visit: https://www.iie.org/en/Programs/USAID-JAdi-Pengusaha-MandiRI/About 

Target Outcomes 

The curriculum will provide enabling support for the JAPRI training program to improve the digital literacy skills of JAPRI’s target beneficiaries, including 4,000 youth entrepreneurs (including 2,900 women and 500 persons with disabilities). The curriculum will help to improve their digital literacy skills so that they can achieve safe, secure and successful business growth. 

Target Beneficiaries 

The curriculum and training framework have two main target populations: 

  1. Primary: To strengthen the capacity of the Mien R. Uno Foundation (MRUF), JAPRI’s existing local partner, to offer a digital literacy component to the program, who will then deliver the training to the end beneficiaries. 
  2. Secondary: The end beneficiaries of the curriculum will be youth, especially women and persons with disabilities (18 – 30 years of age) who wish to become entrepreneurs and/or own microenterprises in East Java, Indonesia. This secondary target beneficiary group comprises approximately 2,500 entrepreneurs who own microenterprises and 1,500 individuals interested in starting a business. The aim is for all of these end-users to be able to benefit from the curriculum through both self-paced learning and guided lessons from trainers. 

Job Requirements 

To help address digital literacy challenges for micro enterprises (enterprises that are owner-operated or have less than 5 employees) in Indonesia, the Accelerator plans to augment USAID-funded JAPRI entrepreneurship training program with a digital literacy training module. The applicant will be responsible for the: 1) Digital literacy training needs assessment; 2) Curriculum, training strategy & training material; 3) Guidance and support to trainers; 4) Project management and liaison between JAPRI and partners. 

Application Instructions 

Applications should be specific, complete, presented concisely and shall not exceed 15 pages (exclusive of personnel CVs and proposed workplan) in Word or Power Point format. Technical applications must include: 

  1. Narrative technical approach outlining how the offeror would execute the duties and responsibilities outlined above. A project workplan should be included with approximate timelines and key milestones. Approximately 2 – 5 pages. 
  2. Staffing plan outlining the staff who will work on this project and a description of their roles and responsibilities. CVs for any full-time or part-time staff can be include in an Annex with no page limit. 
  3. Previous experience: Summary descriptions of at least three of the offeror’s relevant past projects. Emphasis should be placed on qualifications outlined below. One page for each project, with hyperlinks to more information if necessary. 

Qualified candidates should submit your proposal ( in English) to Digitalfrontiers@dai.com by January 12 2021. For any correspondence, please also contact  DigitalFronteirs@dai.com 


Please specify the position title in the subject line of the transmittal email. Due to the high volume of applicants, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. 

Please kindly see the pdf file attached for further details on requirement for the proposals and other details on Indonesia Digital Literacy Curriculum Development and Training.


Thank you so much for your kind attention and cooperation.


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