VACANCY FAO ECTAD Indonesia : Senior Technical Advisor – Surveillance and Risk Analysis

Job Title             : Senior Technical Advisor – Surveillance and Risk Analysis  
Type of contract : NPP level 10


The incumbent will be under the general technical supervision of the Team Leader of the FAO ECTAD Country
Programme in Indonesia, the direct supervision of the Country National Veterinary Adviser, and the functional and
administrative guidance of the FAO Representative in Indonesia.
Duties and responsibilities
• Take the lead to develop, implement and evaluate the GHSP Technical Area 1 on Surveillance, laboratory diagnostics,
risk management and disease epidemiology
• Act as the Technical Area 1 team leader and supervises and leads the activities under the output 1 area:
o Coordinate NTAs activities and support field activities of the program
o Supervise the NTAs on the preparation of written outputs (e.g background papers, analysis, sections of reports
and studies, inputs to publications)
o Manage outreach activities; design and conduct training workshops/seminars and make presentations on assigned
o Identify priorities, problems and issues to be addressed by the team
o Coordinate activities related to budget and funding (programme/project preparation and submissions, progress
reports, financial statements, etc.)
• Support the operationalization of the FAO-GHSP Program at national and subnational level with particular attention
on issues related to Surveillance, laboratory diagnostics, risk management and disease epidemiology, particularly in
relation to Zoonoses and EID
• Provide substantive input and draft position papers and reports, for policy making and, presentation to the Project
Steering Committee, government and donors
• Engage with higher level government representatives and officials to provide inputs for policy making and to ensure
the achieving the program outcome and sustainability especially:
o with higher MoA representatives and officials, particularly within DGLAHS Secretary General and other relevant
units in MOA to ensure the sufficient animal health budget allocation, human recourses for diseases surveillance,
diagnosis and capacity building program
o with MoH, MoEF Kemenko PMK on integrated intersectoral disease surveillance and Lab networking
o with the BNPB on risk mapping of zoonoses and EIDs and with technical working group of risk mapping from
cross-sectoral ministries (MoA, MoH, MoEF, MoIA, BPPT,IPB University, Co-MoHDC, BIG, BNPB) to enhance
management of public health risks (non-natural disaster) through improving the early warning system
• Engage with international and national partners such as WHO, the IDDS project, Australia’s Department of Foreign
Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and Indonesia One Health University Network (INDOHUN) in sharing of information,
collaboration and networking between animal and human surveillance services, and laboratories
• Serve as an effective spokesperson and establish collaboration and partnerships with key officials at government
bodies at all levels and with donors, stakeholder and other implementing partners and represent FAO at inter-agency
meetings, seminars, etc
• Support the Country National Veterinary Advisor and the ECTAD Country Team Leader for the GHSP project and
other related activities
• Provide technical inputs in support of:
o the implementation of a longitudinal surveillance system for avian influenza viruses in the high-risk areas of
o the Influenza Virus Monitoring
o the wildlife wet market risk reduction activities
o epidemiological trainings as required and provide input and support in the epidemiology capacity development
o the field epidemiology and operation of integrated disease surveillance system o the implementation of innovative bimolecular technology, development and harmonizing protocols across sectors, and expansion of the One Health laboratory network o the risk identification process including the risk assessment, risk mapping and risk management of zoonoses and EIDs o the procurement and distribution of surveillance and laboratory diagnosis consumable supplies to ensure uninterrupted field activities in collaboration with the ECTAD operations unit o an integrated One Health approach to respond to targeted priority zoonotic diseases and EID at all levels (national, province/district) o monitoring field activities, and data and sample collection in collaboration with central and local government, the monitoring and evaluation team, and the designated diagnostic laboratory o analysis of surveillance data o advising government counterparts on the results of pilot surveillance in the interface areas between wildlife, livestock and human o the risk reduction plan along wildlife market value chain too reduce the public health risk • Provide input, drafting and submit the regular FAO and donor reports • Support FAO regular and annual planning activities • Submit an End of Assignment report by the end of the contract, covering the last 12 months of work • Perform other related duties as requested

Expected Outputs:                                                                                             Required Completion Date: 
• Strengthened advocacy in sharing of information, collaboration                     Ongoing and as required
and networking between animal and human surveillance services,
 and laboratories
• Strengthened Capacity of field epidemiology and operation of                       Ongoing and as required
integrated disease surveillance systems

• Improved understanding of the MoA on the importance to allocate                 Ongoing and as required
sufficient budget and human resources for animal health related program
to support the food safety and food security

• Capacity Building on field epidemiology and risk mapping supported              Ongoing and as required

• Strengthened linkages between BNPB and technical ministries                       Ongoing and as required 
(MoA, MoH, MoEF) and the related government bodies, national and
 international partners to enhance management of public health risks 
(non-natural disaster) through improving the early warning system

• Advice provided on programme development and planning                              Ongoing and as required

• Regular reports on field activities and surveillance produced                            Ongoing and as required

• End of Assignment Report submitted                                                                 The end of the Assignment


Academic Qualifications:
• University degree in veterinary science with 5 years field experience
• Postgraduate degree in epidemiology is preferable

Technical Competencies and Experience Requirements:
• Experience in animal disease management and surveillance
• Familiar with animal health services within the Indonesia government
• Knowledge on risk mapping of zoonoses and EIDs
• Experience and knowledge in wildlife health and management
• Knowledge of the FAO system and relevant experience in project management would be advantage
• Proficiency in both written and spoken in English is required

General Note to All Applicants :

Interested candidates should submit a CV and a covering letter ( In English) clearly stating their relevant skills, experience and email to :, Submission deadline : 10th December 2020. All candidates should possess computer/word processing skills. FAO reserves the right not to make an appointment at a lower grade or to make an appointment with a modified job description. FAO regrets to inform applicants that only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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