TOR for Mid Term Evaluation Creation Project

Yayasan Nurani Luhur Masyarakat is looking for consultant (a team or individual) for Creation Project Mid-Term evaluation to be conducted in November and December 2022.

Project name: Creation Project (2020-2024)

Country: Indonesia     



Yayasan Nurani Luhur Masyarakat (YNLM) initiated the mid term evaluation as planned in the project document for 2022. There is also a requirement from donor that a mid-term evaluation is performed.


Purpose of the evaluation

The purpose of the evaluation is to generate knowledge about the progress of the project. The evaluation will be beneficial for YNLM, Government, Community and other stakeholders. The Evaluation has some specific purposes:

ü  Learning and improvement :  Generate lesson learned form success or failure on 3 years ongoing project and than find the best recommendation to project implementation with reference to project documents.

ü  Accountability: To ensure that the project is implementing the activities according to plans and resources are spent in a reasonable way, before, during the emergency response, and up to this day.

ü  Decision making: To generate knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the project in order for project management to make decisions for how to proceed with the project, in order to achieve the goal.

ü  Performance enhancing and impact assessment: To assess how the activities implemented so far has affected the beneficiaries both positively and negatively. By data collection and documents review and also feedback from community  we find the position of empowerment level.


The evaluation will be appreciative and participatory in style, with a focus on recommendation for a successful implementation of remaining period of the project.  Emphasis will be on issues of right tracking of the project.

Data gathering and analysis should involve resources to relevant secondary data as well as primary data through quantitative survey, in-depth interviews and focus group discussions with project staff, representative groups and stakeholders.

Sources of information. The data collection in this mid-evaluation will involve informants, respondents, most of which are representatives of CREATION Project, implementing partners, target groups and other stakeholders also non target group as a control (outside project area). Evaluators will work with the specified sources of information required through discussions/permission with the YNLM, and YNLM will also provide relevant documents, including but not limited to, project papers, planning documents, monitoring and evaluation reports, implementation reports, meeting minutes, audio visuals, statistics, and so on.


Timeframe for evaluation and reporting

4-5 weeks in November-December 2022. The final report is expected to be delivered December 16, 2022.


Evaluation team

Must be gender balanced


For details see the complete Term of Reference and tools


Submission of applications

Interested candidates should submit to cc with Subject: Mid Term Evaluation before November 10, 2022

-        Letter of interest

-        Technical proposal including timeline and budget

-        Curriculum vitae of evaluator and assistant (s) or organizational profile with CV of lead consultant and assistant (s), and list of previous similar experience




HR Yayasan Nurani Luhur Masyarakat

Komplek Tasbi Blok K No. 36


061-800 20 900


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